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Operating as usual

I am finally moving into my new home! I will be able to ship out any commissions that need to be shipped and send out refunds hopefully very soon.

My room now has 2 desks and I'll be using the second one as an art station. This means I will also be making items such as pins, lanyards and figures soon. Thank you all for supporting me on this journey.

I can't wait to reopen commissions once I rebuild my portfolio, settle in and find the time to do everything.

Hi guys, I'm super close to moving out and getting away from my toxic situation.

I am still selling these 3 to make up the last bit. I have applied to many jobs in Philli, accepted one of them that is entirely remote and waiting to hear back from the other which I also want to accept since the first job has small hours despite paying well.

I plan to move out in October and start the second job by that point.

It would help a lot if anyone would purchase these adopts!

They come with extra art that also has shipped badges -> Shipping is $5 US, $10 INT.

I will also be willing to toss in new reference sheets for them for $125 each which will contain front, back, feral or side view, chibi, facial expressions (2), maw and eye views. If purchased with a new ref, I will make shipping of their badges free. I will also take payment plans.

Please comment if interested and please share! This is my one chance to finally get out.

Artist Credit:

1) ShiroKindStudios
2-3) Nai-Alei


Here are my commission plans in the future.

I will be adding Enamel pin concepts, lanyards and luggage tags in the near future.

I will also be looking into getting custom bubble mailers made so that when anyone commissions me for physical art, it'll be shipped in those :)

I have also decided that 75% of commission money will be saved towards moving out and 25% will be used as spending money such as more materials, food, etc.

I will also be taking donations / ko-fi which will be awarded with art and the amount / size of the art will vary with how much received. Me moving out is my biggest goal and the only way for me to be happy at this rate. All help would be appreciated.

I am still unsure of when I'll be starting my job, it was supposed to be back in June but it's a movie theater so opening this year or even next seems very unlikely :(

Sorry to everyone waiting on commissions from me. I am in a terrible house situation that resulted to me having to leave July 31st to get away and take a long needed break.

I am feeling much better mentally and physically and being able to eat everyday has been great for me.

I've been staying at a friend's place in Philadelphia since he allowed me to take my break here and I've never been better.

I will be returning August 24th and finishing my remaining commissions. Along with that, I will be making some personal art and newer commission examples, updating price sheets and TOS.

Badge Commission for stickydoesart

Thanks for commissioning!

All commissions are closed until further notice. I am going out of town for a few weeks to get a mental break!

When I return, I will be making new price sheets and updating my TOS.

Badge commsision for a return customer, Milky_feline on instagram!

Thanks for commissioning!

All commissions are closed until further notice. I am going out of town for a few weeks to get a mental break!

When I return, I will be making new price sheets and updating my TOS.

Badge Commission for dreamwolf79 on instagram!

Thanks for commissioning!

All commissions are closed until further notice. I am going out of town for a few weeks to get a mental break!

When I return, I will be making new price sheets and updating my TOS.

Badge Commission for Edgaras Šeduikis

Thanks for commissioning!

All commissions are closed until further notice. I am going out of town for a few weeks to get a mental break!

When I return, I will be making new price sheets and updating my TOS.

Badge Commission for Bethany Tyler Mark

Thanks for commissioning!

All commissions are closed until further notice. I am going out of town for a few weeks to get a mental break!

When I return, I will be making new price sheets and updating my TOS.

Badge Commission for EwDistraction on Twitter!

Thanks for commissioning!

All commissions are closed until further notice. I am going out of town for a few weeks to get a mental break!

When I return, I will be making new price sheets and updating my TOS.

Hi guys!

I haven't streamed in a while but I'll be streaming today and doing some commission catch-up. While I'm streaming, I'll also be taking on-stream headshot commissions. All funds will be going towards helping me move out.


I plan to move to Philadelphia in a studio apartment. I've already looked into jobs up there but I wanted to wait to get the money first before moving. The job I was supposed to have at my current location is very unlikely to be starting any time soon since it is a movie theater and we're currently in a pandemic as well.

My current goal is $1670/$5500.
I will be drawing any species.

All payment must be sent here:
In the message box, please put a link of the character(s) you want drawn and if you want a Sketch, Line Art or Full headshot. You can purchase multiple, there is no limit!

I hate asking for help like this but this is really important to me because I live in a severely toxic environment.

