Loudoun Ice Centre, Sterling, VA Video July 22, 2019, 1:20pm

Videos by Loudoun Ice Centre in Sterling. Loudoun Ice Centre is a 80' x 50' ice rink for ice hockey training, ice skating, parties, adult leagues, youth tournaments, broom ball & anything else!

Mite Camp Day 1! Come join the FUN!

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Elite 3v3 hockey at Loudoun Ice Centre Quick hands, quick feet, quick thinking, quick reactions, quick releases, & development of an elevated hockey IQ! Sign up for Hat Trick Hockey this spring and start playing the game better!

Awesome Try Hockey For Free!

Mites moving the puck!

30 skaters and still plenty of room Loudoun Ice Centre!

Travel Champs Mite Madness!

Ice Day! Take the kids Public Ice Skating Loudoun Ice Centre today 9-11am or 2-3:30pm!

PVAHA 8U Girls Jamboree in full force!

Extended public skating hours today! Come have fun! 2p-3:30p, 4p-6p, 6:15p-8p & 8:15p-10:15p

Christmas in Northern Virginia!

The Wally Cup’s 15th year is under way starting with the Mites at Loudoun Ice!

Skating with Santa was a lot of fun!

Book your PRIVATE family and company holiday PARTIES at Loudoun Ice Centre! Loudounice.com

Just a great place to ⛸ ice skate!

Just a great place to ice skate!

Superb utilization of confined space for small games at practice. This drill is getting the Reston Raiders Hockey Club Girls 14U team to find open space away from the puck, pass to teammates, and to get off quick shots on net for scoring chances! #usahockey #admhockey #smallareagames

Travel Champs Mite Madness 8U Tournament!

Girls 8U hockey Loudoun Ice Centre Reston Raiders Hockey Club with Skating coach DJ Walsh!

Elite local hockey at Loudoun Ice. The best players understand the value of the confined space. #usahockey

Reston Raiders Hockey Club big boys practicing on the smaller ice! Size DOES matter. Smaller is better!

Welcome back to Loudoun Ice Centre Reston Raiders Hockey Club! Great 18U skate on small ice. The BEST way to practice!

Welcome from Boston, Coach DJ Walsh (Laura Stamm Power Skating Instructor)! A GREAT instructor of skating and skills!

Getting ready for Cornell

More Power 💥 Skating with Coach DJ! Reston Raiders Hockey Club

Hat Trick Hockey! 3-on-3 controlled scrimmages that teach hockey IQ. Nothing else like it!

Mite Camp scrimmage with some tunes! Great time!

Is it the best Mites camp ever? Most likely! Glow stick relay to jams!

The Tuesday Night Elite 3-on-3 in full swing

Working on V starts and power skating while having FUN!

Mites began the session by starting a game of tag all on their own!

Mite Camp Day 1! Come join the FUN!

Broom ball, then soccer, now back to broom ball

Scrimmage time at camp with goalies getting involved in the offense!

Goalie and player training at the best hours of the day all year round. Come in and tell us your goals. We’ll help you achieve them...we’ve been doing it for 23 years!

Great girls 9U today! #girlshockey #usahockey

Hat Trick Hockey in full swing! Great job today!

Do Different this weekend! Go ICE SKATING! Saturday: Public Skate 2:20-4:20pm and 8:30-10:30 Sunday: Public Skate 2:40-4:10pm

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