TEL CARES a division of T.E. Lott & Co, PA

T.E. Lott & Company CARES division offers Comprehensive Accounting for Retirees, Executives, and Seniors easing the burden of daily financial management.

TEL CARES is a division of T.E. Lott & Company, PA offering comprehensive monthly financial management services to executives, retirees, and seniors. With CARES, our professionals will manage your monthly financial responsibilities: *pay bills *make deposits *provide payroll for caregivers/household employees *submit insurance claims *receive/sort mail *reconcile bank/investment accounts *provide oversight for unique financial needs. TEL CARES: - daily money management - household budgeting - bank reconciliation - caregiver payroll preparation - payroll tax returns - estate planning - assess long-term goals - assist with social security decisions

Jeff Read told cancer who was boss!! We are so proud of him! Congratulations Jeff Read!!!!

Four Freedoms That Will Define the Future of Aging

"No longer burdened by many of the day-to-day stresses that consumed our lives as we were advancing our careers and raising our kids, many of us are using our extended middle age to turn inward and focus on finding and fulfilling our purpose in life. We have the power to reimagine our lives and change course if we choose." -Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP AARP's Jo Ann Jenkins says longer lives let us pursue happiness, learning and lifestyles in new ways

Pay more, get less: The problem with long term care insurance

Should you start now to pay for long term care in the future? There are 3 primary locations for long term care: assisted living, nursing home, and home care. Today's article gives great advice and recommendations on how to pay for your future. Should you buy long-term-care insurance? That's the question for workers nearing retirement. The cost of coverage and care is rising.

The Two Biases That Keep People From Saving Money

Ever wonder why some of us spend now, save later, and others, save now, spend later? Check out the article below from "The Atlantic" that takes a look at 2 specific biases. Thinking about the future is hard.

New resolution: Create and review your Social Security statement online

As we dive into the new year, make 2016 count for you and your loved ones! There is a wealth of information in the article below. Happy reading! #TELCARES If your earnings information is wrong, you may not receive all the benefits to which you are entitled.

The Sweet Moment Santa Used Sign Language To Connect With Shy Little Girl

The holidays may be a stressful time for caregivers and loved ones, so we want to take this time to share this special moment as santa and this little girl find a way to communicate. #TELCARES "This truly captures the spirit of Christmas."

Make This Year’s Contributions Count

As we near the end of 2015, don't forget to "Make This Year's Contributions Count" Contributing as much as you can as early as possible allows those assets more time to grow and compound.

State pension fund recovery stalled by accounting changes

In The News: update on Mississippi PERS pension fund program from the Mississippi Business Journal   t had looked like Mississippi's main public employee pension fund had turned the cor...


74 years ago Pearl Harbor was attacked, killing more than 2,000 Americans and launching the U.S. into World War II.

Financial and Legal Planning | Caregiver Center | Alzheimer's Association

Here are 5 necessary tips to consider for yourself, family members, or friends, courtesy of the Alzheimer's Association: 1.Don't put off talking about finances and future care 2.Get help from professional advisors 3.Look at all insurance options 4.Learn about income tax breaks for which you may qualify 5.Take advantage of community services ! #TELCARES Financial and legal planning is an important role for caregivers of those with Alzheimer's or other dementia. Learn about the planning process, costs, documents, Medicare, Medicaid and insurance options, tax issues, and find help in your area.

Good Morning America

Man finds grandparents' 100-year-old wedding cake inside a hatbox in garage: "It’s just like a time capsule!"

Alaskan Sunset

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life" -- William Morris, business leader A Sunset on The Turnagain Arm near Girdwood, Alaska.

Holiday Shopping: A Cautionary Tale - AICPA Insights

Holiday Season Tip #1: Establish A Budget ! With the holidays quickly approaching, estimating your holiday budget is a great way to stay on top of holiday spending. Use the article below as a guideline: Holiday Shopping: A Cautionary Tale As a teenager, every year I knew where I would be the Saturday before Christmas: getting dragged from store to store by my father, who inevitably waited until then to go shopping for my mother’s gifts. This annual exercise in procrastination and family bonding was…

5 retirement money myths debunked

5 Retirement Myths explained in this article from USA TODAY ! For example: People who continue to work later in life do so because they're forced to. And: Medicare pays for nearly all health care costs in retirement.

How (and when) to apply for Social Security

Did you know that T.E. Lott & Company offers Social Security Planning? With retirement approaching for so many, Social Security remains to be the one area that little to no planning is done. The Social Security Administration is not allowed to give you advice, but we can! We have seen many clients benefit from taking claiming strategies and getting the most from Social Security. Did you know there are over 300 strategies to claiming Social Security? Each married couple is so unique. Planning is required to get the most depending on age, estimated benefits, and life expectancies. Let us know if we can ever help with your social security decisions. #TELCARES All the basics for anyone who's confused about how to get started.

