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Word Of Faith Church is dedicated to helping others change their lives through the Word Of God! P.O Box 25524 Tamarac, FL 33321

Word Of Faith Church International is a church that is rooted and founded on the Word Of God. WOFCI is a Word based church that is focused and determined to help people pursue God's best for their lives. To help them prosper in every area in their lives.

Mission: The Mission of Word Of Faith Church International is to help others perceive, pursue, and posses their God given hopes and dreams. Our mission is threefold: 1. Teach the Word Of God with simplicity, accuracy, and boldness. 2. Change lives through the Word Of God. 3. Establish a God inspired influence in the Earth. Matthew 28:19

[06/05/19]   "The YOU that you are today is NOT the YOU that GREATNESS is Calling for. You gotta SHIFT! You gotta ELEVATE! You gotta CHANGE! The YOU that you are today is the YOU that brought to where you are right now. However, this is not the YOU that is REQUIRED to take you where you YOU need to be Tomorrow! SHIFT! ELEVATE! CHANGE! Haven't said it in a minute but, "NEW STRATEGIES, NEW LESSONS, PRODUCE NEW VICTORIES in your life! I know it was hard to get to where you are today. That's why it's so EASY to settle in, get comfortable, and stay there like most do! I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to the YOU that came this far, celebrated, THANKED GOD, took a breathe, and then said, "WHAT'S NEXT"? That's who I am talking to! That's who GREATNESS is Calling for! Question is, is that you? And will you ANSWER? HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[06/04/19]   Most people want the PEACE that GREATNESS provides! But they don't want to endure the PROCESS that GREATNESS requires! GREATNESS wakes up early. AVERAGE sleeps in. GREATNESS says "one more rep". AVERAGE says "that's enough". GREATNESS saves up. AVERAGE doesn't even have a budget! Every person on this Earth that you believe is Great, has a story about their PROCESS! Listen to T.D.Jakes story about his process. Listen to Myles Monroe, I.V. Hilliard, Chris Hogan, Bill Gates, etc. All of them had to go through a process. And so do you. So, stop COMPLAINING about the process and simply go through it. The more you complain, the longer it takes. Come on! Get Up! Let's Go! YOUR TIME IS NOW!

[05/31/19]   Do you RESPOND like a Lion or a Gazelle? When opposition comes(and it always comes) the Gazelle is built to respond by running away from it. All of its instincts program him to avoid the challenge. It's not known for strength, it's known for speed because it Chooses to flee OPPOSITION. You already know!😎 The Lion is Built not just to Confront, but to ATTACK! The Lion's Instinct is to FIGHT! The Lion doesn't care if the opposition is as small as a snake or as big as an elephant. HE WILL ALWAYS FIGHT! If he dies, he dies FIGHTING! The only thing greater than one Lion....is two Lions! So again I ask you. Will you RESPOND like a Gazelle or like a Lion? HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!


