The Pilates Studio - MCAC

The Pilates Studio - MCAC

Located in Mid Cape Cod- Pilates reformer studio includes 4 reformers, 4 towers and small props. Group classes, private and semi-private sessions.

Located at Mid-Cape Athletic Club we are an independent Stott Pilates Studio offering small group classes in Mat and reformer as well as specialty tower and jump board classes. Private sessions, semi-private sessions and specialty parties can be booked with Rebekah in addition to the regular schedule of classes listed on our MindBody Online scheduler.

Rehab Science

Yummy foam rolling!

Shown here are my favorite lower body foam rolling drills for myself and for patients with various lower quarter pain issues. These can also be used as a part of a warm-up or as a strategy for decreasing soreness after exercise.

1️⃣Glutes: this drill can be useful for individuals with low back pain, hip pain and nerve-related symptoms that radiates down the back of the leg.

2️⃣Quads: this variation can be helpful for decreasing quad soreness and patellofemoral (kneecap) pain.

3️⃣Calf: this drill is great for runners or those who have suffered a strain of the calf musculature.

4️⃣Pre-Tibials: use this one if you have pain or tightness in the muscles of the shin such as with shin splints.

Muscle and Motion

Do you guys follow this page yet? YOU SHOULD! It's one of my favorites to see how muscles actually work. Here are some GREAT mobility exercises for you. Enjoy!

Muscle and Motion Posture App

Learn simple techniques to help your clients break old movement patterns and develop a healthier posture.

Try the Free Version.

Tonight!!! Join us for a super fun way to get your Friday started! Free for EVERYONE! @midcapeathleticclub @jennifermmajewski #fridayfun #piyo #piyolive #capecod #healthlifestyle #beccafitpro #piyoworkout #workout

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[09/04/18]   Last minute reformer openings at 830am, 930am and 1030am TODAY! Message me to save yours!

Omg!!! @terkelsencustom making sh*t happen today!! What do you think @tkacapecod ? Who says no one works on Labor Day on cape cod?! QUESTION: what is YOUR ###?? #be______? #befit #beccafitpro #capecodfitcoach #capecod #healthlifestyle #entrepreneur #positivevibes

This salad is EVERYTHING. For the perfectly balanced salad that WILL keep you full for hours: 🥗🥦🥑🥒 🥗start with a base of dark greens- arugula, baby spinach, some kale. 🥦add some fibrous yummies- I love broccoli, chia is good (adds some bonus protein too!) 🐟protein is a MUST. today I had left over salmon but you could use chicken, a turkey burger, tofu 😋 🥑 healthy fat - my personal fave is Avocado but I didn’t have any left 😫 so I added some evoo and left some of the skin on my salmon In order to remains satiated you need these specific 4 components at each meal- fat+fiber+protein+greens Try it at your next meal and see how you feel! #beccafitpro #fab4bowl #capecodfitcoach #healthylifestyle #heathyfood

You are gorgeous!!! Believe it. Unique and loved, we each have our strengths- embrace yours today and every day 💖. Each morning I wake up and the FIRST think I think is “What do I have to look forward to today?” Never “What do I HAVE to do?” Not “What’s on my schedule?” I keep it positive from tonight ONE. How do YOU start your day on a positive note? OR is this a change you need to make? Comment below, send me a dm or rely with you’d own story about spreading the positive LOVE!! 💖💖😘😘. #beccafitpro #capecodfitcoach #positive #positivevibes #love #loveyourlife #selfcare #selflove #fitnesslifestyle #mantra

#piyo is coming to @midcapeathleticclub !! Join @jennifermmajewski and I Saturday at noon for our launch of this super fun workout! 👯‍♀️. Not Pilates. Not yoga. It is a cardio workout that will build your endurance and strength and challenge your balance while working your core and flexibility. Join us!!! #piyoinstructor #beccafitpro #fitnessmotivation #capecod #fitness

Check out my story for today’s poll- help@me decide what to buy for #thepilatesstudiomcac next...mats or loops?! #pilates #pilatesinstructor #beccafitpro #capecodpilates #fitnesslifestyle #pilatesreformer

A thing I LOVE: when hubby makes me delicious, mostly healthy meals. A thing I LOVE even more: when there’s enough left over that I get to make an easy meal for lunch the next day. This left over salmon became my protein in a delicious post-dance-class salad. It was SO GOOD! 😋😋😋. How do YOU meal prep? What works for you?? Comment below and share your best tip for healthy eating all week. #heathyfood #foodporn #beccafitpro #capecodfitcoach #healthylifestyle

