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PLEASE HELP!! Need a rescue for this adorable pitty!!! Please share around as well when you get a free sec! ❤ Hey everyone!! I have a Super sweet and lovable dog that really needs rescuing and safety from being put down by the shelter. 
 PLEASE HELP RESCUE this sweet good dog ASAP! VAN NUYS, CA EAST VALLEY SHELTER ( ID: #A1947920 ). 
 Me and my family adopted this beautiful pitty about 2 weeks ago. His name is Hercules and is about 3 yrs old. He is such a happy friendly looking pup that loves to play and is very good on walks! Unfortunately we had to give him up (On 8/9/20) as my parents are not as strong enough as they used to be to train and give him the attention he needs. We recently lost our red nose pitty of 13 years and were just devastated and hoped to get a new pit as a much needed distraction. 
 There was just a misunderstanding. He growled a couple times and went to snap at my father. However my mother accidentally tried to get attached to him a bit too quickly and smothered him with hugs and kisses near the face and our dog wasnt comfortable or broken in our family yet. We have been training him too hard we found out right out of rescuing him and it was just too much stimulus all at once. For that reason we had to surrender our dog because my mother is now fearful of him but I feel it was just a misunderstanding. I understand her POV at the same time. I know he is a great pup! We deduced that he does not like to have two arms wrap around him for a hug. One arm hugs, pats on the head and petting his body he loves though. He could have been treated badly by previous owners. However he is so happy and loves attention from people and does NOT react aggressively to other dogs seen on walks. We believe that he just needs more attention with a rescue or someone who is way more experience at taking care of pits than we are. 
 PLEASE, he is such a great dog and it saddened me so much to have to surrender him back to the shelter. I don’t want him to be killed by the shelter and am begging anyone who knows someone/rescue who can take him in and give this happy pup the life he deserves! He is smart and has a friendly predisposition! 
 My contact info is: 818-577-8302, [email protected]
 14409 Vanowen St., Van Nuys, CA 91405 (888) 452-7381
9 year old female. can anyone help pull this dog? adopt, foster, or rescue? []
What a darling little girl! Her life sure changed for the better when she met you! Inspiring story!❤️❤️❤️

Saving the most fragile of dogs.

Operating as usual

This is a HUGE moment for Pepper. If you knew her you would understand. She’s not aggressive she’s just unsure. Her rescue by far has been the most work. After her mom passed away this dog was completely traumatized.

Today she gets her very first grooming.

Sweet girl I’m so proud of you.


Doesn’t she look so happy 😂😂😂

Today we lost a champion. Mr Furley lived to almost 22 years of age. He defied all the odds and lived 7 months past his expected 2 weeks.

His retirement although brief was filled with comfort, dedication, and most importantly love.

He was tired and his body started to fail him. Tonight his family said good bye to him.

He didn’t die a statistic, he didn’t die alone.

He won in the end.

Please see what his family wrote.

“I would say that Mr. Furley got his angel wings today, but the truth is that he was an angel on earth. 😇 🐶

He came to us in March as a 21 year old hospice foster expected to live a few days and we were going to provide a loving home so he wouldn’t die in the shelter. Except....HE CAME TO LIVE! That dog had the strongest will to live 💝

He was a bright shining star during the craziness of 2020 and COVID, and we are so grateful that Sal Valdepeña with Balooja’s Foundation entrusted him to our care.

I know he’s partying like it’s 1999 because that’s when he was born! 💜

RIP Mr. Furley 11-4-2020 💔”

Thank you to the Rohde family for all you did for him. He was so lucky to have you. I will always remember how you guys lit up when you would talk about him.

Fly with the angels little man.... we will love you always.

Pepper is cleared medically and finally getting groomed. She’s been a tough case, but that’s what rescue is to us. The dogs that need some help to shine.

We are so proud of you, Pepper.... you’ve come such a long way mamacita.

I know your mom is smiling down from heaven saying “that’s my girl”

Promises made are promises kept.

Thank you Barb and Bonnie for all you have done for her.

Titan doing great in his foster home... he’s meeting his potential new family this weekend.

His foster brother is the best dog. I mean how sweet is it to see him protecting his little foster brother. Makes me so happy to see.


[10/24/20]   The past couple weeks have been emotionally draining. Rescue is very difficult at times.

We lost Xena who was from Carson shelter. Today I brought her ashes and paw print to her family. These people are the kind of people you just instantly feel comfortable with.

