Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod

Veterinary Associates of Cape Cod

Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care for our patients-with the most compassionate approach. At Veterinary Associates, we care for each patient as if it were our own pet.Visit us online at

Compassionate Care Since 1975

Hope everyone enjoyed their sunny Sunday!!! How cute is Cosmo looking in that bow tie?! 🌌

Don’t forget to call us if your pet needs medication to help them stay calm and ease their anxiety during the Fourth of July weekend! Ask your doctor if our Fearless Fourth of July pack is right for your pet!!

June 21st is take your dog to work day! Do you take your dog to work??? If so, post a picture below!!!

[06/21/19]   Due to a hospital wide staff meeting we will be closed from 12-2 pm.We will resume normal hours at 2 pm!

Meghann and Betsy spending some quality time together! It’s important to us that your pet feels comfortable and happy when they visit VACC!

Meet Tinker!!! She is 21 years old and looks amazing! Not to mention how sweet she is!!

Let’s have some fun on this rainy day! What would your dogs name be?!

What's your dog's TRUE name? 🤔🐾

Meet Cardi! She enjoyed her visit with us and lots of snuggles with Eranne!

Happy Father’s Day to all the different kinds of dads today!

Happiest to all those doggie daddies out there!

Say hello to Emmitt, he is our Resort Guest of the Week! He has megaesophagus, a condition that requires him to sit in his chair for all meals. At VACC, we are able to accommodate medical patients just like Emmitt all the time!

Fourth of July is coming up quick! VACC wants to make sure you are prepared to treat your pet if they suffer from noise aversion. Noise aversion is any stress or anxiety caused by loud noises, this is often escalated around Fourth of July, as there are a surplus of fireworks.

VACC recommends our “Fearless Fourth of July” pack for any pets who get anxious during this time! This pack includes Adaptil Spray (a natural calming pheromone), a festive bandana to apply the spray, and Sileo Gel. Sileo Gel is the first and only FDA approved treatment for dogs suffering from noise aversion. This is a medicated gel that is applied between the cheek and gum in your dog’s mouth that reduces noise related anxiety.

Don’t wait until last minute to help your pet be relaxed this holiday! Our doctors need adequate time to fill this prescription, as well as make sure this is the best choice for your pet.

*Additional oral sedatives may be required for more severe cases of anxiety. Your pet must be a current patient, who has been seen within the last year to be prescribed any medication.*

Meet our Brave Patient of the Week, Miss Tong!!!! Miss Tong had a TTA surgery, also known as tibial tuberosity advancement. This is a surgical procedure used to treat a cranial cruciate ligament rupture in the knee joints of dogs. This procedure involves cutting the top of the tibia (shin bone), moving it forward, and stabilizing it into its new position with a titanium wedge. Miss Tong was so brave during her time with us, we hope she heals quickly!!!

No matter how long our staff members have worked in this field, getting cards like this always warm our hearts. Losing a pet is never easy for the pets family, but it also effects us as well! VACC is proud to know that we can provide owners such comfort and compassion in difficult times 💕🐾

Say hello to Cinnamon! She is a 3 month old Cocker Spaniel that came to see us for vaccines and nails. She is learning to love her nail trims early on with our fear free approach, plenty of distractions and treats. You can also make nail trim visits less scary by starting at home touching their feet and nails when they are puppies.

Pebbles is our Resort Guest of the Week! She is having a so much fun while staying with us, and her favorite thing to do is stop and smell the flowers on her pampered pet walks! 🌻

Come down and join us at Monomoy Middle School for a great event put on by the students- Paws for the Cause!!!

Meet our Brave Patient of the Week! Abigail has been a frequent patient with us over the years, providing a great relationship between her and our staff. 💕 She has experienced Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, or bloat, but was saved when she got a laparoscopic gastropexy. Over the years Abigail has continued to have several episodes of bloat, as well as malignant tumors. Most recently she underwent a splenectomy for cancer concerns seen on her spleen during an ultrasound. No matter what, Abigail always comes in with a wagging tail and loves to see our staff! 💕🐾🐶

For Photographer Tom Burns, Every Week is Shark Week | Tufts Magazine

Check out this awesome article about our very own Dr. Burns! It will give a great look into the dedication and admiration he has for these amazing creatures. An alum helps us better understand sharks—for their safety and ours—through photography and research.

Do you want your pet featured this week?! Come in and just ask for a #vaccpetweek photo!!! Share pics of your pet this week with the tag #vaccpetweek as we celebrate our wonderful patients during a week all about them!

Please join us this Saturday at Monomoy Middle School for a great cause put on by the Animal Rights Club students!

We will be celebrating Pet Appreciation Week all week! Stay tuned to see what we have planned to honor your amazing pets!!!

