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Hey soldierfit fam, how's this for inspiration? You can do it. #we #iam #soldierfitserling #soldierfit
My 2nd day @Soldierfit Sterling Love it 💪🤩
Hey SoldierFit Sterling! One of SF Frederick trainers was burned in a fire and could use our help! If you can help this holiday season it would be greatly appreciated!
Loved that Phil took the class at 7:30 pm tonight. I took it with him and we burned mucho calories. Thanks for being there and taking your first boot camp. 🙂. I got a good workout too, as a bonus.
It’s a great boot camp for those people who wanted to get back in shape and get stronger than ever . Great trainers and everyday different activities to get you going and encourage to get better each day .
Where can I find the weekly schedule with black hat/trainer info?
Hey guys!! We are thinking about making Country Line dancing a monthly event but we need some imput! Who would be interested? And what day and time would work best for y’all? Thank you !
Had a great workout tonight.
Hey SoldierFit Troops! I’ve got 2 spots left for my “Intro to Weightlifting” Spec Ops program! This starts next week and continues for 12 weeks total on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. It’ll be a great way to solidify your weightlifting knowledge so you can get the most out of your workouts in the future! If interested, shoot me a message or contact Brandon!
Look at Lieu out-beasting these young fellas in our Cardo-Core Spec Ops!!!!! That is core strength and balance at its finest! #60minuteAbs
Brutal OCR Spec Ops this morning!! Still feeling it :) Thanks for the workout Justin!!. See everyone on Thursday.

The SOLDIERFIT program encompasses bootcamp classes, personal training, yoga, and a functional fitness gym. All fitness levels are welcomed!

💥Yellow Hat Interest Meeting 2/26💥

Next Wednesday at 6:30pm come on out to The Fort to learn what it takes to become a SOLDIERFIT Black Hat and become a part of the Cadre!

✅No Experience Necessary
✅Positive Attitude
✅Willingness to Help Others
✅Join an awesome team
✅Give Back

If you love SOLDIERFIT, have achieved awesome results, and want to help others to become the strongest version of themselves come on out on 2/26 @ 6:30pm to learn more. ?’s drop a comment below!


SOLDIERFIT “Troops”, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we got you covered!

💥Online Store is now OPEN💥
✅Store closes March 1 at 11:59pm
✅Delivery will be no later than March 13th

Tap the link below to shop and purchase! Shirts can be worn during boot camp class for the month of March and then on Wednesday’s after that!

Order Here:


MyZone Challenge Updates!

Challenge ends tonight at midnight! Last day to earn MEPS by crushing boot camp and gym side!

Current top 5 “Troops”
1️⃣Paulo 2,747 MEPS
2️⃣Taishan 2,087 MEPS
3️⃣Dave P 1,559 MEPS
4️⃣Mike C 1,240 MEPS
5️⃣Irma 1,099 MEPS

Good work to all our “Troops” who are crushing the challenge! Will post the full leaderboard tomorrow and announce the winner and recipient of $25 gift card of choice!


Attention SOLDIERFIT Sterling “Troops”! We heard ya and are completely re-stocked on our “I AM” Tank Tops!

Stop by the CQ to purchase! You can wear these tanks to any class you attend at The Fort!


MyZone Challenge Updates!

Current Leaderboard:
1. Taishan 1,422 MEPS
2. Dave 1,411 MEPS
3. Ryan E 1,026
4. Mike C 1,023 MEPS

Challenge is live though 2/19, keep pushing “Troops”! As a reminder the “Troop” with the most MEPS earns a $25 gift card of choice!


SOLDIERFIT Stetling Fam let’s congratulate our “Troops” for earning their workout shirts!

Congrats to Monica and Emily for earning their 50 Workout Shirt, next up 150!!

Congrats to Stephanie for earning her 150, next up 300!

Thank you ladies for crushing class, and congrats!

@ Soldierfit Sterling



Current Standings for MyZone Challenge:

1️⃣Dave P 1,055 MEPS
2️⃣Taishan 902 MEPS
3️⃣Paulo D 895 MEPS
4️⃣Jarad M 761 MEPS

Good work #crushing your goals “Troops”! Challenge is live though 2/19. Earn as many MEPS as you can by crushing your goals in class and gym side!