Hi guys, I'm currently in a really bad situation where I need to move out and that requires money.

I would like to move out by November-early December. I am not being evicted, this is more of a "I need to move out and get away from my toxic family".

I will be reopening commissions soon with a new price sheet and T.O.S but I want to clear my queue first. For the time being, I am selling these 3 adopts.

If you are interested, please offer!
They all come with art that can and will be shipped.
I will not take anything lower than $40 (will take a payment plan as well)
Shipping in the U.S is $5, INT is $10. These will be shipped out immediately after purchased. To see their art, click here:

Art credit:
First two: Art is by Nai-Alei
Last one: Art is by Me/ShiroKindStudios/Crystalized Creations

Couples Icon commission for Kai Meldon on Furry Amino.

Just posting older commissions I finished but never posted.

Commissions will be reopened when my queue is cleared.

Third commission for a return customer, Ares Wolf!

Getting back on track with commissions now that I've graduated HS!

Badge commissions completed!

All from my Furry Amino follower base.

1) Distraction
2) Dreamwolf
3) Milky_feline (Return customer)
4) Sticky_does_art

Thanks all for commissioning!
All badges will be completed but shipment is currently on hold until further notice.

Commissions are currently closed until my queue is empty. I only have 8 more left to do, commissions should be reopened by May 10-11. I'll be taking on commissions to get some money for my friend's birthday which will be coming up June 23. :)

Commission for my older brother

Still clearing out my queue of commissions but commissions will be reopened soon :)

Cool artist :3

Hosting another art raffle! everythings a bit chaotic right now so i figured id give away some free art!

The rules are simple!
Like and follow my page!
Heart this post!
Share this post! (remember to make it public or i wont be able to see it ! )

Winner will be contacted on may 1st

Today is officially my 18th birthday!

I am extremely happy about it because I've really been waiting for it all these years. To celebrate, I am remaking Sularia's ref and making it NSFW as well which will be posted to FurAffinity upon completion.

NSFW commissions will also be available once I build up at least 2 examples. NSFW refs, however, are currently available for commissioning!

I appreciate you all for supporting me over the years and the upcoming. Thank you all!

Below is a piece I finished last night of my Poppii 's character, Aurora, one of my favorites of hers.

Decided to finally draw up a new reference sheet style for commissions.

Main commissions are currently closed until I have my price sheet ready. I will be offering 3 different reference sheet styles but you can always ask for add-ons which will be extra. Reference sheets like the example below will be going for $80+

The character below is owned by Poppii

NSFW will also be available when commissions are officially open.

New and more suited badge prices. I wasn't making enough or enjoying how little I was getting for the amount of time I put in so here we go :)

Goal: $20 / $600

Badges are printed, laminated and shipped IF you request so.

Badge Size: They are between 7-10". If you want anything larger, the price will increase significantly as I do not have the supplies for anything bigger.

They can be of any theme but theme costs varies depending on what is requested. I'm also working on some Animal Crossing and Persona 5 Royal theme examples soooo be on the look out!

Other than that, all information can be read on the price sheet!
Also I'll post a form in the comments for you to copy and paste if you are interested in a commission. Either message me with the form or comment below. PMs preferred. Thank you! :D

I haven't been posting too much since I haven't been drawing a lot but I'll be doing a whole price sheet overhaul and making new commission examples as well. I'll be increasing my prices to see fit, fixing my Terms of Service and more.

Commissions will still be worked on as well. I'm also looking into getting a new job since commissions are no longer supporting me. They're fun! Just not enough I'm racking in. I'm undercharging for the quality I would like to put out and the amount of time I take hence the upcharging.

Reference Sheet commission for AresWolf

I am very impressed with how I did the feral since I haven't drawn feral in ages.

Commissions are open as well :)

More completed Fursuit Refs from the weekend. Commission queue is almost empty and I'll be taking on more. :)

When I come back from vacation on Monday, I'm gonna finish the rest of my commissions and develop some examples for Lanyards and Luggage Tags! Once I build a portfolio for that, I'll start taking commissions.

Physical commissions will go towards physical things such as more paper, ink, laminating sheets, convention funding and a new fursuit.

I'll be getting a full suit of Sularia soon made by Suzamuri Creations. I am not sure what I will do with the current one as I do not wear it due to the issues it has

Welp! Lost all the commissions I did for the last 2 days because SAI crashed while saving and I'm behind on commissions. Greeat ! :D

Here's a commission on Fiverr I rushed to get done today.

