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With hundreds of travel clinics in North America, Passport Health is your one-stop shop to get travel immunizations, travel medicine, yellow fever vaccinations, typhoid vaccinations, travel health advice and passport and visa expediting services before your international journey. Certified Yellow Fever Vaccine Provider, Passport and Visa Expediting Services, Travel Vaccination & Consultation

When Will the 2018-2019 Flu Season End? | Passport Health

This flu season is already the longest in a decade and more cases are popping up. When will it end? After a slow start to the flu season, the virus seems to be making a late push. The 2018-2019 flu season is now heading into the summer thanks to a strong H3N2 strain that's infecting many new…

When Your Vacation Happily Goes to the Dogs

Travelers who miss their furry best friends now have a way to play with the local dogs while helping out with rescue animals. Animal centers and humane societies in popular travel destinations are organizing walks with rescue dogs. ‘It’s a win, win, win, win.’

It's Not Just Measles. What You Should Know About Vaccines For Adults

Along with the measles vaccine, which immunizations do adults need to make sure they have? Many people don't know which shots they need as they get older. And the vaccines can be tougher to keep track of because many adults go to the doctor less frequently than kids do.

Sri Lanka to Offer Visa-Free Travel | Passport Health

Citizens from the United States, Canada and 28 other countries will soon be able to visit Sri Lanka without a visa. After increasing foreign tourists over the last decade, Sri Lanka's government has announced a new program to do even better. They will allow visa-free travel for citizens from 30 countries,…

E. coli outbreak: 196 people in 10 states now sick, linked to ground beef

E. coli in ground beef has now caused almost 200 cases across the US, with dozens of cases reported in Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. The E. coli outbreak linked to ground beef has now sickened 196 people in 10 states, the CDC said Monday. Twenty-eight of them had to be hospitalized.

What’s Behind the Rise in Measles Cases? | Passport Health

The U.S. has already confirmed it's highest number of measles cases since 1994. How did the disease make such a resurgence? After over a decade with few measles cases in the United States, the disease made a resurgence in recent years. Now the U.S. is reporting its most measles cases in 25 years, with many countries…

When to Book That International Flight

There's a perfect time of year to book an international flight to every destination around the world. If you’re planning a trip overseas this year, mark your calendars now.

How Much Do Employee Wellness Programs Cost? | Passport Health

We know that employee wellness programs can both save money and help productivity in the office, but what are the overall costs? Employers are often told that employee wellness programs can save money on healthcare expenses. But, what are the initial costs of a wellness program? Like many things, it depends how much a company…

Disease to cut China pig meat output by at least 10 percent: FAO

Along with hurting the meat output from China, swine fever has started spreading to the animals in nearby countries. An African Swine Fever outbreak is expected to cut China's pig meat output ...

Ghana Increases Use of Drones to Deliver Vaccines | Passport Health

A new drone program in Ghana will allow locals in unreachable areas to get needed medicine, vaccine and other supplies. Shortly after the first use of drones to deliver vaccines, officials in Ghana have started using the devices for even more medical care. Ghana recently launched a drone program to get medical…

Want to See Amsterdam? How About Groningen Instead?

Too many people are heading to Amsterdam and Dutch officials are now suggesting travelers check out other parts of the country. The Dutch government has stopped promoting the Netherlands’ more famous destinations and is encouraging visitors to try relatively overlooked corners of the country.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases to Rise Throughout Europe | Passport Health

Diseases like chikungunya and dengue fever could reach new parts of Europe as temperatures rise across the region. For most European countries, mosquito-borne diseases have never been a problem. Besides travelers bringing the diseases home, Northern Europe has never had a mosquito problem. But, climate change is…

Bubonic Plague Strikes In Mongolia: Why Is It Still A Threat?

What has made the ancient Bubonic plague stick around, still causing at least one death every year? The ancient disease is still around — and killed a couple in Mongolia just this month. Here's a look at the history — and persistence — of the plague.

