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Mvix provides enterprise digital signage solutions for various industries including foodservice, education, healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing.

Founded in 2005, Mvix is a leader in content-rich digital signage solutions that engage audiences, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Our content-rich, cloud-based software, XhibitSignage, won the 2017 DIGI Award for Best Digital Signage Software. It includes multiple content apps/widgets that expand the functionality of digital signage solutions. They allow businesses to easily create, send and schedule dynamic content on digital signs, touchscreen displays, video walls and 4K displays. The apps/widgets include social media, enterprise HTML5, metrics dashboards, emergency & CAP alerts, event listings, digital menus, workplace posters, flight information, wayfinding, courtroom dockets, box office, web feeds, waitlist, YouTube and more. We are revolutionizing the digital signage market by making our software free for Mvix customers - our media players come loaded with the software. There are no subscriptions, no monthly fees, and no contracts. This keeps costs low and makes room in budgets for a content strategy, managed services, network maintenance, etc. - services that are just as important to the success of a digital signage project as the technology itself. If you’re planning a transition to digital signage, or simply wish to know more about us and what we do, give us a call at 703.382.1739 or visit us at

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4 uses of TV screens in cannabis dispensaries

Utilizing your screens in a business is a key factor in increasing revenue. The below article is a great resource for businesses looking to utilize digital signage in their store. One of the most prominent advantages that you and your business can get from a standalone digital menu board is that it will allow you to reach your audience without spending more than what you have allotted.

Improving Communication with Your Customers

It's often said that communication is key to a successful business. The article below is an amazing resource for how to improve communication with your customers. Over the last few months, it’s become very apparent that some businesses are far better at communicating with their customers than others. Some have let their customers know about changes to opening hours, closures, or alternative ways to shop during the pandemic. They’ve communicated changes qu...

3 Elements of the Best Billboard Marketing in 2020 | Donklephant

Billboard ads can be a powerful ally. If you're considering using a billboard, three of the best elements for effective signage is discussed in the article below. When was the last time you drove down the highway and saw a billboard that blew you away? What was the brand, product, or service? What made the billboard

[09/16/20]   To celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth, we've created some free #digitalsignage templates to use for your screens! Click the link below to download!

Top Benefits of Digital Signage During COVID-19 - Market Business News

During this pandemic, #digitalsignage has been a great asset to businesses utilizing the technology. The article below discusses some of the top benefits that can be attained for your business. Digital signage has gained popularity in recent years, with all types of industries learning how to take advantage of this form of advertising

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3 Difficult Questions You Should Ask New Vendors For Your Small Business - Harcourt Health

A small businesses' relationship with their vendors is a key aspect to keeping the ship running smoothly. In the article below, they go over three difficult but important questions you should ask any potential new vendor. If you are running a small business one of the most crucial yet often overlooked aspects that often determines a successful business from a failed one is the small business’s relationship with its vendors- suppliers of the product, technology, information, etc. Going beyond simply the cost and qua...

4 Easy Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Any Office

A good marketing strategy can be a make or break for real estate agencies. The article below contains some great info for real estate marketing strategies any office can use! Along with personal skills and an eye for meeting customers needs a good real estate agent's most important tool is a solid marketing strategy and implemen

Digital Signage and TVs: What's the Difference? | Mvix

When using #digitalsignage, it's important to know what display to use. In our blog below, we discuss some of the most notable differences and include a video to help you decide! Although they may look similar, digital signage and TVs have a world of difference! Check out our new video to learn more!

All you need to know about Video Walls in 2020 | Mvix

#Videowalls can be an impressive addition to your business. If you're considering starting a video wall project, be sure to check out our blog below to get started! Video walls can be simple or complex depending on what you want to use them for. This article describes what a video wall is, the benefits and components

Episode 1 - How to Measure ROI in Digital Signage

Determining the ROI of #digitalsignage can be very confusing. In episode 1 of our podcast, Digital Signage Beats, we discuss different methods to help you measure your ROI. Hello and welcome to our first episode of Digital Signage Beats. In this episode, our host Evan is joined by Mvix's Marketing Manager Lillyan to discuss the best ways to measure ROI in Digital Signage.

