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[07/18/19]   Recently, I have had a grandmother in one instance and an aunt in another instance whose children/sister dropped off their grandchildren/niece and did not come back. The grandmother and aunt did not know what they could do to help the children. Well, there is a way to deal with that situation - guardianship. Please contact me for details.


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Eyewitness Testimony Condemned Our Client to 34 Years in Prison. How Could We Show It Was False?

Here’s an example of an eyewitness misidentification that cost an innocent man 34 years of his life. Choose our experienced attorney to defend your case and fight for your rights. In the early afternoon of April 6, 1979, a 78-year-old white man named Jack Sasson was robbed and shot five times at close range as he sat behind the w ...

What To Do When Encountering Law Enforcement at Airports and Other Ports of Entry into the U.S.

Learn about your basic rights so they won’t be violated while you’re traveling internationally. Choose our experienced attorney if you need legal assistance. This page tells you about your basic rights. It is not a substitute for legal advice. You should contact an attorney if you have been arrested or believe that your rights have been violated.REMEMBER: It is illegal for law enforcement officers to perform any stops, searches, detentions, or removals b...

Why Collaborative Divorce is a Route Worth Considering

Learn about collaborative divorce and why divorcing couples should consider this for the welfare of their children. Call us for legal assistance with divorce. When people think of divorce, they may become overwhelmed with anxiety, fear the bickering and ill will, and dread the lawyers who will drag thing...

New tax code may inflame divorce negotiations

Here’s how the new tax code may affect divorcing couples. Contact us for legal assistance with divorce. The new tax code upends an already uncertain legal space: Alimony for divorcing couples.

How Women Can Prepare Financially for Divorce

Find out how you can be prepared financially before getting a divorce. If you need legal assistance with your divorce, call us. Once couples make it through the holidays, the first few months of each year typically see a surge in divorce filings.

5 Estate Planning Documents to Update When Getting a Divorce

Don't ignore your estate planning during a divorce. Give us a call and we'll help with your legal issues. ​If you are beginning the process of getting divorced, you must review your estate plan to make sure it reflects your recent life changes.

Broken hearts: A rundown of the divorce capital of every state

Here's a list of places where divorces take place the most. If you're going through a divorce and need legal help, contact us. About 40% to 50% of married couples in the United States divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. The divorce rate among those who remarry is even higher.

A Checklist To Help You Manage Post-Divorce Finances

Find out how you should handle your finances after a divorce. If you need legal help during the divorce, call us. In financially-complex divorces, the process can sometimes take years. That’s why getting to the end is often cause for celebration. Nevertheless you will still need to work through the practical details of how the agreement is implemented.

Stops and Arrests - What To Do When Encountering Law Enforcement

Know your basic rights. If you made a mistake in the past, let us discuss if we can procure an expungement for you. This booklet tells you about your basic rights. It is not a substitute for legal advice. You should contact an attorney if you have been arrested or believe that your rights have been violated. Other sections of this booklet:

Is a Verbal Contract Legal? Yes, in Some Cases

Know when verbal contracts are legal and when they are not. Call us for all your legal civil law needs such as contract disputes. Verbal business contracts can be enforceable, but some types of contracts do have to be in writing. The differences are explained in this article.

What is a Preponderance of Evidence? (with picture)

Learn about preponderance of evidence and how it is used in civil court cases. Call us if you need legal representation. A preponderance of evidence is a standard of proof that's used in many civil trials. Under this standard, the evidence presented...

17 Tips for Parenting After a Divorce

Here are some parenting tips after a divorce. Call us for quality legal support in cases of family law. You can definitely make this work

Putting the Assisted Living Facility Contract Under a Microscope

If you or a loved one isn't being treated right in assisted living, we need to see the contract. Contact Debenham Law Office LLC today. When dealing with an assisted living facility contract, getting the fine print right from the start is your family'€™s best protection. Consumer Reports says.

Will Your Heirs End Up in Probate Court?

Proper estate planning keeps surviving family members from harsh complications. Contact Debenham Law Office LLC for help. Here’s how to avoid court, and why you might not really need to.

Same-sex divorce poses complications for some splitting couples

It's a new aspect in the divorce process, but we're ready for anything. Contact Debenham Law Office LLC for help. When same-sex couples face divorce, details like length of marriage and parental rights are not legally clear-cut.

The True Cost of Gray Divorce

Debenham Law Office LLC represents clients of all ages going through a divorce. Contact us today. Typically, the longer you've been together, the more assets you've acquired, and the more expensive the process. I've seen couples spend $200,000 in legal fees. And you have less time to recover financially from divorce the closer you are to retirement.

