Paint the Town Art Studio

Paint the Town Art Studio


Hard to believe that one year ago this month I opened my art studio in Stigler. So many friends helped me to open - painted walls, hung pictures, carried tables and chairs (LOL), offered daily support. I look back on that time with a gratitude...I couldn't have done it without you! It's been a crazy year and I loved every minute of it. The best part about the studio is the people who walk through the doors to paint. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with each of you. It has been special watching relationships form among the people who come to paint. "We all start out as strangers...." I'm glad we are ending up as friends. I have big dreams/plans for the studio for this coming year and I'm excited to get some new things put into place. Be patient...good things are coming. I never imagined I would be facing "The Corona" on my one year anniversary. Your support of my business means the world to me. Thank you for ordering home kits this past week. Thank you for coming in to paint this year, for trusting me with your parties and get togethers. You are all great and I am truly blessed. I'm excited about 2020 - the future is bright!
Are there new patterns for January?
Do you know yet when October paint dates will be? I want to paint the 3 section "I Smell Children".
Finished project! Merry Christmas!❤️
Love my little tree! I want to do a big one now. Hope we are able to have a Stigler party!
These paintings were fun to paint.
Thanks Audra, this is one of two paintings completed.
Chloe Carver

Girls night out, birthday parties, bridal showers, church groups and corporate team building events or just you and your sisters out on the town, let Paint the Town help you tap into your creative side! Even if you've never picked up a paint brush, we will take you through the steps to create your very own masterpiece by the end of each class! We'll supply the canvas and paints, you supply your sense of fun and adventure! Whether you come to one of our public paint classes or we bring the paint party to you with a private event, prepare to relax and release your inner artist. Our Studio is located at 113 E Main Street in Stigler, OK

I forgot about ceramic trees. You can make a tree a Halloween tree (see pictures for examples). You will have to find your own lights/tree topper if you want them custom colored. Amazon sells halloween colored lights. Just another option. If you want a tree let me know by Monday the 14th. Thanks.

You will still get the light kit the trees come with.

11” tree that is 5 1/2” diameter is $38

13” tree that is 8 1/2” diameter is $48

Here is where we are with the Holiday Ceramic Class on October 10th. Please refer to pinned post for full details.

I have enough orders to order the following cases:
Skull Light Up
Small Pumpkin Light Up

I still need orders to be able to order the following:
Haunted House - Need 1 more order to order a case
Pumpkin Stack - Need 3 more orders to order a case.

Ask your friends to join you! I want to be able to order what everyone wants.

I forgot......the vintage ceramic truck is perfect for any holiday. They are $35 in case anyone is interested.

Need orders in by September 14th (I've extended to deadline a bit)

Once all orders are in I will invoice you for pre-payment.

Thanks! Message me with any questions. :)

Last day to order fall/Halloween ceramics is Friday the 11th. See pinned post for all details!! Don’t miss’s going to be fun!!

Updated....please read thoroughly. All your answers are in this post. Promise. 😊😊

Fall is just around the corner and there are some fun ceramics to paint for Fall and Halloween.

We will be painting Saturday, October 10th from 1-8 at the Twin Lakes In Meeting Room in Stigler. Last seating is at 6. If you can’t make it on that day I can make you a home kit. Price of ceramic item includes paint. $5 additional charge for paint brushes.

Since all of these items ship in cases of 2 or 4 I will not order an item unless I have enough people interested in it. (No place at home to store them)

How this will work! Comment below on which item(s) you are interested in. I need to know what you are interested in by September 11th. Once a case is spoken for I will invoice you for the item. Items MUST be paid for by September 18th.

Please keep in mind that at any time one or more of these items could sell out. I will update if that happens.

Haunted House Light Up - Comes with light kit. $24 (Must have 4 interested) 8H x 6W x 3.5D

Skull Light Up - Comes with light kit. $30 (Must have 4 interested) 6.5H x 8L

Pumpkin Light Up - Comes with light kit $24 (Must have 4 interested) 8H x 6.25W

Large Pumpkin Light Up - Comes with light kit $42 (Must have 2 interested) 16" H

Pumpkin Stack Light Up - Comes with light kit $26 (Must have 4 interested) 9.25H x 4.5W

Skull Stack Light Up - Comes with light kit $26 (Must have 4 interested) 9.5H x 4W

Tall Pumpkin - $20 (Must have 2 interested) 8H x 6.25W

Tall Gourd - $15 (Must have 2 interested) 6H x 4 1/8D

Squatty Gourd - $18 (Must have 2 interested) 4 1/8H x 5 7/8D

Comment with the name of the item you are interested in, the quantity and your email for invoicing. You have until September 11th to let me know what you are interested in and until September 18th to pay your invoice.

You can pay your invoice through my website, Paypal, Square, Apple Pay, Cash App or mailing me a check. (Checks will be deposited immediately so they clear before ordering) I will not accept payment at the door. No exceptions.

Looking forward to getting together with you all and painting!

Well it’s official. Studio empty. Floors swept. Keys turned in. Bittersweet moment for sure.

I have a lot of thoughts tonight as I reflect on the last 17 months. I have learned a lot.

