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Servicing the outdoor power equipment community for over 30 years. We service and sell equipment such as lawn mowers, tractors, chain saws, trimmers, blowers, and much more.

Visit us at Lawn and Leisure Power sells, services, and repairs lawn mowers, tractors, zero turns, chain saws, blowers, and other power equipment in Sterling, VA. We carry Ariens, Billy Goat, Echo, Honda Power Equipment, Mighty Mac, SCAG, Snapper, Stihl, Toro, and more. Visit us at

Operating as usual

Cabin fever?
Now is the perfect time to get out and tackle some of your lawn and garden projects. We have the tools you need, can tune-up ones that may have been sitting in storage, and can provide expert advice. Our showroom is more than 3,000 square feet, so social distancing is easy!

We are a small business and thank you for your support. We look forward to helping you.

NOTE: Lawn and garden equipment retailers are considered essential businesses because the grass will keep growing and long grass leads to tick and rodent issues.

WE ARE OPEN -- and will continue to be so, unless we post otherwise

3/23 Governor Northam put in place the most restrictive measures yet in an attempt to battle the spread of Covid-19. Lawn and garden equipment suppliers are considered essential businesses -- your grass is going to grow, no matter what, and long grass poses additional health and sanitation risks.

Please consider the health and life of other patrons, employees, and our families. Do not come in if you or a direct contact has any symptoms and maintain 6 FEET DISTANCE between all individuals. (Our showroom is more than 3,000 sq ft so this should be easy.)

REMEMBER: You are contagious before you show symptoms and you can get it/spread it just by BREATHING.

"I hope this virus situation gets resolved before tick season starts, or we will be dealing with Corona with Lyme."

Neither health issue is funny, of course. And all joking aside: keeping your GRASS SHORT is one of the best ways to reduce tick issues. If you do not have a mower or your mower has not been serviced, please consider doing it NOW, in case we end up having to close.

p.s. But please do not come in if you have ANY symptoms or have been exposed to someone with symptoms. And maintain 3-6' distance between people. Thank you for considering the well-being of our customers, employees, and families.

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3/20 We are OPEN today.
We understand the need for social distancing, but also that the grass will soon be growing. We ask that customers maintain the suggested 3-6 foot minimum distance from others and DO NOT come in if you are experiencing ANY symptoms. Thank you.

The polar vortex has fractured, and the eastern U.S. faces a punishing stretch of winter weather

Think we are almost out of the woods? Probably NOT!
We still have snow blowers if you need one.
And can service yours if it wouldn’t start. Forecasts call for a very cold and stormy pattern peaking in February.

Up To 9" Snow Possible In DC, And More May Be On The Way

This weekend's weather is still very much up in the air. 😉
But it is a good time to double check that you are prepared for winter weather -- is your snow blower working? Do you have a generator? Weather models are predicting snow between a dusting and up to nine inches this weekend, and signs indicate that more snow could be coming.

To Do List: Make sure snow blower is ready for winter!

Seriously. Check it TODAY. It is a nice day, so use this time to get yourself ready for winter in case that bad boy needs to be tuned up. (Especially if you didn't winterize it last year.) Don't wait until the snow is in the forecast -- that is too late.

Double The Average Snow Predicted For DC Area: Forecast

Is your snow blower tuned up? Don't wait until the last minute when turn-around times will be longer.

(And make sure you winterize your fall machine before putting them away so they will still work next spring.) Local meteorologists say that we can expect a lot more of the white stuff than usual this winter.

The weather should be wonderful on Sunday... so come in for SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY to get the tools you need for your final fall yard cleanup, or to prepare for what they are predicting to be a snowy winter.

Want to join our crew?
Or know somebody who might?

We are looking for an Assistant Manager!
(Sorry, you must be old enough to work.)

TIP TIME: Chain Saws

Even though the path has changed, this hurricane is likely to bring a lot of downed trees and limbs because the ground is already saturated and limbs are heavy. If you need a chainsaw and safety equipment to clean up your property, we currently have plenty of Stihl chainsaws and protective gear in stock. (You might not want to wait until the roads are blocked and our supply is decreased.)

If you plan to cut up downed trees or limbs after this storm, make sure you keep safety in mind!

FELLING TREES -- Tree care work in general is hazardous, but tree removal is especially dangerous. Please leave actual tree felling to professionals.