Super secret stop on our paddle board adventure today. super secret I mean I’d never be able to find it again and have no idea where we really were.. #jediedelman #paddleboarding #capecod #capecoddog #beccafitpro #capecodsummer #capecloth

Yes, Cape Cod networkers!! Join us for this super fun night. @jennifermmajewski @capedance75 #capecodnetworking #entrepreneur #pilatesinstructor #beccafitpro #thepilatesstudiomcac #capecod

Hello #capecod ! I am in need of a local #photographer for some website shots- I want different, action AND some more standard “studio” style shots. Is there anyone that can do both or do I need 2 separate people? Who do you recommend? @hellyeahbacon I feel like you might be in the know on this one..? #beccafitpro #capecodfitness #fitnessmotivation #entrepreneur #local

Aahhhhh!!! You guys! You never know where inspiration is gonna come- and thank YOU to @galactic_celia for inspiring the BEST conversation and thought bubble!!! Because of you I have a fantastic meeting and I have decided to move forward and into purpose with my domaine- I’m proud to say this will be the FIRST time I use the #beccafitpro and how FITTING (see what I did there? 😏) that it’s to announce my domaine! The site is of course not up yet but my genius friend @tkacapecod will begin work on that soon enough and I have NO DOUBT it will be perfection! What will Becca Fit Pro be bringing into your life? ask... well- much of what I already do, but maybe with a little bit more intention! Fitness tips- yes! Pilates - yes!! Lifestyle choices- yes! Doggie pics- of course! And there’s much more! Just you wait, world! I’m comin... 😁💖 #capecodfitness #capecod #fitness #entrepreneur #fitnessmotivation #pilatesinstructor #purpose

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People often wonder what a certification day entails. This one was for #strongbyzumba The day starts with doing the workout full out. Then the rest of the day you break down the workout, repeating the movements over and over again in multiple ways. Needless to say, it is exhausting physically. If it’s a technically difficult class it can be mentally exhausting as well-learning which muscles are working, whether you’re working aerobic/anaerobic/static/dynamic/eccentrically/concentrically catching my drift there?😏 As a #fitnesspro I have to be in great shape to get through it. As someone who takes pride in her work and lives to serve, I have to do it all AND make sure I’m ready to give my everyday classes their best workout. This means self care is a MUST. I took this morning to sleep and spent the morning refueling with a delicious, healthy breakfast and snuggling with my pup. I’ll be ready to #reform in #thepilatesstudioMCAC then #indorow in @therowingstudio followed by a dance lesson for a special couple getting married next month. I love what I do- which is NOT just working out- it is helping people to live their best life one class at a time. #beccafitpro #fitnesslifestyle

PopSugar Fitness


It's not just about the aesthetics — it started as physical therapy!

If anyone is needing wrist relief- here is your answer! Good for my reformer classes and anywhere you’d put pressure on your hands.

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[08/07/18]   Lots of room in Thursday morning at 9:30am this week...most other morning classes are full so get to Fitli and sign yourself up. :-)

[07/25/18]   Note - Rebecca is going to be at a fitness conference Friday August 17 so no classes. Sorry for the inconvenience!

A little side twist in Pilates reformer to engage the obliques and trim that waist! #pilatesreformer #pilates #capecodpilates #stottpilates #magiccircle #fitnessmotivation #pilatesinstructor

[07/20/18]   Last minute opening for tomorrow 830am (Saturday) reformer! Message me directly if you want in! Rebecca Terkelsen 💖

Some awesome oblique stabilization + lateral flexion of the spine in this weeks reformer classes in the Pilates Studio. Still a couple spots left! Sign up on #fitnesslifestyle #pilates #pilatesreformer #capecodpilates #pilatesinstructor

I’m not gonna mince words here- I’m smoothie bowl #OBSESSED. The BEST ones are at @velajuicebar in Plymouth. But I live more than 45 minutes away and - oh yeah, no car for the next week so what’s a girl to do?! Make her own!!! How to make your own is in my stories. Delicious. Healthy. Clean. 😋😋 #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #fitnesslifestyle #smoothiebowl #traderjoes

Loved this day SO much! Can’t wait to get my own paddle board!! #capecod #summer #paddleboard #friends #flotilla #noideawherewewere

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Yes, ladies!! You rocked a great #pilates Mat class today!!! Way to start the weekend right! #fitnesslifestyle #beccafit #capecodfitness #pilatesinstructor

#workoutwednesday with the awesome @jennifermmajewski this is just 1 of 4 circuits we did in the row studio today. #beccafit #fitnesslifestyle #indorow #trx #performbetter

The studio is all closed up for today but will resume regular classes tomorrow. Still room in 8am, and 4pm Thursday classes! Use the Book Now button above to reserve your spot. Have a safe and happy 4th, everyone!

