MOLDetect is an easy and reliable DIY mold test kit used to confirm or rule out mold including black and toxic mold. Equipment, full lab analysis and support included!

Indoor mold growth may be hazardous to your health! MANY INDIVIDUALS ARE ALLERGIC TO MOLD. When mold spores are inhaled, it triggers symptoms such as sinus congestion or asthma. However, it is now recognized that even people without mold allergies can experience adverse health effects from fungal exposures -- if the spores produce mycotoxins -- substances that are toxic to one or more organs of the body. MOLDetect is an EASY and RELIABLE mold test kit that helps determine if abnormal types and/or quantities of mold spores are present in homes, schools and/ or businesses that could cause indoor air quality problems or health issues!

An EASY and RELIABLE mold test kit to determine if abnormal types and/or quantities of mold spores are present that could cause indoor air quality problems or health issues!

Mission: To confirm or rule out indoor mold growth & identify the types present (including Stachybotrys, sometimes called 'toxic mold' or 'black mold')

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[09/27/18]   Check out our new website!

[09/04/18]   MOLDetect Now Offers AIHA-LAP, LLC Accredited Analysis!




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Finding and then cleaning up indoor mold growth can result in dramatic health improvements. This can lead to:

--Higher Quality of Life!
--Increased Productivity!
--Lower Medical Costs!
--Higher Property Values!
--Less Potential Liabilities or Litigation!

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a term used when acute health symptoms are experienced during the occupancy of a building or home. Relief from these symptoms occurs after leaving the site.

Complaints may include headache; eye, nose or throat irritation; frequent cough, fatigue; concentration difficulties; increased allergy symptoms; exacerbation of asthma; dermatitis; frequent infections and/or stomach ailments.

To purchase an easy-to-use, reliable DIY mold test kit, please go to or call 866 225 MOLD.

Exterior Maintenance Neglect.....

Led to warping of indoor building materials and indoor mold growth.

Led to warping of indoor building materials and indoor mold growth.

Flooding can lead to abnormal mold growth. Abnormal mold growth can lead to abnormal health symptoms. Find out if you have a mold contamination with MOLDetect. Find out more at

[08/26/17]   The most common causes for flooded basement or crawl spaces are: 1) inadequate or non-functional guttering (blocked with vegetation or disconnected) or 2) improper soil grading around the foundation--the soil should slope away from it.

This Is What Eating Moldy Fruit Does To Your Body

Don't freak out!!! Don't freak out.

Mold Found in Baby Teething Toy

Mold reportedly found in baby teething toys. Is it Stachybotrys aka "toxic black mold" or something else? Find out at Mold Found in Baby Teething Toy

Black Mold & Toxic Mold Testing

Stachybotrys aka "Toxic Black Mold" can seriously effect your health.

Healthy Homes Are Worth it!

Making sure your home is free of toxic black mold is essential to a healthy life! Having an healthy home goes a long with towards being a healthy human. EXPOSURE TO INDOOR MOLD GROWTH can result in adverse health symptoms

How To Sample

Testing the furnace filter in your home or office for mold can help determine if your HVAC system is contaminated with #ToxicMold How to sample for mold. MOLDetect's easy and reliable do it yourself test kit can detect black mold, toxic mold, visible mold and hidden mold growth.

[03/03/14]   A bit of home maintenance can drastically reduce the likelihood of indoor mold growth:

Is a mold problem in your home making you sick?

We got our first article posted on Angies List! #ALExperts Indoor air quality and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) are terms many people do not think about often, or they may not be familiar with these terms at all. However, contaminants in the air you breathe an

Is Testing for Mold Necessary? - MOLDetect

Is testing for mold necessary prior to mold remediation? Is Testing for mold necessary? Testing can evaluate indoor air quality, find hidden mold, determine if toxic mold is present, set the scope of remediation.

Sick Building Syndrome: - MOLDetect

Is your home or business making you sick? Sick Building Syndrome is feeling sick when inside a location, but then the feeling better when leaving. This illness may be related to toxic mold.

Photos from mold inspections done recently in the Kansas City Area. After mold contamination was removed from these homes the residents all reported feeling healthier and that many of their health symptoms were gone!


MOLDetect now has a new website! Let us know what you think. Mold in buildings may cause or worsen symptoms of allergies… Many molds can produce potent mycotoxins… Identified as toxic agents.

Toxic Black Mold 'Stachybotrys' on the back of Sheetrock. Confirmed using MOLDetect

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MOLDetect Test Kit was created due to a recognized need for an easy-to use, all inclusive, standardized method to sample and identify mold contaminants in indoor environments. The kit has been used very successfully in performing thousands of on-site mold evaluations by both individual consumers and professional samplers.

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