IMPROPER/INSUFFICIENT EQUIPMENT -- OSHA requires tree removal professionals to wear protective gear from head to toe, including hard hats, eye and ear protection, puncture resistant gloves, nonslip steel toe footwear, and chaps. Tree care professionals are also trained in using their equipment. As a homeowner/neighbor, please make sure you use all safety equipment and know what you are doing.

POWER LINES -- Working near power lines is dangerous and you should always assume that the wires are live. And even the ground SURROUNDING the line, for many feet, can also be “live” and pose a risk of electrocution. Plus, you may not even notice a downed line if it is buried in tree debris. If you, your tools, or the tree hits a power line, you may knock out the power in your neighborhood – if you are lucky. Most likely, you will be electrocuted and probably killed.

GRAVITY -- Even after the storm has passed, trees and limbs can be weakened and fall at a later time. If you are removing branches from a limb or tree, keep in mind that fallen branches can be under considerable pressure, causing the branches to react in unpredictable ways when cut. As you remove parts, the tree can shift and pinch your tools or roll/fall onto you. Slippery footing and unexpected shifts in the fallen branch can cause the operator to lose balance or fall.


With a hurricane in the forecast, keep in mind that the ground is already saturated and more rain will stress tree roots even more and make limbs heavier. Falling trees and limbs are a primary concern of this storm, and will lead to large, and possibly prolonged, power outages.

Be prepared to shelter in place without power for an extended time. Have food, water, battery-powered light sources, and gas for your generator. If you do run a generator, do so safely. The biggest risks are from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from the fumes, electric shock, and fires. Here are some safety tips:
-Never use a generator indoors (including garages and partially enclosed spaces with poor ventilation).
-Be sure the generator is far enough away from open windows and doors (for the cords to enter the house) so that the CO is not blowing into the house.
-Use CO detectors in your house, especially in sleeping areas.
-To avoid electrocution, keep the generator dry. Operate on a dry surface under an open canopy-like structure. Do not touch generator with wet hands.
-Be sure the generator is off and let it cool down before refueling. Gas spilled on the hot generator could ignite.
-Store fuel outside in approved safety containers away from fuel-burning appliances/open flame.
-Plug appliances directly into the generator or use a heavy-duty, outdoor extension cord that is rated at least as high as the sum of all your attached appliances.
-Never try to power your house by plugging the generator into an outlet.

Should you come across any downed lines…
-Assume they are live power lines
-Do not touch lines, anything in contact with lines, or the area around them
-Do not try to drive through them
-If they are touching your car, do not try to exit the car – the outside of your car and the ground around it could be electrified
-If you must leave the car (due to fire, etc): remove loose clothing, never touch the outside of the car, jump clear from the car and land with both feet together (you want one point touching the ground at all times), then shuffle away with feet very close together.
-If you ever see a random fire in the grass, look around and see if it could be from a downed wire. Do not approach it. Call 911.

Honda EU1000i Model Info | Super Quiet 1000 Watt Inverter Generator | Honda Generators

HURRICANE UPDATE: We do still have 2 small generators available (see type, below), if you still need to prepare for the coming hurricane. And please, make sure you run your generators correctly so you are not exposed to carbon monoxide.

LIMBS DOWN? ---> We have chainsaws and all the protective gear you need to take care of it.

NO POWER? ---> We have generators, too.

NOTE: Stay safe. Please wait until the winds have dissipated before you go outside.

Serious high-wind event possible in the D.C. area Friday, which could cause power outages and damage

Is your generator working? Do you have fresh gas? This could be the strongest wind storm in the region in at least three years.

About to get covered? We've got you covered.

We've got snow blowers, generators, and ergonomic shovels.

Lawn Power Pros's cover photo

Get ready for the snow season and fire up your snow blowers now. Although we are only expecting 1-3 inches of snow on Saturday, you'll want to make sure your snow blower is ready for the season. Make sure you put fresh fuel (with fuel treatment). If you have gas that is older than 30 days please don't use it unless you like to live dangerously. Manufacturers do not recommend using fuel that is older than 30 days.

Some elves came in over the weekend to decorate the store and left this reminder that Lawn Power Pros doesn't just sell large machines like snow blowers and generators. There are many small items that would be perfect stocking stuffers.

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday. We will be open and we would love for you to stop by.*

We have leaf blowers/mulchers, generators, and more than 35 models of snow blowers!

Or we can tune up any of your small engine equipment so it is ready for the upcoming season.

Did you winterize your mower? We can do that for you so it will still run when the springtime grass starts to grow. (Leaving gasoline in it can corrode the engine.)

