Robert Weed Sterling VA Bankruptcy Lawyer

Robert Weed Sterling VA Bankruptcy Lawyer

You'll like our friendly service with a smile. Offices in Annandale, Stafford, Woodbridge and Sterling. Since 1993, the Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed has helped fifteen thousand people get a fresh start in bankruptcy in Northern Virginia.

Robert Weed is a frequent panelist and speaker at the meetings of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. He led one of the panels on the new law at the 2006 annual meeting. He is one of Northern Virginia’s most experienced personal bankruptcy lawyers. As an expert on changing consumer bankruptcy laws, Robert Weed has been interviewed on local and national TV and quoted in newspapers across the country. He was named bankruptcy lawyer of the month by the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys for April, 2006. NACBA previously presented him with its Distinguished Service Award in May, 2003. Mr. Weed is also member of the American Bankruptcy Institute. Robert Weed is also a leader in after-bankruptcy credit report law. He will work with you to make sure your credit report is right, so you can get back to good credit.

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Getting a Car Loan Right After Filing Bankruptcy |

You really don't want to do this, but sometimes you need to get a car loan right after filing bankruptcy. You don't want to get a car loan right after bankruptcy, but sometimes there's no choice. If you've exhausted all alternatives, here's two suggestions.

Your Home County Can Determine Your Eligiblity

Your home county can determine your bankruptcy eligibility. Your home county can determine your eligibility to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.If you are a high income household--a single person making more than $61,000 or a

Virginia Homestead Exemption too low to protect this Widow. |

I told a widow this week that she will lose her house, because of COVID and her business debts. If she tries to file Chapter 7, the bankruptcy trustee will sell her house. Virginia law protects real estate of a married couple--but she's a widow.

Why You Should (Sometimes) Ask for Arbitration |

When you need more time, before you file bankruptcy, sometimes you can ask for arbitration. You "agreed" to credit card arbitration in the fine print. Sometimes you can use arbitration before bankruptcy to your benefit.

$45,000 garnishment from a $3,500 29% interest loan |

How fast does 29% interest add up. A $3500 loan grows to a $45,000 garnishment. How fast does 29% interest add up? A $3500 loan grew to a $45,000 garnishment. If you are getting a judgment, the time to file bankruptcy is now.

In Chapter 13, Don't Bounce Your Checks! |

In Chapter 13, Don't Bounce Your Trustee Payments It's better to be late with your payment than to write a bad check.

Even before Bankruptcy, tell debtor collectors, "Call my lawyer!" |

To stop those debt collector phone calls, tell them "call my lawyer!" Stopping debt collector phone calls is one of the big reasons people file bankruptcy. We can stop most of the calls even before your bankruptcy is filed.

In today's Washington Post, Robert Samuelson says we are now in a depression. It's a depression he says, because we don't know what to do.

November Elections Might Help Bankruptcy Law and Your Student Loans |

The Democratic Platform for 2020 promises bankruptcy help for people with impossible student loans. The Democratic Party platform promises to change bankruptcy law and student loans. How can you handle your debts until that promise becomes law.

IRS Means Never Having to Say.... |

Did the IRS accept my bankruptcy? I get that question a lot. The IRS does NOT have to tell the bankruptcy court, or you, if they are objecting. Waht happens to the IRS in bankruptcy? Did they accept my discharge? The IRS does not have to say. Here's a way to find out what they are thinking.

Get Your Money Out of Wells Fargo |

If you are filing bankruptcy, get your money out of Wells Fargo. People filing bankruptcy get kicked when they are down, if they bank at Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo sees your bankruptcy freezes your money in the bank.

What to Expect At Your Telephonic Bankruptcy Hearing

Your telephonic bankruptcy hearing. Imagine you are in a dark room... You can imagine that you are in a dark room with 20 strangers and twelve lawyers. That's how it feels when you dial in to your Alexandria Bankruptcy Court telephonic hearing.

Can't Make Your Chapter 13 payments? |

The big bailout includes some help for people in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you miss some Chapter 13 payment because of the virus, we can ask the bankruptcy judge to add them on the end.

We Recommend for the Required Bankruptcy Class |

For the required bankruptcy classes, we recommend We like Moneysharp because the $10 price is reasonable, and because many people think their bankruptcy class is actually helpful.

Analysis | This chart is the best explanation of middle-class finances you will ever see

Lead author Oren Cass distills it as follows: “In 1985, the typical male worker could cover a family of four’s major expenditures (housing, health care, transportation, education) on 30 weeks of salary,” he wrote on Twitter last week. “By 2018 it took 53 weeks. Which is a problem, there being 52 weeks in a year.”

Professor Elizabeth Warren, who taught bankruptcy law at Harvard, explained this in her 2004 book, The Two Income Trap.

This 2019 study, from the conservative Manhattan Institute, shows it has only gotten worse. Can't understand why people feel financially stressed in a booming economy? Check this chart out.

Before bankruptcy, Fred told me he could "barely afford food." Meanwhile, Citibank made $19.4 billion.

People sleep better after filing bankruptcy. We used Survey Monkey to survey 103 people who filed bankruptcy with us 4 years ago. 94% said they were able to sleep better after filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Solves Rod's Security Clearance Problem |

Have you heard bankruptcy is bad for your security clearance? Read about Rod. Rod was cleared for the new job three days (!!!) after he filed bankruptcy. He was on the job in two weeks. Bankruptcy saved his security clearance.