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, let’s congratulate our “Troop” and Yellow Hat Sophia for #crushing her BH Ceremony tonight!

Sophia has been a “Troop” with us since June. She loved the classes, our culture and wanted to become one of our Black Hats after a few months of membership

She’s been studying hard to pass her AFAA exam and is now ready to lead our “Troops” as a SOLDIERFIT Black Hat

Good work, congrats and Thank You Sophia!

#WEARE #IAM #SOLDIERFIT @ Soldierfit Sterling

SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam! Our “Troop”
And Yellow Hat Sophia will be having her Black Hat Ceremony tonight at 5:30pm!

Come on out and crush class with Sophia as we add another Black Hat to the Cadre!


4 Days into the MyZone MEP’s Challenge and we have our top four “Troops”!

1. Taishan 452 MEPS
2. Irma 445 MEPS
3. Leron 389 MEPS
4. Michelle 358 MEPS

Good work so far “Troops”! Challenge ends 2/19. “Troop” with most MEPS earns $25 Gift Card of Choice and bragging rights as first challenge winner of 2020


SOLDIERFIT Fam, lets congratulate our “Troop” Kristen for earning that coveted 300 Workout Shirt!

Kristen has been a “Troop” with us for over a year now and consistently crushes the 5:30am class. Good work, congrats and Thank You Kristen!


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam lets congratulate our “Troop” MD for earning that 50 Workout Shirt!

Good work crushing class MD! Always pushing hard and helping to motivate our “Troops”. Next up 150!!


ATTENTION “Troops”! This month you can earn Apple Ear Buds by referring friends to SOLDIERFIT Sterling!

How It Works:
💥Bring in a Recruit for a tour and first boot camp class = 1 Ticket
💥If they LOVE IT and join the fam = 2 Extra Tickets & Recruiter Shirt!
*No Limit on amount of tickets earned*

Help us help your friends get healthy and earn some awesome swag!


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, let’s welcome our new Black Hat Blair to the Cadre!

Blair did a great job passing her Black Hat Ceremony last night at The Fort and is excited to use her skills and knowledge to help our “Troops”

Congrats Blair and welcome to the Cadre! If you see her leading class or on gym side say hey!

#WEARE #IAM #SOLDIERFIT @ Soldierfit Sterling

SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam let’s congratulate our “Troop” Amanda for earning the “Troop” Of The Month Award for January 2020!

Amanda has been a “Troop” for us for over a year now, crushes class consistently (did 5:30am and 6:30pm today!), helps out our Recruits and is active in our community inside and outside of The Fort

Congrats Amanda, enjoy your new MyZone and Thank You!


ATTENTION “Troops”: Lets start the new year with a challenge!

Starting 2/5 though 2/19 earn as many MEP’s as possible by crushing Boot Camp Class and Gym Side

Zones: Only Green, Yellow and Red Zone will count towards your MEP’s for the challenge

We will post updated each day with the top five “Troops”. The “Troop” who earns the most MEP’s by 2/19 will earn a $25 Gift Card of Choice and bragging rights as 2020’s first challenge winner!

If you don’t have MyZone yet and want to join in on the fun, stop by The Fort and talk with Brandon..he can get ya all set!



On Monday 2/3 come on out to support and crush boot camp at 4:30pm as we add a new Black Hat to our growing team!

Blair is excited to become a part of the Training Cadre at SOLDIERFIT Sterling and brings a wide range of skills and knowledge to The Fort!


Soldierfit Sterling's cover photo

2019 SOLDIERFIT Franchise of the Year!!!

Thank you to all our loyal "Troops", our very hard working cadre, Loudoun County community, and Soldierfit HQ!!!


Snap shot of last nights boot camp class lead by our Black Hat Jen M!

Great job crushing class “Troops” and an amazing job by our Cadre training our “Troops”!