So I get there and they are preparing for a yard sale to benefit Balooja’s Foundation in memory of Xena.

I knew I had to leave soon because I had that lump in my throat.

I’m so sad we lost Xena, I feel so thankful to know she had the family she did in Her final days.

to the Patterson family - words cannot describe how you made me feel today. You guys are incredible.

Thank you for loving Xena the way you did. Thank you for believing in our mission... mostly thank you for being the kind of humans that make others feel special.

I’m so happy Xena is home with her family.

Rest with the angels Mama. Come to the dreams of those who loved you most.

Hi all,

Bootsie was dropped by her breeder on her neck. The breeder never sought medical attention and now she’s paralyzed.

She’s currently at Two Hands Four Paws getting aqua therapy and was fitted for a wheelchair that fits her body. Once she loses weight she will get another wheelchair that fits her slim body.

We are doing right by her. We desperately need funds to keep her in rehab. This wasn’t a rescue we planned on, but we didn’t want this special girl to be euthanized without trying.

If you can PLEASE donate to help Bootsie out.

[email protected]
Mark family and friends
Reason - Bootsie

Venmo - Baloojas-foundation

Hard mail

Balooja’s Foundation
154 A. West Foothill Blvd. STE 348
Upland, CA 91786

We are all she has left in the world. Please be part of her team.


Hi all,

Bootsie was dropped by her breeder on her neck. The breeder never sought medical attention and now she’s paralyzed.

She’s currently at Two Hands Four Paws
getting aqua therapy and was fitted for a wheelchair that fits her body. Once she loses weight she will get another wheelchair that fits her thinner body.

We are doing right by her. We desperately need funds to keep her in rehab. This wasn’t a rescue we planned on, but we didn’t want this special girl to be euthanized without trying.

Thank you Debbie Bloom Feldstein for all you have done for her ❤️

If you can PLEASE donate to help Bootsie out.

[email protected]
Mark family and friends
Reason - Bootsie

Venmo - Baloojas-foundation

Hard mail

Balooja’s Foundation
154 A. West Foothill Blvd. STE 348
Upland, CA 91786

We are all she has left in the world. Please be part of her team.


⚠️⚠️⚠️ Warning graphic photos⚠️⚠️⚠️

Dalton (Mel) had his major surgery today. It was many hours long. The tumor was near the spine so his surgeon and surgical staff had to work very slowly to accomplish its removal.

In the coming days we will know more. Tonight he’s resting and being monitored. The surgery was successful.

Thank you to his amazing medical team. You guys do such outstanding work.

We are Just so relieved he pulled through.

Thank you Hope For Paws for teaming up with us on this. Couldn’t of done it without you.

Updates to come.

Dalton was found on the streets of Mexicali, MX.
his case was complicated and postponed due to pneumonia. But he fought and won. So now we are onto the next step of his recovery.

This is rescue ❤️

Garfield ❤️

Our friends Hope For Paws Loreta Eldad rescued Garfield from a terrible situation. He was abandoned in a homeless camp. His owner left him and disappeared. Thankfully Hope For Paws answered the call to help him.

Once he was rescued he went directly to the vet hospital where all of his medical needs were addressed.

After his medical care was complete he joined Balooja’s Foundation, and we placed him in a foster home with an experienced foster who specializes with dogs who have trust issues. Cheryl Gullstrand worked with him helping him trust. Not an easy task, but she did amazing.

After months of medical care, rehabbing this little guy went into his foster to adopt home.

Garfield has officially been adopted ❤️ his adoption was completed today. His mom is over the moon in love and if you look at the pictures you will see this once broken dog In complete peace.

Thank you- Deanna for giving him a loving home. May you share many loving memories together.

Thank you Hope For Paws, Loreta and Eldad for all you did for him. We love working with you guys.

Thank you Cheryl for all you did for him. Rebuilding trust isn’t always easy, you being so patient and reassuring was the key to his success.

Thank you to his medical team for addressing all his needs. You guys are exceptional people and we are blessed to work with you.

To all the people involved in his transformation & who donated to all his needs - thank you. We are so grateful to each of you.

#Rescued #Fostered #Adopted

Please watch the video of his rescue. It will put things in perspective.

Sweet angel from - Barstow Humane Society ❤️

And her name shall be Fiona.