Right After Bankruptcy, Carla Signed on a Car Loan |

If you absolutely have to finance a car right after bankruptcy, shop for the car loan, before you shop for the car. Get at least two years after your bankruptcy before you finance a car. If for some reason you can't wait, shop for the loan before you shop for the car.

New IRS tax calculator may help in Chapter 13 | In Chapter 13, as far as possible, you want to break even when you file your taxes. Why? You have to send your refund to the bankruptcy trustee!

First in cases filed. Last in cases dismissed

First in cases filed. Last in cases dismissed. Best success rate.

What to expect at your Bankruptcy hearing

What to expect at your bankruptcy hearing. How to find location. Where to park. What to bring. Questions. Alexandria VA.

Bankruptcy Towing and Storage Scam |

Just today, Don sent me a letter that may be a new bankruptcy scam. Don owes way more on his car than it's worth, so he's planning to give it up. But he got offered $1000 for it. How can that be? A towing and storage scam can transform your upside down financed car into a valuable paid for car! And you could get your bankruptcy denied.

The Education of Elizabeth Warren

Sen Elizabeth Warren is perhaps the leading academic expert on bankruptcy in the country. Here's an article in the New York Times about what she learned when she set out to study bankruptcy. The former law professor’s path to presidential contender began in Texas bankruptcy courts, where she witnessed desperate families, similar to her own.

New Law Helps Disabled Veterans in Chapter 13 Plans | Now the bankruptcy court is not allowed to consider the disability pay, in calculating what these veterans can "afford" to pay their creditors.

That Offer to Make You Debt-Free? It Can Make You Worse Off

I've wondered how the debt settlement outfits know who to target with their misleading advertising. Today's Wall Street Journal lays it out.

It's illegal for credit bureaus to sell your prive information--except to companies you already have accounts with, companies you are applying to, or companies making a "firm offer of credit."

Turns out these scammers mail out loan offers, but then turn you down when you call: and tell you instead how they have a great program of debt settlement.

Of course the debt settlement program rarely work, because the big credit cards end up suing you, while you are settling with the little ones.

A spokesman for the debt settlement trade association, say for most people who sign up for debt settlement, “The only real alternative many of these consumers have to debt-settlement is bankruptcy.”

For most people, bankruptcy works. Debt-settlement firms powered by the credit-reporting industry seek out struggling consumers to sell them plans that can leave them with high fees, damaged credit and a tax bill.

"Just Don't Pay" as an Alternative to Bankruptcy | "Call my lawyer"

Sometimes the best solution to a financial problem is Just Don't Pay and "call my lawyer." Some people need an alternative to bankruptcy. For Henry and Beth, the alternative was a two part plan: just don't pay, and "call my lawyer."

Scott A. Surovell

These internet pay day loans hide behind Indian tribes to dodge Virginia law.

In case you need another reason to give us a majority - I have been fighting the predatory lending industry for eight years. Predatory lenders now work with Native American Tribes to use tribal sovereignty and the internet to lock people in to 400%+ interest loans. After passing the Senate in 2018, the industry hired lobbyists and killed it in both chambers last year. Virginia Poverty Law Center Jay Speer

Here's a 30 minute video that explains the papers you sign to file your case with the bankruptcy court.

Just in. Results from my survey on recent bankruptcy clients--and their credit scores.

After bankruptcy, be sure to get a couple credit cards.

I'm doing a survey of people who filed bankruptcy with me a few years ago. About half of them are telling me their score is 670 or higher, which is what Experian calls "good."

That's a lot better than most people expect--many people have heard that you go for seven years with bad credit--but it's less than what it should be.

The problem may be that about two out of five people did NOT go out right away and get a couple new credit cards.

After bankruptcy, it's important to build a new credit history. Your old, bad credit is frozen, although not wiped away. But you need to build good credit on top of it.

People get several credit card offers in the mail. And you can search on the internet for "credit cards for bad credit."

Charge something like gasoline every month, and pay it off every month. If you can do that, in three years your score should be well above 700.

Some people never want to see a credit card again. That's understandable, but it's not good strategy. If you want to be able to get a car loan at a good interest rate in a few years. you've gotta build a new credit history.

Get a couple cards. Charge something every month. Pay them off every month. Get back to good credit. Make the most of your new start.

Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed on Google Last week I saw a young nurse who wasted two years and $9485 with National Debt Relief (NDR). Renee, not her real name, makes $25 an hour, had $22,000 in credit cards, plus collections. She's half way through a five years plan to "resolve" debts through NDR. Renee realized she could not keep it up.....

Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed Review by Jim in Fredericksburg, VA

Read our new customer review: Very nice and understanding personnel. They work with all situations ... Would and do recommend Robert Weed to anyone. They do an excellent job. And are up front with ... Jim's review of Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed. Would and do recommend Robert Weed to anyone. They do an excellent job. And are up front with any and all...

Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed Review by Thuc in Falls Church, VA

Read our new customer review: Admiration for your professional conscience ... Rarely have opportunity to have contact with Attorney. Admiration and respect for your highly... Thuc's review of Bankruptcy Law Office of Robert Weed. Rarely have opportunity to have contact with Attorney. Admiration and respect for your highly professional...

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