Raisbeck Aviation High School

Raisbeck Aviation High School

9229 E. Marginal Way South Tukwila, WA 98108
District: Highline Public Schools
Phone: (206) 716-0006
Colors: Black, Red

Aviation High School (AHS) is the only college preparatory aviation-themed high school in the Northwest. It is our goal to become the premier school of choice for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in the Pacific Northwest. We opened in 2004 with the inaugural class of freshmen and are now at capacity of 400 students in grades 9-12.

AHS is a small school with a big vision — namely the belief that students can be simultaneously prepared for the rigors of college and the performance demands of a high-tech world and workplace. We believe that the work of school can be like the work outside the classroom and still be academically rigorous, and that with the right instructional approach it is possible for all students to be prepared for higher education and work in a knowledge-based, global economy.

Although Highline Public Schools is the home of this unique learning community, students throughout the Puget Sound region may apply. This year about 65 percent were local students and the rest commuted from surrounding districts, some as far away as Tacoma, Everett, and Bremerton. Many aspire to become scientists, engineers, astronauts, pilots, aviation technicians, and CEOs in aviation/aerospace fields. Many are drawn by the school's focus on math, science and technology. Some are simply drawn by our unique approach to teaching and learning.

For the first three years, the school was located on the Duwamish campus of South Seattle Community College (SSCC), close to Boeing Field, airports, The Museum of Flight, and hundreds of aviation-related enterprises that provide opportunities to extend and enrich learning. Since the college was expanding its programs and student enrollment at the same time that Aviation High School was reaching its capacity, we relocated the school to Olympic Middle School in Des Moines. It is important, however, that the school ultimately be located within the Boeing Field vicinity to fully realize its vision and mission, so we are pleased to announce that plans are underway to construct a permanent school on property that has been offered by The Museum of Flight, adjacent to their Airpark. Anticipated date of occupancy in the new school is 2013.

[06/28/14]   We would like to inform you that a formal Memorial and Remembrance will be held for Benjamin Dressler and his grandfather, Richard Munger this Friday evening. The memorial will be from 5 to 6 at St. Bernadette Church and will be followed by a Life Celebration from 6:30 to 11:30 at The Hall at Fauntleroy.

Benjamin Dressler Obituary - Seattle, Washington - Tributes.com
Obituary, funeral and service information for Benjamin James Dressler from Seattle, Washington.

[06/17/14]   Despite the tragic occurrences yesterday, we plan to go on with our Last Day of School festivities as planned. Pancakes will be served by the teachers in the commons from 8:30 to 9:45 followed by a special assembly to honor Ms. Gilman. We ask that you please TWEET with the hashtag #GoodbyeGilman with your thoughts, memories and well-wishes for our Principal and CEO as she spreads the RAHS vision around the country. Seniors, families and alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend. The day will end with 10 minute periods concluding at noon. All students must be off campus by 1:00pm.

[06/17/14]   June 16, 2014

Dear Raisbeck Aviation Families,

Yesterday, our community experienced a tragic loss. One of our students, Benjamin Dressler, from the class of 2017, died in a small plane crash off the Oregon Coast. Benjamin came to Raisbeck Aviation High school from the Highline School District and was an outstanding student, and a member of the Science Olympiad and Speech and Debate Teams. Today marked an especially difficult day for our freshmen class, his teachers, and the students on our sports of the mind teams.

When a tragedy like this hits our community, everyone is affected and we all experience the grief in different ways. We have specially trained staff here to support students. If your child would like to talk with someone or if they would like to connect with other students who are grieving, please have them contact our counselor. We will make sure they can get the support they need.

Even though school is out tomorrow, our school office will be staffed through the end of June. If you need continuing help or support, just give us a call. Another good resource is 1-866-teenlink (available 6:00 - 10:00 pm) or 866teeenlink.org. There is also a 24-hour Crisis Line available: 866-427-4747.

Once we have more information about services or memorials, will will share ti with you on the school website, highlineshools.org/RAHS, through our PTSA [and this Facebook Page].

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 206.631.7200.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dressler family in this time of loss.


Reba Gilman
Bruce Kelly

“Aviation records don't fall until someone is willing to mortgage the present for the future.”— Amelia Earhart

From 18 to 20 June 1937, Soviet aviators Valery Chkalov, Georgy Baidukov, and Alexander Belyakov, fly non-stop from Moscow, Soviet Union, to Vancouver Barracks, Washington, surprising U.S. officials who thought such a trip unlikely, if not impossible.

[06/17/14]   CAREER CENTER

INTERN CREDIT -- Finalize all paperwork to close out internships for the school year 2013-14 and to set up appropriate credit for the coming summer 2014 season. Paperwork must be in order to receive school credit. See CAREER CENTER for details.