Fiona was ran over and suffered severe trauma to her back end and legs. Send this little babe some blessings. She was sprung today from Barstow Humane Society with the gracious help of Sal from Balooja's Foundation and Hope For Paws she is in amazing hands and will be having surgery tomorrow.

As we always say #ittakesavillage and we are so blessed and grateful to be part of this amazing village 💜

Welcome to the SAFE pack 🐾


For the past year we have been blessed to be working with Hope For Paws, Eldad and Loreta

We have been able to help animals few can because of the complexity of the cases the multiple specialists they need to be the best they can be.

We’ve given blind dogs their sight back, broken dogs reconstructed bones, cancer dogs more time, the list goes on and on. Dogs who shouldn’t be alive due to severe injuries new leases on life.

We’ve also learned so much from them. The lessons learned gives us the ability to do so much more.

I just really wanted to express our sincerest appreciation to Hope For Paws. The work they do is beyond belief. We have learned so much from them.

Here’s to many more years of team work.

Yesterday a dog who’s time was limited, had a major surgery to give her more time with her mom.
Because of the surgery she has many more days to be loved and cherished. 😭😍 I love this little girl so much. She was rescued from Coachella, CA.

The vet team is amazing, dedicated and compassionate people. They’ve cried with me as we lost dogs and cheered with me as our most critical dogs find new homes.

Rescue is a crazy journey. Surround yourself by people you trust and can learn from.

When people work together you accomplish so much good. Garfield is a special little boy. Life wasn’t always kind to him.

Thank you Loreta Eldad and the absolute best Hope For Paws rescue. We are so grateful for what you do every single day.

Garfield has got to be one of the most stunning dogs we have ever rescued. But the poor baby was so scared! His homeless owner disappeared and Garfield was left behind. He was terrified and confused 😞

The weather that day was hot, almost a hundred degrees and he wasn't going to just surrender. Eldad from Hope For Paws and I ran for a long time and at one point I had to stop because I almost passed out from the heat. I am Lithuanian and these temperatures are not for a Northern European lol!

I just watched this rescue story and cried, that's why I can't wait for you to see it!

Thank you JoAnn Wiltz for helping me get him clean, he fell in love with you! Please watch his amazing transformation on

Our friends at Balooja's Foundation did an amazing job with getting rid of his fear, teaching him trust again and him playing with toys! He is such a happy little boy now and I couldn't be more grateful for their work!

If you'd like to adopt him, please go to

Thank you all so much for your continued support, love and compassion. Love always, xoxo Loreta

[10/06/20]   Operation Goldie
brought to you by Balooja’s Foundation, INC
in Partnership with Debbie Bloom

2020 has definitely been a year for the record books on MANY levels.

This year we’ve had record heat waves across the Southern, CA. Shelter animals many of which are in outdoor kennels endure the blistering heat. Shelter staff reached out asking how we were able to facilitate AC units in 2018.

We had planned on getting AC units for two of LA counties highest intake shelters, Baldwin Park and
Downey ACC.

This is where our partnership with DBF comes into play. Deb rallied her amazing amazing amzing
crew… many donated individual coolers to help this life saving program. Andddd because of this
many people getting involved we didn’t stop at just the two shelters see below

•Redlands animal shelter
•Victor valley shelter
•Barstow Humane Society
•Lancaster ACC
•Castaic ACC
•Carson ACC
•Baldwin Park ACC
•Downey ACC
•Harbor Shelter
•East Valley Shelter
•South LA Shelter


How does one say thank you to so many kind hearted people? We are so grateful to each of you. Many of you have been long time supporters of this mission.

Thank you Deb, your heart, passion and dedication is inspirational. I’ve never seen someone work so hard to help so many. You rock my friend.

Thank you to PortAcool for working with us and giving us great prices and products to help our beautiful dogs of CA.

Kim Lapin, Barb Berkowitz, Daphne Lingon, James De Givenchy, and Ivy Walls, you made such a HUGE impact on this mission. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough…. Grateful to each of you.

Thank you Jessica Brooklyn for helping get these units to all the shelters. The Diesel is definitely one for the record books.

Thank you Jaa Bailey, for helping me unload and upload all these units, that was difficult to say the least. Thank you for being so dependable.

These drives to help shelters are made possible because of the people who get involved. Nothing better in life than to help the innocent.

2020 has been tough, but even with all its complexities generosity still shines bright.

