The Barber's Lounge

We're not just 4 painted walls with a few barber chairs; we're bringing back the classic barbershop environment with modern style.

Unlike at chain retail salons, at The Barber’s Lounge you get the benefit of experienced barbers who are knowledgeable on a variety of styles and fades.

For the ladies who enjoy bringing something new and different to the table, or in this case their hair. The undercut hair style or a taper with a unique design exudes a certain amount of confidence and presents a strength of character that might not show otherwise.

A good line up always blends well with other elements of a hair the cut.

While your kids may have their own sense of style, there are certainly some cool boy haircuts that are more stylish than others. Fade haircuts keep the sides clean, short and simple, while a hard side part adds a classy yet cool hairstyle on top.

The easiest way to clean up for work for guys with all hair types is going short. Some styling is usually required as well. Use a pomade to hold hair in place, add volume, or tame curls.
A low fade around the sides and back keeps the hairline impeccably clean. It can buy time between barber visits because fades grow in nicely.

The Barber’s lounge the most fun you can have with your clothes on LOL

A great looking side part men’s hairstyle. To get this look you will want to use a product that has a bit of shine. Work a small amount of a shiny pomade into damp hair. Comb into place. To get some extra body use a blow dryer.

Putting effort into your style will have a huge positive impact on your confidence.

To prepare your hair for braids, I would suggest doing a strong protein treatment followed by a moisturizing one at least twice before even thinking about braiding your hair.

Curly hairstyles can be classic, modern, short or long, but they will always be versatile and trendy.

A well-defined and well-maintained beard neckline makes almost any style look better and tidier.

Wednesday special senior haircuts for $10.00

So you're on the north side of 50. That doesn't mean you are any less cool than you were at 30, and you can still reflect that inner coolness with your haircut, along with the sophistication you've picked up along the way.

To help ensure your braids stay in tip-top shape:
Start by pre-treating your hair. Before braiding, wash and condition your hair regularly and use hydrating deep conditioning treatments that will add moisture to your hair.

Wednesday special senior haircuts for $10.00

Easily one of the most popular, iconic and timeless hairstyles for men around; a comb over, in all its varieties, is a worthy consideration for any man seeking a stylish new do.

Confidence is vitally important to a child’s future happiness, health, and success. Confident children are better equipped to deal with peer pressure, responsibility, frustrations, challenges, and both positive and negative emotions.

It’s all about taking care of the people💈

All about positivity!
1Love, 1Family, 1Community🔑
JT's Chronicles

The Tapered sides and back provide a strong contrast to the curls on top, which can be styled loose and messy. 💈

Don’t over-wash your hair

A common mistake committed by every man is that washing hair quite often. Limit washing to twice or thrice a week and always condition your hair. This would ensure the hair health and avoid losing out on essential oil from scalp.

Next to the fade, a hot addition to any hairstyle is a line up. Also known as an edge up, shape up or lineup, this cut defines the hairline into straight lines and right angles. a line up can be continued into the beard for a uniform appearance across the face.💈

So if you want to tame unruly hair or spiff up your look, go ahead and try a little product.

* Wax. Wax is thick, which is good if you want to shape your hair.
* Pomade. Pomade is what gave greasers that wet, slicked-back look.
* Serum. These liquids or sprays are perfect if your hair is dry or frizzy.
* Cream. Creams add extra shine and control without a lot of hold.


The Festive Season is here and winter has already set in! This is a time when our hair needs to look its very best, despite the cold weather outside.
Keep your home warm but not hot.
Make sure you don’t get a temperature shock when you get home or when you’re going out. If the temperature inside your house or apartment is much warmer than outside it can irritate your skin and scalp.

A well-chosen haircut can change everything. If you love it, it will give you confidence. Confidence gives you the right attitude.

Haircuts for men are important if you want to look professional and at the same time well-groomed at work as well as at school💈

A little can go a long way and if you use products sparingly you'll find yourself sporting a more natural look while avoiding a heavy and greasy appearance.

Whether you have thick hair, fine or thin hair, natural curls or curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair there is definitely a brand new look for you at The barber’s Lounge💈

Not only is trimming your hair healthy, as you will be removing dead ends, trimming your hair gives you the opportunity to shape your hair in a way that suits you. 💈🔑

Thinning hair is an ever-increasing problem, especially with the nation now experiencing more stress, longer working hours and perhaps less focus on a healthy balanced diet.
Consuming a better vitamin intake, particularly zinc and vitamins C and D is an easy route to healthy hair.

Military style never gets old. It breathes confidence. They say that it’s one of a kind. Why? Well, you don’t get it for the confidence. You get it if you already have it.💈

Super clean Blowout🚨💈

Boys are about to become little men and it is time to let their little boy hairstyles embody what kind of men they will be 🔑💈.

Our sense of attractiveness is strongly connected to confidence and positive self-esteem. Many men and women associate confidence with feeling in control, and hair is one way most of us can be in charge🔑💈

Point cutting is used to remove bulk from the hair's ends, allowing layers or graduation built into the haircut to blend together more seamlessly🔑💈

Getting a good haircut is essential to looking stylish💈

Hair is delicate and you must ensure you use the right tools. Also, don’t brush wet hair; use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb instead💈🔑.

Back to school shape up💯 💈

To add a slightly edgy style that accentuates the natural angles of your face. The line up works best with a square or diamond face shapes.🔑💈

Use a clarifying shampoo.
Over the period of time, the product that you apply on hair can build up and make your hair look dull and lifeless. You can use clarifying shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care to pull out all the built up and retain your shiny hair. You can also use white vinegar for hair rinse as it helps in balancing the pH level. It might sound weird but it really works.

My man Eli putting in that work for another satisfied customer. 💈

Cold showers actually blocks the blood capillaries in scalp. These blood capillaries carry essential nutrients and need to be active for optimum effect and suddenly constricting them would be disastrous for your hair health. But this doesn’t mean you shower your hair under piping hot water. It will completely mess up your hair by pulling out all the natural oils from scalp. Ideally try and rinse your hair with lukewarm water. 🔑💈

Your hair health is a reflection of your lifestyle. Hair care for men means you need to eat well, get plenty of exercise, drink water, get enough sleep and try to stay positive.🔑💈

Your hair is one of the first things that gets noticed about you. A well-maintained head of hair will have other heads turning your way.💈

Protect your hair from chlorine
The chlorine in pools can be extremely disastrous for your scalp as it causes your hair to become dry and brittle. The easiest way to protect your hair from harmful effects of chlorine is to wet your hair with clean water and apply a mild conditioner before you step in into a pool. Alternatively you can also wear a swimming cap.

The undercut bun or as others would call it, a top knot is a mixture of two of the trendiest hairstyles. This hybrid style is extremely difficult to pull off but if you can – it looks amazing!

How Often Should Men Wash Their Hair?
Not every day, that’s for sure.
Many men shampoo hair everyday to eliminate oil. Shampooing strips the scalp of sebum, the oil produced by the sebaceous glands to protect and waterproof hair and your skin. A dry scalp tells the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, creating a vicious cycle.
To get the scalp to product less oil, start by shampooing every other day for 2-4 weeks.

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