*Lawn Power Pros was formerly known as Lawn and Leisure Power

We only have a few generators left. Come by today and claim one for your home.

DID YOU KNOW?... Without power, the food in your fridge might need to be thrown out after just 4 hours (or less, especially if you open the doors at all).

--> With a generator, you can keep your food safe, still use your microwave, and watch TV.

In wake of hurricane Harvey in Houston and in advance of hurricane Irma, which might slam the East coast.... Are you ready? NOW is the time to get ready. Don't wait. We have 3 Honda portable generators left (ranging from 1000 - 4000 watts). Plus, they will be good for all future power outages. :) Buy yourself some peace of mind.

7:45a Wed. Irma continues to be a beast (185 mph winds) and is raking the northern Lesser Antilles. The latest group of simulations from Euro (red) and American (blue) have shifted east a bit - averaging near Florida's east coast for a landfall this weekend. However, lots of possibilities including tracking near its west coast or just offshore the east coast. Everyone in Florida should be in preparation mode. Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic need to watch for early to middle of next week.

Our latest update on the storm:

Want to power up your lawn game? Zero-turns are fun and easy to use! You might even have to fight off your children/spouse to get your turn. :)

Lawn Power Pros's cover photo

Lawn Power Pros's cover photo

Thank you for the donuts Mrs. Bond. It's so thoughtful of you to think about us and our staff extremely appreciates your kindness. We thoroughly enjoyed the donuts. What a treat! Thank you.

Monday 2pm: We have snow blowers by Ariens, Honda, and Toro in stock. Hurry in.

The flowers are blooming early. You know what that means... the GRASS will need CUTTING. Very soon. :0

Bring your machine in now to get it ready for the season. We are already busy, and, if you wait, the turn around time will be even longer.

This is especially important if you left fuel in the machine over the winter, as ethanol in most regular gas corrodes the engine and parts.

No time to bring it in?
Rather spend your time sitting on the deck with a mojito?

Give us a call to schedule a pick-up.

Lawn Power Pros's cover photo

The girls came by and infused some Christmas spirit. We are enjoying our trees. Thank you, girls.

Gas with ethanol can make small engines fail

Hopefully, you have finished your fall yard work and are starting to think about winter.

Make sure your fall machines (mower, leaf blower, mulcher) are properly winterized. Most gasoline has ethanol in it now, which is very hard on small engines. For this reason, you do not want to put your machines away with gasoline still in it. Let us service and winterize your machines to prevent more costly repairs in the spring. Servicing includes changing the oil, spark plug, and air filter, sharpening and balancing the blades, lubrication of components, inspecting mower for potential issues, emptying the gas tank, and a quick wash of the unit.

If you already own a snow blower, now is the time to make sure it starts and get it ready. This is especially important if you didn’t have it winterized last year!

If you are considering buying a snow blower, come in now for the best and largest selection (38 models of Ariens, Honda, and Toro) -- don’t wait until the last minute when everyone is scrambling. Save that time for running around and getting your milk and toilet paper. ;)

*Some info on ethanol: The Environmental Protection Agency has approved gasoline with 15 percent ethanol for use in cars year 2001 or newer, yet it prohibits its use in mowers and other power equipment, stating it may cause damage. A Department of Energy study...

Help the little guy.

Small business Saturday is November 26 – but you can support small businesses every day. Shopping with small businesses is a way to support those who live around you. They work harder without the advantages that large corporations have. Whether you are looking for power equipment or accessories to stuff a stocking, we appreciate your business and continue to strive to provide the best, personal service possible.

Tired of wasting time cleaning up the leaves? Get the job done faster and easier with a Stihl handheld blower. For tougher jobs, backpack blowers have plenty of power to get the job done. For large properties with open areas, consider a walk-behind wheeled blower. For Thanksgiving day we will be closed. Our Winter hours are Monday through Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-5PM, and Sundays we are closed.

Lawn Power Pros

Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday starts today! August 5 - 7, 2016 If you are in the market for a chainsaw, generator, or other hurricane preparedness items it's a great time to save money.

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Lawn Power Pros* sells, services, and repairs lawn mowers, tractors, zero turns, chain saws, blowers, and other power equipment in Sterling, VA. We carry Ariens, Billy Goat, Honda Power Equipment, Mighty Mac, SCAG, Snapper, Stihl, Toro, and more. Visit us at

  • *Formerly known as Lawn and Leisure Power
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