How to Check the Status of a Passport Application | Passport Health

The wait for a needed passport can be brutal, but worried travelers do have a few options to track the status of their application. While anticipating a foreign vacation, the possible wait for a new passport can be unbearable. If travelers are worried about getting the document on time, they do have a few options to check the…

Ebola outbreak threatens to escalate as violence rises - STAT

Violence in the DRC is only getting worse and officials could soon lose all control of a dangerous Ebola outbreak. Ongoing violence aimed at the Ebola response workers is undermining efforts to stop spread of the deadly virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

New HIV Therapy Exposes, Eliminates the Virus | Passport Health

Another study shows positive results when using CMV disease to find and eliminate HIV within the body. Scientists have tried integrating the CMV disease into an immunotherapy that treats HIV. Early on into the study, their experimental treatment is creating positive results. With help from CMV, the…

Why you're more likely to cry on an airplane

Do you feel like the random movie you watched on an airplane made you cry with ease? Science has an explanation. Why do people seem to cry on airplanes? While peer-reviewed studies on the science behind the “Mile Cry Club” are few and far between, researchers think it’s likely a combination of oxygen deprivation, dehydration, and stress.

US Could be at Risk of Untreatable Lyme Disease | Passport Health

A Lyme disease condition that causes long-term effects still doesn't have treatment and could increase in the US by 2020. As Lyme disease cases increase in the United States, an untreatable form creates a big problem. Post-treatment Lyme disease, which causes many long-term issues, still lacks treatment. Recent studies…

Officials Warn That Midnight Audience for Avengers: Endgame May Have Been Exposed to Measles

A midnight screening of the blockbuster movie may have left a whole theater exposed to measles. More than 700 cases of the measles have been reported in the United States this year, according to federal health officials, with hundreds in quarantine. It’s been characterized as the largest outbreak of the preventable disease since 2000, the year that it was declared eliminated from the country...

Helping Highly Sensitive Persons in the Workplace | Passport Health

A large part of the population is considered a Highly Sensitive Person, yet many companies can take more steps to help these employees. Between 15 and 20 percent of people have high sensitivity, although many businesses don't take extra steps to improve the workplace for this large group. Certain odors, loud noises are certain…

FDA approves the first vaccine for dengue fever, but with major restrictions

The FDA approved a dengue vaccine ,but there are some major caveats for where it's used and who is safe to receive the vaccine. The vaccine protects against a common disease but has generated controversy due to evidence it can increase the risk of severe infection in some people.

HPV Rates Increasing for Some Women Under 40 | Passport Health

A safe and effective vaccine has been available since 2006, but HPV rates are still on the rise for women under 40. A mix of misconceptions and lack of knowledge for the vaccine have led to a rise in HPV rates for women under 40. The vaccine was recently approved for women up to 45, but many women did not receive…

Antibiotics save lives—but misusing them could lead to millions of deaths

Resistant diseases are already becoming a problem in many countries, but the overuse of antibiotics could make it much worse by 2050. Overuse and misuse of antimicrobial medicine could cause devastating infectious disease outbreaks in the coming decades, according to a concerning new report from an infectious disease unit within the United Nations.

How Helpful is a Travel Agent in the Modern Day? | Passport Health

It's hard to beat the ease of booking a foreign trip from your couch, but how much more helpful is a travel agent in 2019? In searches and advertisements, it's hard to miss the many travel booking sites that are available online. With so many options to choose from on the internet, it's quite easy to book an entire…

Measles Shots Aren't Just For Kids: Many Adults Could Use A Booster Too

After receiving a less effective measles vaccine 50 years ago. some older adults may need a booster shot to protect against the current outbreaks. With U.S. measles cases at record highs, doctors say adults who got vaccinated prior to 1968 should consider getting revaccinated to make sure they and their neighbors are protected.

Scientists Create a Vaccine for Nipah Virus | Passport Health

The Nipah virus may have a dangerously-high mortality rate, but a new vaccine creates hope of stopping the infection. After 20 years of a high mortality rate, scientists have made strides in a vaccine for the Nipah virus. The immunization resembles the current Rabies vaccine and could protect against both infections…

Why Health Workers In The Ebola Hot Zone Are Threatening To Strike

Health workers in the DRC have feared for their safety during the entire Ebola outbreak and now they're threatening a strike if things don't improve. Threats and attacks have become a way of life — even for staff at regular hospitals. For the simple act of referring patients to Ebola treatment centers, they have become targets.

