Phase 2 Fitness, South Yarmouth, MA Video March 12, 2015, 8:23pm

Videos by Phase 2 Fitness in South Yarmouth. Education in functional training, strength & conditioning, and nutrition

Nothing like a head to head rowing competition for a cash out

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Corn Hole Fundraiser

At our Ninja camp we don't just stick to obstacles, we add fun games in as well!

Happy birthday!
Birthday shout out to our member Matt Pulsifer 🥳 Happy birthday Matt, we hope you have a great day!

Are you looking to sharpen your striking skills or simply just looking for personal training? Phase 2 Fitness can do that for you. Feel free to stop by anytime we're open to inquire. #striking #strengthandconditioning #newyearnewyou

Want to learn how to fly through the air? We can teach you!😁 video isn't very clear but you can get the jist..

Olavo crushing the Phase 2 NINJAS course! Today was his first time trying a course thatcwas designed to challenge his balance & grip strength and he did awesome! Thank you coach Heather Brown 🙂

Striking Class 10/23/19
Great energy and great turnout for our first striking class. Great job everyone! Lets keep this momentum going!

Heat one underway

Sunday morning crew getting after it!

Saturday morning cash out!

Nothing like a head to head rowing competition for a cash out

530 group killin the belly sprints!

'That was a sneaky bitch' -morning crew

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