[05/30/19]   When you get a Report Card and you have 4 A's and 1 F. The focus in the entire house is on the F. We tend to ALWAYS lean towards the NEGATIVE! We look at our bodies and we always see what we want to change. LET'S SHIFT! WHAT ARE YOUR STRENGTHS? WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT? What do you LOVE to do even if a PAYCHECK is not connected to it? You Love photography but you're poor in math. Then your GREATNESS is more likely in photography and not math, so let math go. What do you do that come EASILY to you but it appears to be a DAUNTING TASK to everyone else. Sometimes we never FIND our GREATNESS because we never LOOK for our GREATNESS! Let's start looking TODAY. HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[05/28/19]   I'm going to keep it 100! What would your life look like if you gave 100%, 100% of the time? Truth is that most people operate on 50% to 80%. Imagine how life would look if you gave 100% at your job. 100% on your physical body. 100% on your Financial Health and 100% on your Walk with God. Most people don't give their ALL because they're waiting on someone else to do the rest! But that someone else NEVER seems to show up. I believe in the LAW OF SOWING AND REAPING, which tells me that what I have TODAY is based directly on the seeds I sowed YESTERDAY! I don't need to talk about it. I don't need an audience to watch me do it. I especially don't check to see how I feel about the situation. I make the INTENTIONAL decision to give my best EVERYDAY! Whatever you do, do as unto the Lord. HE deserves my best and I'm going to make sure HE gets it. HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[05/25/19]   When Opposition comes, and it will come, here's what you must do. "FIGHT BACK! FIGHT HURT! FIGHT UNTIL! Yes, you want to be able to take the blows that life throws at you. However, you don't want to become known only as the guy who can take a punch. Use your FAITH! Use your WORDS! Use your PRAYER! Use your WORSHIP! The GREAT ones know how to PLAY HURT! One scratch shouldn't stop you. One no shouldn't cause you to quit. One betrayal mustn't destroy you. Some or all of that WILL happen. But you push on. You keep Grinding. How long do you fight? You FIGHT UNTIL YOU WIN! It might take a week. Might take a year. Might take several years. If you quit you lose, so just don't quit. One more time. FIGHT BACK! FIGHT HURT! FIGHT UNTIL! Reply to me with the word FIGHT! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[05/23/19]   If you are going to reach your goals and dreams, then there is something that must happen TODAY. "GET STARTED!" There is a tendency to Waste time TALKING about our dreams, but never actually Doing anything about it. The Bible says, "Whatsoever a man DOETH shall Prosper." Not Talked or Dreamer or Waiter For. Here's the next part. GET STARTED TODAY! DO SOMETHING TODAY! Make a call. Look something up. Go pull out that notebook. Book an appointment. Remember, If you sow nothing you'll reap nothing. No more I'll do it later. THIS DAY! RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[05/21/19]   Think About This! "YOUR DREAMS ARE READY FOR YOU. BUT ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR DREAMS?" Most people know what they want, but they're not ready to do what it takes to get what they want. So they just want. I heard a rapper say this, "You Ain't Got It 'Cause You Don't Want It"! Does that sound like you? HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[05/20/19]   It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to realize that LIFE is hard. It's filled with Challenges and twists and turns and will eat you alive if you let it. But you know what's even harder? NOT LIVING! NOT GOING AFTER YOUR DREAMS! Being AVERAGE is hard! Being Unhappy is hard! Giving Up is hard! Taking other people's advice instead of listening to your heart is hard. Hard Doesn't mean IMPOSSIBLE! In Christ ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! It's hard, but you can do it. There are challenges, but you can overcome them. Doubt will try to stop you, but HAVE FAITH! NO MORE EXCUSES! NO MORE LIMITS! NO MORE WAITING! Let's go to WORK! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[05/07/19]   Good Afternoon Winners! This is why YOU have to be the biggest supporter of YOU! When YOU Truly start pursuing your Goals and Dreams, know that this will happen. FEW will actually CELEBRATE you. MOST will CRITICIZE you. The REST of them DON'T CARE because they never liked you in the first place. I feel my life changed when I discovered the difference between people I can count and people I can count on. HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[05/01/19]   No matter how Great Things are going for you, remember someone is not doing that well. PRAY for OTHERS! No matter how Bad things are going for you. Remember, that someone has it even Worse. PRAY for OTHERS! As Wonderful and Special and Valuable as you are. ANd YES YOU ARE! Please remember it's not all about you. True GREATNESS comes when you can focus on helping someone else become GREAT! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[04/29/19]   Looking at my life I realize that I have one of three choices I can make. 1. WIND DOWN and just accept the fact that this is it for me. That what I am is all I'll ever be. 2. SETTLE IN and say that this is a good place to park in. Now I can sit back and watch others do. 3. TURN UP and get FIRED UP about my life, knowing that my Best Days are AHEAD of me and not BEHIND me. I still have much more work to do. I chose to TURN UP. First I want to share this thought with you. When you decide to do what's EASY, that's when life gets HARD. When you decide to do what's HARD, that's when life gets EASY! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[04/26/19]   Good Morning Winners! Wanna share this with you. You look at the situation and say, It's too late. It's too much. I'm too old. The debt is too great. The doctor's report is too severe. I can't make it. I don't see how. I'm too afraid. Mark 9:23 declares that ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE to him that BELIEVES! Your FAITH will literally create a way UP and OUT of your situation. Your challenge may be great, but your God is GREATER! Remember, you don't have to know how? You just have to know WHO! And the who is CHRIST! The Anointed One and His Anointing. Have Faith in the Burden Removing, Yoke Destroying POWER of God, and WATCH how the impossible becomes POSSIBLE! FAITH is your FUEL! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[04/22/19]   I feel this today. LISTEN to what people SAY! WATCH what people DO! That tells you who they REALLY ARE! Once you know how they REALLY ARE, you now know how to DEAL with them. When they don't show up when they say they will, you know they are unreliable. When they don't tell the truth, you know they are dishonest. Don't judge them, simply receive what they've shown you and make the necessary adjustments. You might need to bring them in closer to you. You might need to move them further away from you. Don't deal with people on what they MEANT to do or say! People are INTENTIONAL! They do and say EXACTLY what they INTENDED to do or say. That's why you have to WATCH and PRAY. It's time to go FORWARD! You need EAGLES in your life and not ANCHORS! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[04/19/19]   One of the Keys to Winning in Life is PERSPECTIVE! Much in life is rooted in how you look at things. It takes FAITH to keep a Positive Attitude about things. What have you ever truly gained by complaining about things? You hate your job? Tell that to someone who's been looking for a job for the last 2 years. Your current car is not your Dream Car. But you're not dependent on the bus. God answers Prayer, just not how you EXPECT. Think about that dude walking around Faithless and Defeated. Admit it! You're doing much better than you think you are. Which is why you need to adjust your thinking. Better days are AHEAD! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[04/17/19]   Good Afternoon Winners! So, here we are in Mid-April, almost May. So let's look at something. How many GOALS AND DREAMS that you HAD for 2019, that you've already given up on, forgotten, or walked away from? You've already STOPPED Praying and Confessing over it. Remember, most people Quit because it's the EASY thing to do. Don't Quit! REFIRE! REIGNITE! Get back in there and KEEP FIGHTING! Yes, it's hard and it FEELS like it's taking forever. But know that when you DO NOTHING, YOU GET NOTHING! You don't stop until you WIN! Get Up! The game isn't over. It's just Halftime! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[04/16/19]   Don't Ever ask God to ORDER YOUR STEPS, when the truth of the matter is that you NEVER intended to MOVE YOUR FEET! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[04/08/19]   Good Afternoon Winners! Now this is going to sound a little different today. I want you to think about how GREAT you are. Reflect on how no one else in the world looks like you. No one else talks or thinks like you. No one else has your curves or your muscles. That little mole on your thigh that you can't stand. That's a mark of DISTINCTION! There's no one like you. You are "FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY" made. Remember that word MADE. God MADE you the way you are. You are a part of GOD'S plan for this world. You were designed for GREATNESS! YES YOU! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