Dr. John Snow and the Origin of Epidemiology | Passport Health

You've probably heard his name a lot recently, but did you know the real John Snow was the first to find the cause of cholera? Today we might take epidemiology for granted. The study and research of diseases has helped us eradicate or fight against some of the world's deadliest diseases. But, the study needed to start…

Around-the-World Expedition Finds 200,000 Species of Viruses in the Oceans

After a boat expedition in 2013, scientists stumbled on over 195,000 new species of viruses. After traveling around the world, sampling the ocean from pole to pole, scientists have uncovered nearly 200,000 populations of marine viruses.

Brazil To Offer Visa-Free Entry to Travelers | Passport Health

After they started a successful e-Visa program last year, Brazil will soon offer visa-free travel for American and Canadian citizens. After starting a new e-Visa program in 2018, the Brazilian government has some visa changes for 2019 also. The country will now offer visa-free travel to tourists from the United States, Canada,…

How to Take Better Travel Photos, Without a New Camera

Even with an older phone or camera, you can still take memorable photos while traveling. These tips can help you take better vacation images, and maybe save you from spending big on a new camera.

When Will the 2018-2019 Flu Season End? | Passport Health

Thanks to a strong strain of the virus, the 2018-2019 flu season is lasting longer than expected. When can we expect this flu season to end? After a slow start to the flu season, the virus seems to be making a late push. The 2018-2019 flu season is now heading into the summer thanks to a strong H3N2 strain that's infecting many new…

World's First Malaria Vaccine Launches In Sub-Saharan Africa

Designed to keep children safe from the virus, officials will begin using the first malaria vaccine in sub-Saharan Africa. It took more than 30 years to develop. The hope is it will eventually save tens of thousands of lives each year. But there are a few issues.

Cyclone Causes Cholera Spike in Mozambique | Passport Health

The devastating Cyclone Idai has already started causing health issues in Africa, with a serious spike in cholera cases across Mozambique. While the destruction from Cyclone Idai has already cost many lives and millions in damage, many of the disease risks are just beginning. The disaster has led to a spike in cholera cases across many…

A Flight Attendant Is Reportedly In a 'Deep Coma' After Contracting Measles

After contracting measles from a passenger, a flight attendant in Israel has been in a deep coma for 2 weeks. She has inflammation of the brain

The Most Common Office Illnesses and Ailments | Passport Health

From the flu to allergies or a mind-numbing headache, these are the most common ailments that office workers have to deal with. Spending 40 hours a week can develop and spread some debilitating and common ailments. Whether it's a viral illness like the flu or a recurring backache, office workers can struggle to shake some of…

Ground beef is behind the latest E. coli outbreak

An E-coli outbreak that started in Kentucky appears to have spread through tainted ground beef. We’ve all just barely forgotten about the great American lettuce contamination of 2018, in which we were forced to forgo romaine over Thanksgiving.

Can Men Get HPV Without Sexual Intercourse? | Passport Health

Similar to women, can men also contract HPV without any sexual intercourse? We already know that women can get HPV without sexual intercourse, but does the same apply for men? While men are not in danger of cervical cancer like women, there are still many risks in…

A pivotal test of an experimental malaria vaccine set to begin - STAT

If san upcoming test proves successful, scientists may finally have a viable malaria vaccine that can save millions of lives. Global health leaders believe an experimental vaccine could eventually lead to big reductions in the number of cases and deaths worldwide.

Who Created the Typhoid Vaccine? | Passport Health

How can two men both have a claim to be the creator of the typhoid vaccine? A vaccine for typhoid helped us fight one of the most dangerous and contagious diseases in the world. But, who created the vaccine? Two scientists from over a century ago helped provide a…

Babies with 'bubble boy disease' cured using HIV in gene therapy

Gene therapy that used HIV helped cure 10 babies of their "bubble boy disease". The rare genetic disease called severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome, or SCID, often kills children, mostly boys, in the first year or two of life.

Sierra Leone Announces New E-Visa Program | Passport Health

Looking to attract more tourists to see their lush forests and chimpanzee populations, Sierra Leone is creating a new e-Visa program. Similar to visa changes in Japan and Brazil, Sierra Leone will soon begin their own e-visa program. Officials said they hope to improve tourism and bring in new travelers with conservation efforts.…

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Hotels and Resorts Ramp Up Sustainability Efforts

Many hotels are looking to combat the effects of tourism on the environment and improving sustainability efforts. For an increasing number of properties, Earth Day is every day.

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