Everyone who walks though our door gets better every single time they train with us

How!? With a community of support and expert trainers who make boot camp fun and engaging no matter your fitness level or ability!

All you gotta do is walk though the door, WE GOT your back from there!


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, let’s congratulate our “Troop” Alex for earning his 50 Workout Shirt!

Alex has been a “Troop” with us for some time now and is always positive, helping our new Recruits and pushing our “Troops” in class

Congrats and Thank You Alex! Next up 150!


Y O G A | S U N D A Y S

Good work “Troops” and Cadre, crushing yoga on Sunday with our Black Hat Vivek 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Yoga is a great tool to use to increase your mobility, connection with your core/muscles and reduce the soreness of training


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam let’s congratulate our “Troops” for earning their workout shirts!

Good work Javiar on earning that 50, been a “Troop” for 2 Months and already hit it!

Congrats to Geraldine who earned her 50 and up 300!

#WEARE #IAM #SOLDIERFIT @ Soldierfit Sterling

SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam let’s congratulate our “Troops” for earning their workout shirts!

Good work Javiar on earning that 50, been a “Troop” for 2 Months and already hit it!

Congrats to Geraldine who earned her 50 and up 300!

#WEARE #IAM #SOLDIERFIT @ Soldierfit Sterling

Another one! Let’s congratulate our “Troop” Akshay for earning that 50 Workout Shirt!

As a reminder to our “Troops”; you can create an online account by going to and view your check-ins. When you hit 50/150/300 stop by The Front Desk!

You can also ask the Front Desk to check for you while you are in for class!

Congrats Akshay, next up 150!!


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, let’s congratulate our “Troop” Ali for earning his 50 Workout Shirt!

Ali joined the Family in 2016 when we first opened, trained with us for a little over a year and came back The Fort a month ago :)

Glad to have you back Ali, good work and Congrats!

As a reminder; keep track of your workouts by setting up an online account at OR ask the Front Desk to check for you next time you come in for class :)


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, lets welcome our new “Troop” Wendy to the Fam!

Wendy’s goals are to loose weight, gain muscle and establish a healthy lifestyle so she can have less stress and more energy though the day. Took class with our black hat Kyle last night and was hooked!

Welcome to the family Wendy, thank you and congrats!


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, lets welcome our new Yellow Hat Blair to the Cadre!

Blair is excited to start her journey to becoming a SOLDIERFIT black hat. She played team sports her whole life which helped her stay consistent with exercise and develop awesome relationships with her teammates

Blair is currently certified though NASM as a Certified Trainer, Weight-loss Coach, Nutrition, Fitness Specialist and Performance Enhancement

She loves to educate clients though her training style to ensure her clients know exactly why we are doing an exercise and what muscles should be working

Blair is currently accepting new PT clients as she learns how to lead our boot camps. If you see her at The Fort say hey!


Awesome work this week “Troops”!

WE ARE already 17 Days into the New Year...are you #crushing your goals?

All you gotta do is walk though the door, our Cadre and “Troops” have your back from there!


Brandon Christ

SWIPE LEFT; SOLDIERFIT Fam, lets welcome our two new “Troops” to the Family!

Ashley was a “Troop” a year ago, moved back to the area and missed the SOLDIERFIT program. Came in tonight to re-join the Tribe and crush her fitness goals. Welcome back Ashley!

Thinh was referred by our “Troops” Channing and Chad. Came in at 4:30 to crush class with Colin and was hooked! He wants to loose weight, increase energy and overall fitness

Welcome to the Family “Troops”, thank you and congrats! If you see them on the turf say hey!

#WEARE #IAM #SOLDIERFIT @ Soldierfit Sterling

Awesome meeting/photo shoot with the Cadre last night!

Ensuring WE ARE the best we can be so we can help our “Troops” become the strongest versions of themselves (mentally/physically)

Thank you Cadre for coming out last night, we roll deep, we had fun and Dave got some awesome shots!

WE ARE excited to #crush 2020

SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, lets welcome our new Yellow Hat Kris to the Cadre!