The Tribute in Light, as part of the 9/11 Memorial, marks the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City. #NeverForget

The Tribute in Light, as part of the 9/11 Memorial, marks the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City.

The twin light beams first pierced the sky 6 months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and they continue to succeed by defying any single interpretation.

Photo: Gareth Smit for The New York Times

The History of Labor Day - U.S. Department of Labor

We wish you a Happy Labor Day from all of us here at TEL CARES a division of T.E. Lott & Co, PA!

An illustration of the first Labor Day parade, held on Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City. The holiday was organized by the Central Labor Union to exhibit "the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations" of the community, and to host a festival for the workers and their families. - U.S. Department of Labor President Woodrow Wilson (left) with American Federation of Labor President Samuel Gompers (center), and Labor Secretary William B. Wilson at an undated Labor Day rally.

Football Gameday - 2015

It's Gameday! Celebrate the new season with loved ones by cheering on the Bulldawgs! Click below for gameday viewing details. #TELCARES #HailState Football Gameday - 2015

"The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future." --Eric Hoffer, American Author

"We must start teach ourselves to not be afraid." - William Faulkner

10 crucial facts about when and how to claim Social Security

August 14 is Social Security's 80th Birthday!

Social Security is a hot topic, and there are several claiming strategies to maximize your benefits. We have seen numerous couples add thousands to their cumulative social security benefits using strategies the Social Security Administration can't advise on. If you are getting close to retirement age, we would love to help you maximize your Social Security benefits! Social Security celebrates its 80th anniversary on Aug. 14, 2015. Not only does this popular government program have staying power, but it has become an increasingly important part of retirement income planning. Think of this as your birthday party goody bag: 10 crucial facts about when and how to c…

In need of caregiver payroll services? At T.E. Lott & Company, we can set up and process your loved one's payroll on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Let us take on the stress of payroll taxes and allow your loved one to continue to have the caregiver services they have enjoyed.

As Cognition Slips, Financial Skills Are Often the First to Go

This is a great article that highlights all the various reasons we began the CARES division, with a handful of elderly clients in need of daily money management. The warning signs listed are spot on and do occur very rapidly. Studies show that the ability to perform math problems, as well as handling money matters, are typically one of the first skills to decline in diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Legacy Hospice Senior Fair!

Making a Caregiving Plan | Help for Cancer Caregivers

Caregiver Action Network says: New to caregiving? A good place to start is making a Caregiving Plan. A Caregiving Plan lays out what needs to be done to manage the health and well-being of the patient. Unlike the doctor’s “plan of care,” the Caregiving Plan addresses mostly non-medical issues. A Caregiving Plan can help you line up outside help ahead of time, avoid schedule conflicts, improve communication, and reduce caregiver stress and overload. We've got a good outline for you. A Caregiving Plan lays out what needs to be done to manage the health and well-being of the patient. It can help you line up outside help ahead of time, avoid schedule conflicts, improve communication, and reduce caregiver stress and overload.

Making Tax Time a Little Bit Easier | Society of Certified Senior Advisors

It's Tax Time! The article below lists a few deductions for seniors! It’s that time of year again, a time of teeth-gnashing and pencil-crunching, as we haul out our receipts and statements from last year and prepare to do our federal income tax returns. As tax deadline approaches, you may not be aware of all the deductions available to seniors or that free tax help i…

How to Keep Risk From Draining Your Retirement Savings

Check out this story on retirement and learn a few tips! An overly aggressive investing strategy threatened to derail Maurice Greer's retirement plans. Here's how he can get back on track without blowing his timeline.

Don’t Let Winter Freeze You Out

Don't Let Winter Freeze You Out + Seasonal Affective Disorder from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors

Warren Buffett - Biography -

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago" --Warren Buffett explores the life and times of self-made billionaire Warren Buffett, the man behind the single largest act of charitable giving in history.

Honey-butter Baked Chicken With Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This Honey-butter Baked Chicken recipe w/ Mashed Sweet Potatoes is sure to fulfill your weekend dinner plans! This is a great way to kick up your basic baked chicken. The honey and butter help to keep the chicken moist and delicious and sweet potatoes are the ultimate accompaniment. Just perfect for a weeknight dinner yet still special enough for the holidays.

Contents of 1795 Time Capsule Revealed

Oldest US Time Capsule Opened from 1795! Watch the video below! Happy Monday! The oldest time capsule in the country will be opened in today. It was originally placed under a cornerstone of the Boston State House in 1795.

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