Say hi to Henry!! He is one of Dr. Collazo’s oldest feline patients!! Can anyone guess this handsome guys age?!

This is Julep, our Resort Guest of the Week! During her stay, her favorite things to do are going on walks and soaking up the sun in our our outdoor play yard! Check out that cute, wrinkly face 💕

Meet our brave patient of the week, Ella! Ella came to us for a laparoscopic ovariectomy (spay) and was very brave during her time with us!! Just look at that sweet face 🥰
A laparoscopic ovariectomy means your pet will have less pain, greater safety and a faster recovery. Studies show that a laparoscopic spay is up to 65% less painful than a traditional spay. It is preformed with just two small incisions about the size of a coin. Because Ella’s parents chose this surgery over a traditional spay, she will have a faster recovery time as well as less pain!

Winnie waiting patiently for a cookie after she was so good for her appointment with Dr. Zariff! Look at those long ears! 😍🐾🐶

Sometimes when you aren’t feeling well, all you need is a hug!!! Sweet little Zoey could not get enough attention from the staff at VACC 💕💕💕

Meet Jocelyn! She came in today for a visit with us. With lots of treats, cheese, and cuddles with our technician Lianna, she will love coming to see us in the future! We strive to make our patients comfortable and excited to come in, no matter the reason for the visit!

Buckwheat is our Resort Guest of the Week! This sweet senior loves getting scratches all day and exploring on his pampered pet walks. He’s having a blast doing all of his favorite things in our resort this week! 🐾

At VACC, we strive to make your pet feel comfortable during any point in their treatments! We often use cheese wiz as a high value reward for your pet. According to the Fear Free Program, it is recommended to withhold treats from your pet before their appointment so they are more apt to be distracted by our high value rewards- and in turn they have a low stress visit! We know your pets are part of your family and we will always treat them the same way!!

It looks like Molly get herself into quite the situation yesterday! Luckily her owner got her to us quickly, and with some quick thinking by our staff, the can was able to be removed without even a scratch to Molly’s leg! Hopefully she learned her lesson on dumpster diving!

[05/23/19]   We will be closed today from 12-2pm while our hospital has a staff wide training meeting. Thank you for your understanding!! We resume normal hours at 2pm!

Protect your pets paws this summer! Walking on hot pavement is dangerous to your pets paw pads. To minimize risk of burning your dogs paw pads:

-Walk your pet when temperatures are cooler, such as in the morning or evening
-Go for walks on surfaces other than pavement
-If your dog will allow, purchase dog “shoes”

Remember, if it’s too hot for you to be barefoot, it’s too hot for your pets feet, too. If you think your pet has injured/burnt paw pads, please contact our office!

Say hello to Maggie! This sweet cavalier puppy came in to see us yesterday for her spay. How cute does she look in her onesie?!

If you have a rescue dog, share a photo and your favorite memory!

Today is National Rescue Dog Day

VACC had a fantastic time supporting the Yarmouth Police Department at the YPD Blue Run for a Reason 5k!!

This is Rylee, our resort guest of the week! She had a tough start, but after a lot of work from her new loving family she is acclimating very well in the resort. With lots of stuffed Kong’s and long walks, she now loves staying in the resort with us!

“Little Nell” is rocking a T-shirt to protect her incision from being licked after her spay with us this week. She is a big girl, but her heart is even bigger! She gave our staff lots of love during her stay with us, and of course she got lots of love back 💕🐶🐾

We are very happy to welcome back our summer interns! Kyle and Kristina are both attending UMass Amherst and plan to attend vet school once they complete their Pre-Veterinary Science degree! They are both great assets to our team and we are happy to provide them with the experience they will need for their future careers.

[05/15/19]   Would you like to see “how to” videos by VACC staff on our page for simple at home procedures such as nail trims and ear cleanings?

Please join us this Sunday for the 12th Annual YPD Blue Run/Walk For A Reason 5k! A team of our employees will be walking for this great cause in our VACC t-shirts! The race starts at 11 am at Skippers Restaurant- please visit the YPD Blue Run/Walk For A Reason 5k page to register!

💙🖤💙Don’t forget to pick up your VACC T-shirt at our office, where all the proceeds go to the Yarmouth Police Foundation 💙🖤💙

Meet Blueberry! He stopped in today to get a nail trim with our technicians. Can anyone guess what this big bunnies breed is? 🐰

Whether your kids have 2 legs or 4, we are wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!

Jake is our resort guest of the week! He enjoys long walks to the bike path, and when dinnertime comes around. But, his absolute favorite thing to do is hang out with his resort attendants at VACC for his pampered pet time!

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