Kris has been a “Troop” with us for a few months now, has B.S. in kinesiology and is excited to become a Black Hat and help others with their fitness journey

Kris is excited to get started and is currently accepting clients for 1 on 1 personal training as he learns how to lead our boot camp classes

If you see him at The Fort or on the Turf say Hey!


Family Boot Camp Class was a success!

Good work to all our “Troops”, Kids Cadets, Cadre and Black Hat Kyle!

Congrats to our “Troop” Blanca who earned her 50 Workout Shirt in class! Good work Blanca, next up 150!


Action shot from Boot Camp Class with Garret

Good work “Troops” and Cadre! 2020 is off to an awesome start!

Let’s keep pushing forward together and #crush the start of the year

WE ARE over a week into the year, are heading towards your goals? If not no worries, our Cadre and expert trainers got your back! All you gotta do is walk though the door


Please help us congratulate Olivia Herbolich AKA "Liv" for being promoted from Soldierfit Sterling Front Desk Manager to Recruitment & Retention Officer! Olivia has been with us for 7 months and has gone over and above in performing her duties at the front desk and wanting to learn other areas of the business! We’re super pumped to have Olivia Herbolich assisting Brandon Christ enroll our new recruits so they can begin their fitness journey at Soldierfit Sterling!!!

ATTENTION SF “Troops” due to the weather we will be closing at 6:30pm tonight

We will be leading the 4:30 and 5:30pm classes and closing at 6:30pm

Normal open for tomorrow 1/8/2020, as always stay tuned on FB and IG for further updates

Drive Safe!

Brandon Christ

SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, let’s welcome our new “Troop” Santos to the Family!

Santos has not been a member of a gym before, enjoys team sports (soccer) and wanted a program designed to guide and coach him though his journey. Took class with Jen M tonight and was hooked!

Great job Santos, thank you and welcome! If you see him on the turf say hey!


Monday is here “Troops”

Let’s start the week off working towards our goals. All you gotta do is walk though the door, we got your back from there!

Tonight’s Line Up
4:30 Jen M
5:30 Kyle
6:30 Vivek
7:30 Kyle


Happy New Year “Troops”!

WE ARE excited to start the new year training our “Troops” at The Fort and welcoming our new “Troops” to the Tribe

With the new year, we are brining some new classes and times to the schedule!

Yoga will now be on Sunday’s starting 1/5 @ 11am with our Black Hat Vivek

New Functional Mobility Program on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm starting on 1/8 and then every Wednesday at the same time

If you have any questions drop a comment!


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, let’s congratulate our two “Troops” Leron and Steven on their accomplishments!

Leron has been a “Troop” with us since our first year of business, constantly crushes the 4:30 boot camp and is always helping our fellow “Troops” and Recruits. Our cadre voted...and Leron earned the “Troop” Of The Month Award for November 2019 and a FREE MyZone Heart Rate Monitor as a thank you!

Steven has been training with us for over a year now and just reached 150 workouts! Great job Steven and up 300!

Good work Leron and Steven, congrats and thank you 🙏🏻


New Year Hours!

12/31 New Years Eve, close @ 1pm
Classes: 5:30am, 9:30am, 12pm

1/1/20 New Years Day Open @ 8am
Normal Class Schedule after 8am

Enjoy the time with your family and friends “Troops”. Have fun, eat good food and have a few drinks. Be safe, come back to The Fort in 2020 and Crush It!


💥”Troops” Earn 6 Months Free💥

Between Jan 1st and 21st you can earn 6 FREE Months by referring friends to SOLDIERFIT Sterling!

How It Works:
✅5 Friends Join SOLDIERFIT
✅Referring “Troop” earns 6 FREE Months of Membership

Let’s work together to crush the new year, help our friends and earn 6 Months of Membership FREE

To refer your friends, stop by The Fort and chat with our Barracks Commander Brandon @b_christ21 shoot him a message or give a call 571-375-2740


SOLDIERFIT Sterling Fam, lets congratulate our “Troop” Whitney for joining the 300 Workout Club!

Great job crushing gym side and boot camp Whitney, congrats and thank you!


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