International House of Prayer

Happy Monday!!

Join us this morning for worship and prayer!

[04/03/19]   Good Afternoon Winners! I don't want anyone in my life that doesn't"VALUE" me! You don't always agree with me, but when you think of me, you think of my "WORTH"! You want what's BEST for me. Not what's best for you or YOUR version of what's best for me. I want LOVE, not MANIPULATION! If you can't LOVE me while I'm on my journey, then you can't LOVE me when I reach my Destination. If Christ believed I was dying for, then I need to believe that I am WORTH living with. ALL IN OR ALL OUT! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[04/02/19]   Good Evening Winners! You don't get out of life what you DESERVE! You get out of life what you TOLERATE! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS! NEW LEVELS! NEW STRATEGIES! NEW VICTORIES!

[03/27/19]   Good Morning Winners! Why do people quit? Why do they give up? Why do they walk away? Why do they settle? Why do they compromise? BECAUSE IT'S EASY! It's easy to accept where you are in life. It's easy to tell yourself just be happy with what you have. It's hard to FIGHT for the life you DESERVE instead of settling for the life you HAVE! It's hard to FIGHT for PROSPERITY, but it's easy to settle for just getting by. We try to make our lives comfortable but here is the reality. GREATNESS ISN'T COMFORTABLE! GREATNESS is always pushing you and challenging you! You reach one goal and GREATNESS says "Here's another one!" Do you have what you DESERVE or what you've SETTLED for? Have you simply STOPPED FIGHTING and STARTED SETTLING? If not, then get on your knees, PRAY, then Get up, and go FIGHT for your LIFE! In ABUNDANCE! To the FULL! Till it FILLS! Till it OVERFLOWS! Michael said don't stop till you get enough. But Christ said don't stop till you get MORE THAN ENOUGH! Let's go to work!

[03/25/19]   Good Morning Winners! I was thinking about something and I want to share it with you. I want you to invest in something I'm calling"THE SELFISH SIXTY!" EVERYDAY! ALL DAY! The majority of what you're doing, you're doing it for somebody else. Bills, spouse, kids, grandkids, significant other, etc. But when do you get to do what you want to do? NOW! Carve out 60 minutes a day and focus on YOU and ONLY YOU! Your life should not be about everybody getting what they want EXCEPT YOU! It's time that YOU made YOU a PRIORITY in your life. 60 minutes a day. Do it all at once or break it up into pieces, but do it. There's one catch. You can't wait until the very end of your day to do it. Not when you're dog tired and you've already shut down for the day. YOUR TIME shouldn't be the LEFTOVER GARAGE time. It's all about YOU BOO! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[03/22/19]   Good Afternoon Winners! "Your Faith in God does not determine who God is. Your Faith in God determines what God CAN or CANNOT do in YOUR life!" HAVE FAITH IN GOD!