AVIATION PARTNERS BOEING has announced that Soundarya Somasundarum has been selected to intern for Summer ‘14. Congratulations!

THE AVIATOR’S STORE at Boeing Field has announced that Christopher Gregg will intern this summer in a management position. Congratulations!

CARLISLE INTERCONNECT has announced that Dylan Hardy and Ian Demaree will intern at their facilities for the summer months. Congratulations!

CHELAN SEAPLANES will host Hannah Tobin in a summer internship program at Lake Chelan. Congratulations Hannah!

CLAY LACY congratulates Zak Nyberg and Jonah Graves on their selection as interns this coming summer. Congratulations!

ESTERLINE congratulates both Jacob Tenne and Simon Derrer on their intern positions this summer in Kent. Congratulations!

THE FEDERAL AVIATION ASSOCIATION (FAA) has announced RAHS interns for the 2014 Summer Internship program: Jason Snodgrass, Engineering Services; Senay Emmanuel, ATO QA & Runway Safety; Andrew Gong, Air Traffic Organization QCG; Mamesa El, ASG & ATO; Joan-Marie Aoanan, Aerospace Medicine and Jordan Mellinger, ATO & QCQ. Congratulations!

HAWDON SUMMER ALGEBRA CAMP has announced that both Cooper Brown and Victoria Beach will serve as summer interns in August. Congratulations!

THE MUSEUM OF FLIGHT will host some 42 RAHS students over the summer in internship positions from Airpark Hosts to Gallery Ambassadors to Museum Interpreters. Visit the MoF and say hello to RAHS representatives! Congratulations each and every one!

MECA Making Engineering Cool Again has said that Zahnae Aquino, Phillip Ho and Aileen Nguyen will serve as lead interns for the summer leadership program in 2014. Congratulations!

OLDE TYME AVIATION has announced that both Jon Provencher and Zak Nyberg will serve in internship positions this summer at Boeing Field. Congratulations!

PNBAA Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association has announced the selection of three interns for summer/fall 2014 including Kory Watson, Abigail Gilbaugh and John Copeland. Way to go!

PORT OF SEATTLE has announced that five students will intern in various capacities this summer. Congratulations to: Jarid Bennet, Sophia Cassam, Liam Cumming, Mimi Yousef and Julie Morrison. Way to go!

SEAFAIR’S BLUE ANGELS will host six interns to assist in all phases of the annual Seattle extravaganza: Rocco Buty (lead), Ellen Jetland (lead), Josh Husby, Henry Leaming, Richard Encinas and Jackie Madsen. Congratulations!

PORT OF SEATTLE – Fisherman’s Terminal Operations -- Directly supports the Commercial Fishing Marina at Fisherman’s Terminal by ensuring all facilities are clean, safe and secure for boaters, building tenants, pedestrians and visitors by actively patrolling, inspecting, and communicating policies, rules and procedures. Apply online. For complete description and application details – check the CAREER CENTER. Full-time paid $10.11/hr.

PORT OF SEATTLE – Shilshole Bay Marina – Supports the Recreational Marina Team at Shilshole in the development of a new operations manual by compiling procedures and placing them in the marina manual. Works with the Senior Administrative Officer to develop a document library for the Recreational Marina Group. Apply online. For complete description and application details – check the CAREER CENTER. Full-time, paid $10.11/hr

KING COUNTY AIRPORT/BOEING FIELD Environmental Aviation Summer Internship - Paid summer Internship ($10.56/hour) in Environmental Compliance.
You will work directly with the airport’s Environmental Engineer to learn the various environmental requirements related to storm water protection and toxic cleanups, perform monthly airport inspections, sampling, and reporting in accordance with storm water permit requirements. Apply in the CAREER CENTER.

Mr. McLaughlin’s Summer Laptop Support and Tech Tip

Over the summer, you are expected to take care of your district-issued laptop. Please review the following information about my office hours, what to do if your laptop is damaged or stolen over the summer, and tech tip designed to extend the battery life.

I want to be here when you come by, so email or call me to schedule a time so I can plan to be in my office. Normally, my office hours are 9:00-3:00 Monday through Friday, but occasionally I will not be on campus. My contact information:
Email: Anthony.mclaughlin@highlineschools.org
Office: 206-631-7207

If your laptop needs repair you will be issued a swap laptop. You need to bring the defective laptop to RAHS and will be contacted when the repair is completed. Remember to pick up your repaired laptop in a timely manner.

If your laptop is lost or stolen, notify me as soon as possible. Please contact the police department and obtain a case number. A case number is required before Highline Public Schools Security and Safety Department can begin the tracking process of the stolen laptop.

Tech Tip
Once your laptop battery is fully charged, periodically unplug the charger and let the battery discharge to 5 or 10 % before recharging. This helps in the overall live and performance of the battery.