Badges were shipped out today 👍

Here's one I finished last night

Finally printed out badges, got 3 more badge commissions to complete and ship out. Several more to go.

Commissions are currently closed until February 17 👍

Some more completed badges I did before I got the flu.

Commissions are currently closed and won't be reopened until February 17.

I've been trying to sell these 2 for a long time and if they aren't bought by the upcoming weekend, I'll just scrap and erase them permanently as they just clog up space.

come with extra art, Aeralia a shippable badge. Prices are how much they are worth and what I hope to get but will accept lower

KURO IS SOLD. Currently still in TH since I'm busy cooking 😅

I'll be accepting any money offers, I will NOT hold. I need the money for the 14-17.
Payment must be through CashApp, Google Pay, PayPal or Venmo.

Aeralia is an Air Furthorn, gender and name can be changed as well. Art by me, species by Mary Landon(?) (I don't remember lmfao...)

Commission done for Raymond Gonzales!

Thanks for commissioning! :D

Finally over the flu and getting work done before I leave Friday next week

Completed badges! I just have to print, laminate and ship them out. :)

[01/23/20]   ALL commissions paid for before January 31 will be completed by February 13, 11:59EST.

I will take commissions after but it will not be on my priority list of things to complete until February 18. Commissions will still be worked on but it won't be put into my crunch time of work. Smaller commissions can be done immediately, bigger commissions will take a longer period of time.

[01/10/20]   I have an update for those interested in my new commission options!

I finally found a place that allows me to just print 1 lanyard at a time instead of $0.50 per lanyard and being forced to purchase 100+ of the same print.

Lanyard commissions will be open as soon as I finish my own and it arrives to me. The same goes for the luggage tag. 😊

So for the "Fursuit" Art bundle, you will be getting a fursuit ref (3 full body views, 2 headshots), 2-3 physical badges (one of your oc, hug consent badge (NO HUGS, Ask for Hugs, Free Hugs), suiter info), personal lanyard (of your oc) and a luggage tag.

The lanyard will have a buckle in case you ever get stuck somewhere somehow.

The suiter info badge will have your preferred pronouns, who made your suit and how to locate the owner. It will likely have a QR code, I am unsure just yet though.

If you have any suggestions on what to add to the bundle, please let me know.

The bundle itself won't be cheap though, it will be at MINIMUM $115 (fursuit ref costs $65, different sized badges are different prices, lanyard would likely be at around $22-35, luggage tag around $25-35 (one sided with card info slot or double sided))

Shipping to the U.S. would be free, INT would cost extra.

You can get these items separately as well, they don't require the bundle ☺

Updated my badge commission ad!

Goal: $120 / $2000, funds are going to replenish supplies such as clips, cardstock, laminating sheets, printer ink and paper along with convention expenses (plane ticket, con tickets, food and hotel)

All prices and shipping costs are listed on the price sheet as well.

Added more examples with a variety.
Badges can be anthro / feral

How big are each badge?
Small badges do NOT go over 6"
Medium badges do not go over 9 or 10"
Large is over 10"

Can badges be themed? Yes!
You can also get a badge that mentions if you are comfortable with hugs or your info / pronouns as well. I am completely okay with doing those. I suggest getting it in medium or large, it won't be extra :)

Any species can be drawn as well. If you want to do a con pick-up, I will be attending FurTheMore, FurAffinity United, Anthrocon and Furry Weekend Atlanta this year. Badge pick-ups will be stored in a personalized drawstring bag that will have my OC on it and labeled "ShiroKindStudios Badge Pick-Up"

Got any questions? Comment below and ask! :D

[01/02/20]   I've decided to just do Free Art Friday once a month or every two months. I wanna focus on drawing more of my own characters as well and doing commission work. FAF is a bit of a distraction and I often don't finish it because I'm so tired.

I'll have FAF next month. I'm busy getting some personalized bubble mailers to ship out commissioned art like badges
Getting luggage tags in as well and photographing those
Keychains being made

I'll also be getting myself some custom drawstring bags or tote bags for when I go to conventions and do badge pick up.

I have many plans ahead in this coming year so stay tuned
And get some sleep
I'm running on 3 hours and havent slept much in the last 2 weeks and I'm just tired af

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