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Full service insurance agency, in Colorado since 2001. Represent over 25 insurance companies to serve you better,let us take care of your needs.

Our mission is simple "We care for you, we are people taking care of other people". Our slogan is simple "If it has value, we insure it". Our vision is simple "Helping Colorado, one person at a time"

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Happy Friday 🎉 We made it!
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We offer insurance by phone, online or in the office, our agents can help you.
Protect your Four wheeler. Whether you collide with another ATV, get it stuck in a muddy river, or overturn your vehicle on a steep mountain trail, you’ll need coverage for your ATV and You! Call us for a quote, we can help!
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😷 State mandate - WEAR A MASK!

😷Mandato estatal USAR MASCARILLA!

MASK MANDATE: Gov. Polis has officially announced a statewide mandate for everyone over 10 years old to wear face coverings at indoor public spaces, going into effect at midnight.
▶️ Read the details:

GIS Insurance - Tru Services

[07/15/20]   Chicken pox is a virus. Lots of people have had it and don't think about it once the initial illness has passed. But it stays in the body and lives there forever, and later can cause very painful outbreaks of shingles. You don't get over the virus in a few weeks, never to have another health effect. We know this because it's been around for years and has been medically studied for years.

Herpes is also a virus. Once someone has it, it stays in the body forever. Getting a little run down or stressed-out can cause an outbreak. A big event (job interview, big date) can result in a cold sore. You don't get over it in a few weeks. We know this because it's been around for years and has been medically studied for years.

HIV is a virus. It attacks the immune system and makes the carrier more vulnerable to other illnesses. It took decades to develop viable treatments that allowed people to live a reasonable quality of life. Once infected, it lives in the body forever; there is no cure. Over time those with HIV are at a much greater risk for cardiovascular, kidney, bone and/or liver disease, diabetes and cognitive disorders. We know this because it’s now been around for years and has been medically studied for years.

We now have another novel virus spreading rapidly and easily. The full spectrum of symptoms and health effects is only just beginning to be cataloged, much less understood. So far COVID-19 symptoms can include:
Acute respiratory distress
Lung damage (potentially permanent)
Loss of taste and/or smell
Sore throat
Difficulty breathing
Mental confusion
Nausea or vomiting
Loss of appetite
Strokes and/or seizures (even in the relatively young)
Swollen eyes
Liver and/or kidney damage
COVID fingers and toes

People testing positive for COVID-19 have been documented to be sick even after 60 days. Some folks are sick for weeks, get better, then experience a sudden flare up and get sick again.

This disease has not been around for years - it’s been about 7 months. No one knows its long-term health effects or how it may present itself years down the road for people who have been exposed.

We literally “do not know” what we don’t yet know.

For those who suggest that people being cautious are cowards, who refuse to take even simple precautions to protect themselves and others, I wanna ask in all sincerity:

Why risk the lives of others so cavalierly, deciding for others if they should welcome exposure and “get it over with" when literally no one knows who will be the lucky "mild symptoms" case and who may die? Young adults have died; marathon runners, fitness fanatics have died. Children and infants have died.

How can some feel they know more than medical experts who have made clear there is so very much we don't yet know? But with what we DO know, they are genuinely scared of how easily it spreads and recommend minimal precautions:
Frequent hand-washing
Physical distancing
Reduced social/public contact or interaction
Mask wearing
Covering your cough or sneeze
Avoiding touching your face
Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces

The more we do to mitigate our risk to exposure, the better off we all are. It allows health care providers to maintain functioning levels of service so they aren't overwhelmed, reduces unnecessary suffering and deaths, and buys time for the scientific community to study the virus to come to a better understanding of the scope of its impacts in both the short and long term.

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Have a nice evening, thank God for a wonderful Week! We wish you plenty of blessings, health, and prosperity!
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Interesting facts - that will affect your insurance price!


Even as the world hit the pause button due to a pandemic, car thieves were still hard at work. Below is a list of vehicles most commonly stolen in the Denver Metro area. And whether or not your car made the list, there are some very simple things you can do to protect your car AND your stuff…

• Always lock your doors, roll up your windows and take your keys.

• Never leave belongings in your vehicle.