89 Proven Digital Signage Statistics for 2020 | Mvix

Statistics are a great way to present the results of data driven analysis. In the blog below, we've compiled some great stats for #digitalsignage! These 89 digital signage statistics have been updated for 2020. They prove its effectiveness in engaging viewers and improving efficiency across industries.

3 Inexpensive Tools You Should Use to Communicate With Patients - Health Source Magazine

During this pandemic, health professionals are using various digital platforms to communicate with their patients. The article below goes over three of the useful and inexpensive ways to improve service delivery. With the internet a constant in everyday life, various industries are leveraging digital communication to improve service delivery. The healthcare industry has not been left …

7 Content Ideas for Improving College Campus Communication

Quick and efficient communication is essential for college campuses. Using #digitalsignage can be key to keeping students and staff up to date. In the blog below, we go over 7 Content Ideas for Improving College Campus Communication. Big school? Close the campus communication gap by installing digital signage at your college! The content possibilities are endless!

All you need to know about Video Walls in 2020 | Mvix

A #videowall can be an important asset to your business. In our blog below, we go over all you need to know about this type of #digitalsignage! Video walls can be simple or complex depending on what you want to use them for. This article describes what a video wall is, the benefits and components

3 Tips for Designing Content for a Video Wall | Mvix

Designing content for video wall #digitalsignage can often be very intimidating. In the blog below, we go over 3 tips to help you create amazing content! To get maximum ROI for video walls, your content needs to appeal and be relevant to your viewers. Here are 3 tips for designing content for a video wall.

40K Pounds Of Avocados To Be Donated To Area Food Banks

Today is National Avacado Day! In some uplifting news, 40K pounds of Avacados are set to be donated to Baltimore area food banks to help struggling families. This Friday is National Avocado Day!

The Top 3 Digital Signage Content Apps for Schools | Mvix

#Digitalsignage has been a powerful communication tool for schools that have adopted the technology. In the blog below, we go over the top 3 apps for schools to use! Choosing the correct digital signage content app is crucial. Read more to learn about the top 3 digital signage content apps for schools.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants | Mvix

#Digitalsignage is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants. In our blog below, we go over some of the benefits restaurants can expect with an infographic. The benefits of digital menu boards are broad. Obvious ones include ease of updating content, and increased visual appeal. What other benefits can you get?

All you Need to Know about Digital Building Directories

With #digitalsignage, Digital Building Directories can be a great investment for a property manager. In the blog below, we go over the benefits, components, and more! Here is all you need to know about digital building directories: the benefits, indoor vs outdoor vs touch directories, design tips, and how to get started.

Everything you need to know about Digital Menu Boards

#Digitalsignage for #menuboards are becoming an important staple in restaurants across the world. In our blog below, we go over everything you need to know about Digital Menu Boards! Everything you need to know about digital menu boards including benefits, how it works, components and considerations for indoor vs outdoor installations.

Digital Signage Pitch | How to Sell Digital Signage to your Boss

Any new ideas can hit snags when being presenting to upper management. If you've decided #digitalsignage would be perfect for your business and are looking how to present your pitch, we have the perfect blog to help you in this process! New technology can be tough to justify. Learn how to effectively make a digital signage pitch and convince management to invest in the technology.

[Infographic] The Main Difference between Metrics and KPIs

#KPI & #Metrics are both integral parts to a successful business. However, using them interchangeably can lead to confusion. In our blog below, we go over how to tell the differences and how to use them ! The terms metrics and KPIs are used interchangeably but they aren’t the same. Using them correctly makes a difference. Here is why.

37 Best Practices for Employee Communication | Mvix

Being able to quickly and effectively communicate with your team is paramount during the COVID-19 pandemic. In our blog below, we have included a guide for the 37 best practices for employee communication. Check out these 37 best practices for employee communication to create a productive, engaged, and well-oiled organization.