On behalf of our team,


The other day we saw a post of a little major medical needs dog. This dog would require specialized care and a foster family able to help address his needs. Not to mention a medical team who can tackle this kind of care.

Not an easy task...

Below is what we read and yeah it’s a lot.

“This poor senior is blind and cannot walk. He appears to have an old spinal injury/condition causing his inability to move around. He also has a grade III holosystolic heart murmur. He will need further diagnostics to determine if he is a hospice case or if he has quality time left with specialized care and treatment. He is currently still on stray hold for a possible owner, but will need rescue commitment by his retention date which is Sunday 10/4. If you can help this dog, please contact us to set up an appointment to pick him up on Sunday.

Special OC Animal Care Notes: Needs rescue commitment by retention date on Sunday 10/4. Possible spinal injury-cannot walk grade III heart murmur blind
09-30-2020 Med Note: PE: BARH, EENT-cataracts OU, limited oral exam under loose leash muzzle, grade 4/4 dental tartar observed. CV-grade 3 holosystolic murmur PMI L apex, L-unremarkable, Abd-not examined, Skin/coat-alopecia with erythema, live fleas at caudal dorsum. MS-not ambulatory in hind end, non-weight bearing L hind when assisted to rise. A: hx HBC, not using hind end. R/O fracture to pelvis, hind legs cataracts--bline marked dental tartar heart murmur fleas P: buprenorphine, xrays. jh Xray findings: Fractured R ischium, diff to assess pubis but does not appear misaligned. Proximal aspect of CD1 fractured, collapsed IVDD space with associated bridging spondylosis at L4-L5, Cardiac silhouette appears plump, no infiltrates. A: fractured pelvis, old collapsed intervertebral disc, fractured first tail vertebra. P: pain control and Rest.”

We reached out to our rescue partner Hope For Paws, Loreta and asked if they would like to partner on this little guy. They are like us they see medical dogs and they just want to help. Big hearts for the most broken of dogs. They agreed to partner on his rescue. Amazing ❤️

With his plan ready, amazing foster family, amazing medical team on board we were ready to get him out and directly to the vet hospital.

With the help of Cathy Larimer of Great Danes and Friends, Inc. Cathi Perez pulled this little man to safety.

He’s got a lot going on, his medical team is ready to help him. This team thinks outside the box and gives these beautiful animals everything they got. They are honest and dedicated, and Snoopy is so lucky to have them on his side.

Thank you Angels for Animals Network for your post we never would of known about him.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give him a voice.

We are so grateful for the kind hearted people
Who believe in helping the special needs animals.

The AC units have arrived 😍😍😍😍 a whole diesel truck ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and one fed Ex truck 🙌🏼

Our mission is accomplished. 💙

❄️@baloojasfoundation and I want to thank all of you. Anything can be done when a group of people join together for good. FIFTY (50!!!) portable air conditioning units are on their way and will be distributed amongst all the deserving shelters throughout the state. (With a focus on the rural shelters.)

We are so grateful. This is going to make such a difference for all the dogs who are stuck in their cement kennels with no escape from the heat. A special thanks to everyone that donated and a HUGE thanks to @kim_lapin and her family for being so generous and giving us the rest of the $ we needed to complete this amazing project.

We are also grateful for all of you. So until the shelters are empty, we are going to continue to make sure that these dogs have everything they need to keep them as comfortable as possible. #keepthemcool #gnn #nodrama (next project in the works....). ❤️

Deb Bloom

When our team saw Keeta’s Profile on Saving Carson Shelter Dogs page we knew we wanted to help her.

Jessica Brooklyn started working on a plan for her and today with the help of Debbie Betsy, Allison and Cathi Perez we were able to get this girl out of Carson shelter and directly to the vet.

First stop was Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic for a full senior work up. This clinic has been a blessing and has been so accommodating to our dogs needs. Keeta’s medical was pretty unremarkable, but she will need a dental and small mass removals. We also started her on anti-inflammatories to help with arthritis in her back legs. She’s only 39lbs so she’s Petite.

She’s a special little girl and we promise to make her life going forward fulfilling. She will never be scared again.

Debbie - you are seriously the best. You inspire me to do more. All you did for her today gives me hope. Thank you for being the best person. Truly you are my best friend.

Welcome to Balooja’s Foundation, Mamacita ❤️

Our promise to you is to be by your side here on out. We gotcha cutie

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