• Never leave your car running unattended.

• Park in well-lit busy areas.

• Use an alarm system or steering wheel locking device.

• Do not leave your garage door remote in your vehicle.

1-It’s your choice where to #insure your #home. The lender will suggest one for you, but you can insure it anywhere you want.
2-We represent several companies and offer you #greatcoverage, and #goodprices.
3-If you insure your #auto&home with the same company, you will receive a #discount
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The heat rolls on with near record highs possible

Hot week ahead. Please keep your pets safe and hydrated.

Se aproxima una semana muy calurosa, mantenga a sus mascotas a salvo e hidratadas. The hot and dry conditions will continue through the weekend keeping fire concerns elevated. Our next chance for showers and a few thunderstorms won’t arrive until early next week.

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Insuring you’re car or your license, call us for a quote

Happy long weekend 💥♥️🇺🇸💥♥️
Stay safe - Enjoy!
Feliz día de independencia 🇺🇸💥🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️
Disfruten con precaución!

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PLEASE REMEMBER #fireworksareillegal

Nuisance fireworks are not an entirely new issue for Thornton or the entire metro area. Fireworks have become a serious problem, not just a quality of life problem and noise problem, but they can also be a grim reminder of the fire danger they present.
Backyard fireworks use is expected to hit an all-time high this Independence Day, according to the American Pyrotechnics Association, a trade group for consumer and commercial fireworks retailers.
Experts believe the increase is due to a combination of factors; people finally getting out, being anxious, having this pent-up energy, and the fact many commercial firework displays have been cancelled. Then, right around the corner is our fireworks holiday. This is a serious issue, some people are frightened, losing sleep, babies and kids are woken up, and pets are terrified. Along with our veterans and others with PTSD who are experiencing real harm. Fireworks are a real fire hazard in our community with the current hot & dry conditions, not to mention the potential fireworks related injuries our emergency rooms will also experience.
Reminder, fireworks are illegal in Thornton and carry a fine of $500 for the first offense. Please be a considerate neighbor! Enjoy and celebrate the 4th of July holiday responsibly.

Our office will be closed Friday, July 3rd, in observance of Independence Day, from all of us here at @gisinsurance.truservices have a safe and happy holiday weekend.
From every mountainside, let freedom ring.
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In observance of Independence Day 4th of July, our office will be closed on July 3rd.
Enjoy the long weekend and please be safe.
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Quieres asegurar tu compañía???
Roofing - Siding - Framing
Llámanos, te podemos ayudar 😍☺️
Podemos ayudarte a registrar tu compañía en el estado, y sacar tu número federal.

Llámanos 720-855-7100

We also Do appointments, call us 720-855-7100
We can insure all contractors!

GIS Insurance - Tru Services

LLAMANOS 720-855-7100

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GIS Insurance - Tru Services

We have two NOTARY staff, stop by and let us help you!

Mention this add and get $5.00 off of any Letter (minimum $20)

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Jeep recalls 95,000 SUVs to fix problem that can cause power loss

Do you own a #jeep please take note!!! When drivers shift into park, the transmissions may not go there, increasing the risk of a rollaway crash.

THANK YOU @pinnacol for the goodies received, special shout-out to Karl, & my underwriters for their help and always providing safety to their agents and insureds.... 👍🏻🙌🏾👌
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Happy Thursday 😃
Without you there wouldn’t be @gisinsurance.truservices 🙏 #thankyou for your trust and business ... ¿how can I help you today? ¿En que te puedo servir hoy?
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#Summercamps ♥️ you need to buy #generalliabilityinsurance and if you will have employees you need #workerscompensation
call us @gisinsurance.truservices #gisinsurance 720-855-7100

Thornton Fire Department offering free COVID-19 testing

“Thornton Residents”
Free testing 🙏 here in town. THORNTON, Colo. (KDVR) — The Thornton Fire Department is offering free, drive-up COVID-19 testing. Individuals who are currently experiencing symptoms, have been exposed to the virus or are h…

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3301 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO, 80219 - Retail Property For Sale | 3301 W Alameda Ave - 3301 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO. This Retail is for sale on Multi-use building serving as a church

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