Good Samaritan raises more than $84,000 to help 94-year-old street vendor down on his luck

In some uplifting news, a Good Samaritan raised more than $84,000 to help a 94 year old street vendor who was down on his luck. SANTA ANA, Calif. (KTTV) -- A 94-year-old tamale vendor in Santa Ana was brought to tears by a beautiful act of generosity by a total stranger. Jose Villa Ochoa, who goes by the nickname, "Don Joel" said he cried because he felt truly appreciated. At first, the gift was a simple torta (a Mexican san...

Episode 2 - Digital Signage in the New Normal

In the second episode of our #podcast Digital Signage Beats, we discuss how you can optimize your #digitalsignage during the new normal. Be sure to check it out below! Adjusting to the "New Normal" can be both difficult and confusing. In this episode, we discuss how you can optimize your digital signage content during these strange times.

Episode 1 - How to Measure ROI in Digital Signage

In our first episode of the Digital Signage Beats #podcast, we discuss the best ways your business can measure ROI in #digital signage! Hello and welcome to our first episode of Digital Signage Beats. In this episode, our host Evan is joined by Mvix's Marketing Manager Lillyan to discuss the best ways to measure ROI in Digital Signage.

Coronavirus on ‘steady decline’ in Canada, latest modelling data shows

In some more uplifting news, new modelling from the federal government shows that Canada is seeing a steady decline in new coronavirus cases. Canada is seeing a 'steady decline' in new coronavirus cases despite recent outbreaks across the country, according to new modelling from the federal government.

Mass. reports zero new coronavirus deaths for the first time in months - The Boston Globe

In some uplifting news, state officials have reported zero new coronavirus deaths in Massachusetts for the first time in months. Click the below article for more information. For the first time in months, state officials on Tuesday reported no new deaths in Massachusetts due to the deadly coronavirus, an encouraging sign that stands in stark contrast to other states around the country. All four key metrics that the state is monitoring to determine the pace of reopening a...

Furloughed from her job, she's now the 'Lasagna Lady' who cooks free meals for first responders and friends

For some uplifting news, Michelle Brenner from Washington is using her extra time after being furloughed to cook free meals for first responders and friends. Check out her story below! When Michelle Brenner lost her job because of the pandemic, she decided to use her extra time and a family lasagna recipe to create a free food movement in her Washington community.

[06/15/20]   How can you safely reopen and communicate with staff and customers? Here are free videos about #COVID19 to display on your #digitalsignage screens

How Technology Guides Care and Comfort During a Healthcare Crisis

The technology industry is here to support you during this pandemic. Here are a couple of ways the industry has made sure that everyone is cared for and comforted during this troubling time >> In our blog, we take a look at some of the critical ways healthcare communication tools can support care strategies.

What you should expect from Digital Signage Support

Got support? Make sure that you look into the support options when selecting vendors. Does this company offer advanced SLA's? Do the SLA's match your expectations? Here are some vetting tips on support >> In this blog, we discuss how to give the best customer service and what you should expect for great digital signage support.

10 tech trends getting us through the COVID-19 pandemic

Technology is helping us all get through COVID. Check out how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) like digital signage is leading the charge with technology based COVID relief >> The coronavirus demonstrates the importance of – and the challenges associated with – new technologies like digital payments, telehealth and robotics.

Remote team building can be fun too with Trivia nights! Do you know the right answer to the riddle?

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While things are slow at the office, why not prepare for when everyone returns and coordinates face-to-face meetings. Make sure your conference space is ready with meeting room signage. Check out the video below for more information.
8 Content Ideas for Digital Signage
Join us at #InfoCom2019 booth #255 on June 12th-14th! Register here: Stop by our booth for #MvixHappyHour June 12th & 13th at 3:00pm!
Join us at #InfoCom2019 booth #255 on June 12th-14th! Register here: Stop by our booth for #MvixHappyHour June 12th & 13th at 3:00pm!
Mvix | Memorial Day Templates
8 Content Ideas for Digital Signage
8 Content Ideas for Digital Displays
Transit Displays for Commercial Office and Residential Properties
Get Uber/Lyft on Your Digital Displays!
In/Out Board for Digital Signage
How can MSPs profit from Digital Signage?



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