ASB has placed items on a table in the Esterline Wing. PLEASE take home all personal belongings from the student storage and the lost and found table by Tuesday, June 17th. All left Items not picked up by the last day of school will be sent to a charity or thrown out.

Just a reminder to everybody that balloons, popcorn, skateboards, rollerblades, sacks of flour or sugar, strollers, and potted plants) are not permitted on public school buses. (small plants are OK but MUST be contained in a plastic bag in student’s backpack). State Law, (WAC 392-145-015), states no large, sharp or bulky items can be transported in the passenger compartment of a school bus.

[06/17/14]   Principal’s Message
Graduation is behind us now, as is the Princess Challenge and all other major events for the 2013-2014 school year—and I have enjoyed them all! Congratulations to the Class of 2014, and thank you to Culture Club for making last Friday’s assembly so much fun!

Tuesday is our last official day. We will start with a Pancake Breakfast in the Commons at 8:30 a.m. Staff will have “stations” set up for your culinary pleasure. You may choose to sample from:
· Juarez/Branch - Waffles
· Joshi/Shiroma – Pancakes with a slice of bacon
· Sav/Peterson – Mexican corn pancakes
· Fitz/Dyer – Chocolate Chip Pancakes
· Steele – Reese’s style Pancakes
· Wilson/Gudor – Mystery Pancakes (oh, it’s on!)
· McComb/Jones Gunn – Nutella w/bananas
· And, if you require dairy-free pancakes, Dr. Edge will be fixing those in his classroom.

Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?! And, of course we will have delicious OJ again, courtesy of the Robbins family, and condiments such as syrup, whip cream, and butter for your pancakes. Come enjoy it and take the last opportunity of the school year to socialize with your friends and staff. Guaranteed to be fun!

School dismisses at noon on Tuesday, and the staff will be convening for an off campus meeting shortly thereafter. We ask that all students plan to be off campus by no later than 1:00 p.m. No school lunch will be served on Tuesday! Thank you, parents, for making arrangements for transportation home, if needed.

And so, dear scholars, staff, parents and families—this is the last NOTAM I shall write, but hopefully I will get to be a contributing editor periodically in the future, to keep you apprised of efforts through the Lighthouse Project I will be leading with the Museum of Flight. Please know that I have loved my time with all of you, and I wish you the very best in years to come. Know, too, that I will be reading the NOTAM, along with you next year, as one way of keeping myself informed of all the exciting and wonderful activities in which you will be engaged. The sky is absolutely NOT the limit at Raisbeck Aviation High School! May your future be filled with unlimited possibilities!

Thank you for the extraordinary opportunity to work alongside all of you. I will forever be honored to have served as your principal. With love and best wishes—
Reba G.

[06/17/14]   Raisbeck Aviation High School
NOTAM 061614
June 16, 2014

Monday: Regular 6 period day

Tuesday: Last Day of School—12:00 PM Dismissal
8:30 – 9:45 Pancake breakfast
9:50 – 10:00 1st period
10:05 – 10:15 2nd period
10:20 – 10:35 3rd period
10:40 – 10:50 4th period
10:55 – 11:05 5th period
11:10 – 11:20 6th period
11:25-11:55 Assembly
11:55-12:00 Return to 6th Period/Dismissal

What: Registration Day!
Where: Raisbeck Aviation High School—Boeing Presentation Center (BPC) and Commons
When: 8:30-10:00 a.m. Seniors
10:00-11:30 a.m. Juniors
12:00-1:30 p.m. Sophomores
1:30-3:00 p.m. Freshmen

What: All-School Family Picnic
Where: Tukwila Community Center
When: 12:00-3:00 p.m. (Please bring a potluck item to share)

What: Freshmen Orientation - facilitated by RAHS Upperclassmen
Where: RAHS- meet in Cafeteria at start of the day
When: 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (students please bring a lunch)

[06/15/14]   RAHS Alumni: pancake breakfast is this Tuesday beginning at 9 AM. if you are planning to attend, we need a few of you to speak about Ms.Gillman...she is LEAVING (R)AHS if you haven't heard to go work at the Museum of Flight. Please message Sarah Fitzpatrick if you want to speak at the open mic following the pancake breakfast. Please keep this a surprise!





9229 E Marginal Way S
Tukwila, WA
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Aviation High School Aviation High School
9229 E Marginal Way S
Tukwila, 98108

Aviation High School is the only public, college preparatory, aviation-themed high school in the Northwest. Check back regularly to view updates on the school, construction, and events. Thank you for your support!

Raisbeck Aviation High School Raisbeck Aviation High School
9229 East Marginal Way South
Tukwila, 98108

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Raisbeck Aviation High School ASB Raisbeck Aviation High School ASB
9229 E Marginal Way S
Tukwila, 98108

We are the Raisbeck Aviation High School ASB. Representing the student body of RAHS since 2004.