Just a few things I’ve learned:

I don’t like to paint trees. That no one does and that a few ladies really don’t like to paint peacocks. 🙂

The most unexpected people will be your biggest supporters. And the people you expect to support you won’t. (Not meant to be a passive/aggressive statement. Just the truth)

Art is healing, stress relieving and therapeutic.

Risks are worth taking.

Success is when preparation meets opportunity. Always be prepared!

Anyone can create something beautiful.

God always provides.

I am rich with lifelong friendships from the studio.

Women are amazing. We can learn from each other.

Despite all my flaws (and there are many) I am well loved by God.

Thank you for coming to paint. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for supporting me on the hard days. Thank you for helping me open the studio. For helping me close the studio and for everything in between.

I will cherish the memories made at the studio. Lots of laughter. I am blessed.

This chapter is closed. A new one begins. I am excited.

I know I don’t have a lot of you pictured but these were just the photos in my phone

Going to group throw stuff together and hopefully sell it. !!

Fall Bundle: $25

Spring/Easter Bundle: $35 - white bunny has small broken place on hip. See pic.

Halloween Bundle: $65

Must pick up tonight by 7:30 or tomorrow/Friday evening or Saturday.

113 E. Main Stigler

[08/05/20]   I am at the studio and will be here until 7:30 for those that would like to come and pick up items. Thanks.

One set of folding table and chairs left. $300 - 1, 8 foot long table with 8 chairs. Lifetime commercial brand. Let me know if your interested!!

Ceramics left for sale. Prices are in the pictures.

Update: I will mark Sold in the comment section of the pictures when an item is no longer available.

Some of the items for sale at the studio.

To hold an item you must pay for it. First come first serve.

[08/01/20]   I won’t be at the studio until 3:30. FYI

Window is available again.

Window is 61.5” x 72.75” and priced at $145. Price is firm. One pane has a crack in corner but glass is not displaced. (Ignore the polka dot wall. Definitely not my doing. Lol)

Pick up in Stigler 113 E Main. Need window picked up by Monday.

Update: Both carts have sold. Thank you.

Im being messaged about the rolly carts but I’m not at the studio to measure. I got carts from Wayfair so I will attach pics from their website. Carts are identical to these but without wine glass holder. Asking $45 for each cart. Dimensions in the picture.


I will be selling a lot of items from the studio this weekend. Come by and take a look!!

Saturday: 3-9
Sunday: 1:30-7

Items for sale: 2 rolly carts paint sat on, all seasonal decorations, window display items, sample paintings, ceramics, etc.

Still have two sets of folding tables and chairs. Each set is $300 and has 1, 8 foot table with 8 folding chairs.

Buy my stuff so I don’t have to haul it home. 🙂

This weekend is the last weekend to pick up stuff you have at the studio. Please come by and get it. Thank you.

I will be working on getting everything in the studio that is for sale priced and moved to the front room.
I am selling decorations for various holidays and miscellaneous other things. I will post when you can come by and shop.

SOLD:I have decided to sell my window. It’s just the best thing but I don’t need to haul all this stuff home. Window is 61.5” x 72.75” and priced at $145. One pane has a crack in corner but glass is not displaced. (Ignore the polka dot wall. Definitely not my doing. Lol)

SOLD: Table is for sale. $125. Top is 59.5” wide by 35.5” deep and 31” tall. Very sturdy.

I still have two sets of Lifetime folding tables and chairs. Each set $300 and includes 1, 8 foot long table with 8 chairs.

I’m firm on the prices of these items.

Will place items on the marketplace this weekend.

Pick up in Stigler 113 E Main Street.

Out of fairness I will not hold items. First come first serve.

[07/21/20]   The studio will not be open today due to me needing to stay at work. I apologize for any inconvenience. I will be open Thursday 5:30-9. Thanks!!

12 Gnomes left. There is still time to pre-order. See previous post on this page for all the details.

Update on the “gnomies”. I’ve received 5 orders so there are 15 available to pre-order. See previous post for all the details.

After the studio closes I will be holding events in Stigler for the holidays. We will mainly be painting vintage Christmas trees with lights and other holiday ceramics including Fall/Halloween. I have the opportunity to pre-order the Gnome Lighted Christmas Tree. This will be the ONLY way to reserve one as the company expects to be sold out of these items when they are released.

If you are interested in painting a gnome you need to pre-order AND pre-pay with me within the next 24 hours. I can only order 20 gnomes total. I'm sorry for the short notice but I just received an email about this now.

You can pick up the ceramics to paint at home or come to Stigler (probably the Twin Lakes Inn Meeting Room) when I have it rented which will be several times between October and December.

Gnomes are $45

They are 13.5"H x 8.25"W

Let me know asap. You can purchase through my website under the Studio Products tab.

I will not be ordering extra nor will I order without payment. Thank you for understanding.

[07/11/20]   The studio won’t be opening today until 2. Closes at 6. Must arrive by 4 to paint. Thanks!!

Have 2 sets of folding tables and chairs left.

$300 for 1, 8 foot long table and 8 chairs.

Lifetime brand. Bought brand new in 2019.

Available for pick up the last week in July.