This Holiday that falls on a WEDNESDAY thing is really killin my 'enjoy the Summer' vibe! BUT- it does mean more classes available for YOU! Follow the BOOK NOW button above to sign up for your class. Yes, you can DROP IN if you are visiting- as long as you have recent pilates reformer experience. All classes are mixed level and that means you should know how to set up your own springs and move from one exercise to the next fairly easily. :-)

[05/08/18]   Who told me the name of someone they did a Zumba class with and loved it...???? Can’t remember the name and need an instructor for summer. 😊

[05/06/18]   Hi all! Rebecca is out of town for 2 weeks BUT she’s bringing in a fantastic sub for a few reformer classes!! The schedule says Rebecca but it will be Cheryl teaching Tuesdays 830 and 930 am. Wednesday’s 830am and Thursday’s 830 and 930am. Use the book now button above to schedule yourself. 😊👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

[05/02/18]   Only THREE days of classes left and then I'm Outtttttaaaa here! (for 2 weeks). I DO have space in 8am reformer TOMORROW- head to the BOOK NOW button above or text me to claim your spots!


If you're looking for a shameless plug..HERE IT IS! This was a super fun interview and I think it gives you a great little snap shot of my life.

If you were looking for a prime example of a Chik who handles it all, look no further than Cape Cods own Rebecca Terkelsen, Cape Cod cabi Girl! From being a mother, Pilates instructor, or fashion extraordinaire there is nothing she doesn't do!
Head over to our blog #chikchat to see what she had to say! ✨👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🧘‍♀️👜 #womeninbusiness #bosslady #hatsoff

No morning classes today in the Pilates Studio- Rebecca is in CLI Cape Cod. 😊. Still room in 4pm Mixed Level Reformer class- text Rebecca for your spot!

How adorable is Antonio?! He got his tummy time while mama got her Pilates on!!! #healthymamma

[04/05/18]   FYI- MindBody seems to be glitching- I DO have room in 5pm Barre+Board tonight- if you want in, TEXT ME! ~Rebecca

The Six Biggest Myths About Pilates, Busted By An Expert

Of course YOU know these are all myths- but who can you share them with to help enlighten? Is pilates good for quick weight loss? Are pilates and yoga the same thing? Is it all about flexibility? An expert busts the biggest myths about pilates.

[04/01/18]   TECHNICAL ANNOUNCEMENT regarding billing:

As of May 1 the Pilates Studio - MCAC will no longer be using MindBodyonline to process/book classes. They have eliminated the billing option we used and are more than doubling fees, which makes it unaffordable for the Studio.

GOOD NEWS- We will be using a NEW online booking/payment option starting May 1! You may have to re-adjust and learn a new system, but the hope is that it will be just as easy, if not more so. We realize this is an inconvenience and it may cause some bumps in the road, but we hope you will all continue to work with us to get through this technicality.

What we need from you- Please continue to book your classes via MindBody as you have been. We will continue to use it until we can integrate a new system. For PAYMENTS: If you are due for payment for any packages, please do not use MindBody to process it. We hope to have something up and running ASAP to process credit, but for now if you need to use credit please just register as unpaid and you may pay using cash or check to Rebecca, or we can wait until I have a new system running.

Thank you for your patronage and loyalty and feel free to address any questions or concerns to Rebecca Terkelsen.


SO much going on for April! Sharing the News we sent out to all of our Members at Mid-Cape Athletic Club yesterday. Check out the BEAUTIFUL new group ex schedule and notice when you opt to print it at home it will look the same! Minor geek moment there, but these things make Rebecca happy. :-) Have you subscribed to Mid-Cape's emails yet? You probably should- and while you're at it, click around the site and see what else is new at the club! NEW CLASSES Our April group exercise schedule is here. Be sure check our our new 8-week Spring Circuit Challenge...summer is coming!

Human Kinetics Fitness and Health

I agree... you all know I believe in dynamic exercises and static holds increase chances of exasperating a weakness. So- we plank, but we add movement to it. What are YOUR thoughts? Does this make you think differently about it?

What is your opinion on holding the plank for longer than 10 seconds? According to Stuart McGill, emeritus professor of spine biometrics at the University of Waterloo in Canada and author of HK's Low Back Disorders (, fitness fanatics will see greater gains from doing shorter holds more frequently.
His recommendation is to embrace the ‘Big 3': curl ups, side-plank and bird dog, a pose which involves starting on the hands and knees the reaching out the opposite arm and leg.

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