The Terms of Business: How to Negotiate a Partnership Agreement

Leave all your business law matters to us! ...

Making It Through Your First Holiday Season After a Divorce

Getting through the holidays after a divorce is easier when you follow these tips. The holiday season can be a difficult and stressful time for the best of us, but it can be especially difficult for those who are experiencing their firs...

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Corporation or LLC

Hire us to handle all your business law needs! The portrait of today’s worker is undergoing a fundamental shift. Fueled by advances in cloud-based, social and mobile technologies, companies are choosing to gain agility and s...

Just Got Divorced? Here's What Happens to Your Credit Card Debt

Do you know what happens to your credit card debt after your divorce? Know the rules -- because in many cases, you might be responsible for your ex-spouse's debts. Fortunately, there are some ways to decrease headaches and hassles.

When Does a Real Estate Contract Become Legal and Binding?

See when real estate contracts become legal and binding. A real estate contract clears the way for the seller and buyer to begin the transfer of property, but at what point are you actually locked into the deal?

How To Cope On Thanksgiving Without Your Kids

Use these tips to help you deal with your divorce this Thanksgiving. I have a divorced friend who inspired this blog. She posted a picture on Facebook yesterday of some Thanksgiving ingredients sitting out on her kitchen c...

You Probably Don't Know About These Financial Benefits of Divorce

Learn more about the possible financial benefits of divorce. Divorce is often devastating, but there are a few financial silver linings.

Ten Tips for Fathers in Surviving the Divorce Process

Use these tips to help you get through your divorce. For any father contemplating divorce, the decision is fraught with emotion and fear. 10 divorce tips for dads to cushion the difficult journey.

The 6 Things You’re Forgetting to Include in Your Prenup (From a Divorce Lawyer)

Every relationship and case are unique, which is why Mr. Debenham works with you to determine appropriate actions and options. What's yours is yours.

How can a lien affect my closing?

Mr. Debenham handles everything from contract disputes to real estate transactions, and name changes. There are many moving parts in the homebuying process, and surprises are not uncommon. One of those surprises can be the discovery of a property lien, which can slow down a real estate transaction and, in some

Attention Home Buyers! Why You Need A Lawyer

If you need immediate legal assistance, please do not delay in calling us to get your problems taken care quickly by a trusted attorney. Property transactions are complex and subject to specific state/local rules. Hiring a lawyer can simplify the process.

What's the Difference Between a Short Sale and Foreclosure?

Available for all of your general civil law needs, Mr. Debenham handles everything from contract disputes to real estate transactions, and name changes. Let's discuss the details and differences between a short sale and foreclosure, two options borrowers have when they fall behind on mortgage payments.

5 debt questions you may be afraid to ask

Here are some questions about debt you might be too afraid to ask. Talking about debt can be awkward or embarrassing, leaving you to worry in silence.

Surviving divorce after 50

Great information for divorce survivors. Boomers have always been more prone to divorce than generations before them. That trend shows no signs of slowing.

How debt consolidation can go wrong

Make sure you avoid these mistakes when consolidating debt. Debt consolidation can feel like the answer to a struggling borrower’s prayer, but it often doesn’t address the overspending that caused the debt.

Tips for keeping kids' needs at the forefront during a divorce

Essential information for every family going through a divorce. Your kids are likely the center of your universe -- and that shouldn’t change in the midst of a divorce. Parents going through a divorce or separation

The Secret To A Successful And Happy Divorce

Do you know what the secret to a successful and happy divorce is? Divorce is such an ugly word in the English language. It has so many negative connotations. And we're constantly reminded of our marital stat...

7 Ways to Ready Your Finances for Divorce

Get your finances ready for divorce by reading these tips and calling us for representation. MAY 30, 2017 - For some couples, no amount of marriage counseling is enough to avoid a divorce. It’s a tough process emotionally and financially.Untangling two people’s money is messy. Long before spousal or child support is awarded or your post-divorce budget is in place, you’ll need to prepare you...

Perspective | How do you keep a family together after a divorce?

We can help you and your family start anew with our divorce services. 'Mama, everything is going to be okay, right?'

U.S. Supreme Court Decides Divorce Dispute Over Air Force Retirement Pay :

Here’s an interesting decision regarding veterans and divorce. If you’re a veteran facing divorce, contact us. The U. S. Supreme Court slapped down a decision by the Arizona state courts that held the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act did not pre-empt the Arizona family court’s order requiring that a military retiree make up for a portion of his annuity lost by his ex-wife by operation of fed...

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