Exciting day! My WoodUBend has arrived from
England. I can’t wait to show you guys what this is all about. 🙂

[07/07/20]   The studio is closed today but open Thursday 5:30-9. I’m also open this Saturday from 1:30-6.


These are bad quality photos. Samples are for sale. $35 for adult designs and $20 for kid. Just like paint classes. If you buy 5 the 6th is free.

There are a few pictures with “The Smith’s” on them. Name can be painted over and customized with your name.

The I Love You Because and So Very Thankful For paintings are chalkboard.

If a painting sells it will be in the comment section.

To hold a picture you must pay for it.

May pick up at 113 E Main in Stigler.

Lifetime folding tables and chairs.

Purchased brand new March 2019.

4, 8ft long rectangle tables

32 chairs

Purchased for $1,751.00

$1,100.00 for everything or will sell separately: 1 table with 8 chairs $300

Must wait until last week in July to pick up.

Pick up at 113 E Main Street. Need someone to help you load.

Going to start listing items in the studio for sale.

The only way to hold an item is to pay for the item. I’m sorry but selling on fb has taught me some lessons.

This is a project piece!! I bought to put new top on the table, chalk paint table and chairs and reupholster the chairs. Didn’t happen. Bones are good. Has great potential.

Table 64.5” long and 40” wide

6 chairs

Slate in table comes out and is very heavy.

$75 for whole set.

Pick up in Stigler at 113 E Main. Need someone to help you load.

New Announcement!

I’m very excited to announce that you can find the entire line of Dixie Belle Paint Products and WoodUBend at MiMi’s Flowers and Gifts in Stigler starting the first week in August (Exact date to be announced).

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have my retail lines at MiMi’s….it’s a wonderful gift shop ran by even better ladies.

Keep watching this page for updates.

[07/01/20]   **ANNOUNCEMENT**

After a great deal of thought I have decided to close the studio effective August 1st. I want to be clear that the studio was not a casualty of the Coronavirus shutdown. A lot of factors have influenced my decision to close and I am at peace with the decision. It's important to me that you all know that I decided to close independent of what is happening related to the Coronavirus.

I want to thank all of you who supported my business by coming to paint, buying home kits, gift certificates, having parties and buying T-Shirts. I appreciate each of you.

I have enjoyed getting to meet so many different people at the studio. I have enjoyed watching you all paint and have fun. I'm so thankful that I have made some dear friends over the last 17 months and know that our relationship will continue outside of the studio.

While I may be closing the studio the future is still very bright! A few new things that I will be doing: I will be a Premier Retailer for the Dixie Belle Paint Company and will have their entire line of products available online as well as in a retail store (location to be announced this week after a few details are ironed out). Additionally, I am a Stockist for WoodUBend and will be selling those products online and in the retail setting as well. I will be doing projects with Dixie Belle and WoodUBend products and will be posting a lot of information about those projects on this page.

I will be offering some paint events during the holidays - Fall/Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. Look for posts about those events on this page.

At this time I will not be doing any mobile paint parties or classes. I will still be offering home kits for parties or individuals. This may change in the future but at this time mobile parties/classes are not an option.

**If you have a gift certificate that you have not redeemed you have until August 1st to do so at the studio. After August 1st you can use your gift certificate to order a home kit. I will not be issuing refunds for gift certificates.**

**If you have purchased an item you have not picked up please do so before August 1st.**

I will be selling a large number of items from the studio this month and will be posting those items soon on facebook.

I'm very thankful for this chapter in my life. I'm excited for a new chapter to start. For those of you who supported me I thank you.

Please come and see me this month! I would love to see you guys before I close.

Please support your local small businesses. It takes a lot of courage to run a small business and small business owners need you in their stores. Don't think about it. Don't talk about it. Walk into their business and support them. Nothing great ever came from a comfort zone.

Have two of these in door hanger size I can do. $38 each. $5 shipping or pick up in Stigler or Wilburton. Will be ready in 7-10 days.

Have one more of these. $38 to first taker. $5 additional for shipping for you can pick up in Stigler or Wilburton. Can personalize license tag as pictured. Will be ready in 7-10 days.

$28 to first taker. (Cheaper because I’m not happy with it ) can pick up in Wilburton or Stigler. Shipping an additional $5. (License tag numbers are being repainted. )

I have three more of these to paint. They will be $38 and ready in 5-7 days.

$38 to the first taker. Can pick up in Stigler or Wilburton. If you need it shipped it will be an additional $5. I have one more I can paint. Will be ready in 7-10 days.

[06/24/20]   The studio is open tomorrow from 5:30-9. You need arrive by 6 to paint.

The studio is closed this Saturday the 27th. I will be out of town. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Hope to see you all tomorrow. 🙂

[06/22/20]   The studio is open tomorrow from 5:30-9. Need to arrive 3 hours prior to closing to ensure you have enough time to finish your masterpiece!

Home kits are available on Thursday. Kid designs are $20. Adult designs are $35. Let me know what you would like!

[06/20/20]   The studio will be open tomorrow from 1:30-6. You must arrive 3 hours prior to closing to ensure you have time to finish your painting/project. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! :)

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