[03/15/19]   Good Morning Winners! Real Simple! TODAY, set your FAITH to believe that THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER FOR YOU! Don't need to be deep or spooky. Let's AGREE that THINGS are getting better for you. What things? Whatever things you need. When someone asks, how are you? Reply, "I'M GETTING BETTER!" This is where we'll start and we'll do some more work on Sunday. If you don't SAY IT you'll never SEE IT! Speaking of GETTING BETTER, shout out to Momma Porter who is in the process of defeating a cold! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[03/14/19]   Good Afternoon Winners! Most people don't really want to Walk WITH God. They just want to be close enough so they can see Him, but still do what they want. If they walk with HIM, ONE touch can change their life and the truth is that most don't want to change! Are you with God or just near Him. Be honest with yourself. HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[03/12/19]   Good Evening Winners! God is not an "Angry Bird", sitting around waiting for you to fail so HE can throw it in your face. That's what friends and family do. God is ALWAYS on your side, cheering you on. Even when you walk away from HIM. Know this. GOD is in LOVE with YOU! Always has been and Always will be! People are up and down. Always have been and Always will be. The Love and Support of your Heavenly Father will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Finally, if GOD is on your side, don't you think it's about time YOU got on your side as well? HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[03/07/19]   Good Morning Winners! 7 BENEFITS OF TITHING. #3 THERE WON'T BE ROOM ENOUGH TO CONTAIN IT! Imagine having more supply that need. Truth is that this is how we're supposed to be living and not imagining. Jehovah Shalom is the God who is MORE THAN ENOUGH! No matter what you need, God is more. You were NEVER meant to have Lack in your life. Tithing grants access to that type of LIFESTYLE! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[03/07/19]   Good Morning Winners! We talked about 7 Benefits of Tithing. #1. "The Windows Of Heaven Will Be Opened To You"! Tithing grants you access to the Supernatural Resources in Heaven For You. Remember, if Tithing opens the Windows of Heaven to you, NOT Tithing CLOSES the Windows of Heaven to you. You think the enemy has come against your finances when the truth of the matter is YOU have come against your finances by NOT Tithing. HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[03/07/19]   Good Morning Winners! 7 BENEFITS OF TITHING! #2. BLESSINGS WILL BE POURED OUT UPON YOU WITHOUT LIMITS! You know when you stand out in the rain, if you do it long enough, every inch of you will be soaked. You will keep getting soaked as long as you remain in the rain. As long as you remain a TITHER you will continue to BE BLESSED in EVERY area of your life. BLESSED in the city. BLESSED in the field. ALWAYS BLESSED! Also, this means if you are NOT a TITHER, you are NEVER BLESSED! The RAIN IS COMING! Whether or not you'll be Soaking wet or bone dry is up to you! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

[02/25/19]   Good Afternoon Winners! Have a question for you. Right now. This very day. Would you say that you are the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF? In all aspects of the game. Spiritually. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. If your answer is yes, then how do you plan on sustaining this level of excellence? If the answer is no, then what or who do you believe is the obstacle in your way? It's hard to live your BEST life if you are not at your BEST. LIFE! In Abundance. To the Full. Till it Fills. Till it Overflows. You don't Achieve that level of living by just winging it. It's time to LEVEL UP! HAVE A DAY OF GREATNESS!

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P.O Box 25524 Tamarac, FL 33321
Sunrise, FL

General information

Word Of Faith Church International is a church that is completely focused on helping others perceive, pursue, and possess, their God given hopes and dreams! We welcome all to come and be a part of our family. There are Five Pillars of Word Of Faith Church International. 1. LEARN GOD'S WORD 2. SHARE GOD'S HEART 3. FOLLOW GOD'S EXAMPLE 4. LOVE GOD'S PEOPLE 5. ENJOY GOD'S LIFE FOR YOU

Opening Hours

Thursday 19:00 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 10:00
Saturday 08:00 - 09:00
Sunday 10:30 - 00:30
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