Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital

Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital


Huge thank you and God Bless you to Dr. Pattie at Dulles South Veterinary Emergency Hospital for giving us the BEST Christmas present EVER!....Hannah’s 2nd chance at life!! ❤️🐶🎄❤️ When we told her to move forward with the surgery, we told her “Trust us, she is our miracle baby”! Today, we were happy to show her we were right and let her see the REAL Hannah!! ❤️🥰🤗
What an awesome facility Dulles South Veterinary Center is. As a member of the Pet Realty Network and busy Realtor I am asked all the time, "Where can I take my pet for the best care available?" Well now I know. Thank you Cat and staff for a great tour of the facility Friday. Look for my post soon on my Facebook JessJustSellsHomes.com.

We expect the unexpected. Open 24 every day, including holidays, we are ready in the event your pet needs urgent/emergency veterinary care or emergency surgery. Our team will partner with your veterinarian to ensure your pet receives continuity of care.

24-hour veterinary hospital located in Loudoun County Virginia. Dulles South Animal Emergency & Referral provides urgent and emergency care and surgery. No appointment is needed.

Emergency Hospital for Pets

Did you know pets can crack or break teeth from chewing on certain items? Avoid a dental emergency by providing appropriate items for your pet to chew. Great options can be found at pet stores or inquire with your veterinarian if you are not sure!

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Don't let chocolate ingestion or lily toxicity ruin your valentines date tonight! Check out these top 5 safety tips for celebrating valentines day with our furry friends!

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Did you know that if your pet has a tooth broken, it can sometimes be saved? But saving it requires immediate care, and that’s why we’re here, 24/7, 365 days a year! Don’t hesitate to call us if your pet fractures a tooth, has severe mouth bleeding or swelling, is refusing to eat or drink, or has broken a jaw—these are all dental emergencies and we can help. Call (703) 327-0871!

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Happy New Years Day everyone! We are open and available for any pet emergencies you may have, but we hope everyone is enjoying a safe holiday.

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We would like to wish everyone a safe and warm Merry Christmas! We are open and ready should you have any medical emergencies.

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[12/25/19]   Our phones are working now.

We are experiencing issues with our phone provider. If you have an emergency, please call Aldie Veterinary Hospital at 703-327-0909 and choose zero to use the backdoor to Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. Merry Christmas!

Medicine is often a serious topic but we wanted to share some fun moments of our company Christmas party! Our team sure knows how to have fun. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday this week!

#EmployeeAppreciation #ChristmasParty

Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital's cover photo

Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital's cover photo

Do you recognize this cat? She went missing today in South Riding and was last seen around Katama Square. Please contact our office with any information as we try to help reconnect this family! She is micro chipped but the information is not up to date. It is a cold night and we are open 24 hours for contact.

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Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital's cover photo

Did you know that we have the capability to run most diagnostics in-house? This allows us to see what is going on with your pet faster and develop treatment plans quickly in emergency situations.

We also have a teaching microscope in our hospital that allows us to better train our staff and promote continued education!

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We love hearing feedback on how our patients are doing after they receive care from us. We were so excited to hear that Minnie, a 2 year old mixed pup, from Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) has not only fully recovered, but she has found her forever home as well!

Minnie came in to our hospital about two months ago, after her caretakers noticed blood coming from her rear end. Dr. Pattie performed diagnostics, which revealed that poor Minnie had a uterine infection, known as a pyometra. This condition is more common in non-spayed female dogs, but can occur rarely in spayed female dogs. Dr. Pattie was able to remove the infected tissue during surgery.

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What kind of trouble do your cats get into? Be sure to help them out by hiding ribbon, yarn, and other strings that they could potentially ingest! Toys made of these materials can be ingested, causing a possible need for emergency surgery.

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Getting your pet groomed is just as important in the winter as it is for any other time of the year. Without proper maintenance, thick winter coats bring pain and discomfort, and long, damp hair makes pets cold, wet, and susceptible to infections. Make sure your pet looks great for the holidays and avoid a trip to the emergency room.

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Is your house too cold for your feline friends? Check out these tips on making sure you keep your pets warm this winter. http://ow.ly/4RPP50xqSLv

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Those holiday decorations are making their way out of boxes and lighting up our homes. Here are some great holiday tips to make sure we keeps our furry friends safe!

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Did you know that when cats ingest tinsel it can cause an obstruction that needs to be surgically removed? How are you keeping your cats out of the tree this year? Check out this neat cat-proof tree! http://ow.ly/yB1q50xqOI3

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6 Thanksgiving foods that are bad for cats and dogs

We are open and here to help you through any emergency needs you may have today. Here is a great article with some reminders on what nit to share with our furry friends today from channel 9.

We hope everyone has a safe holiday!

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wafb.com Thanksgiving is almost here and that means an abundance of delicious food. However, it’s important to remember many popular human dishes are not healthy for pets to consume.

Aldie Veterinary Hospital

Help us reunite this family before Thanksgiving. This family lost their sweet Chloe on Thursday, November 21st around 1:30pm.

Chloe was caught on a dash cam off of Crossing Stone Road in Centreville, near paddington Lane.

A second sighting was reported of her running into the Bent Tree Apartments in Centreville, Virginia, but has not been confirmed.

Chloe is a sweet and scared little girl, and if you see her, please do not chase her. You can reach her owner at 202-560-3608.

Please help us spread this alert and get Chloe out of the cold and back home!

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UPDATE: Owner has been found!

Do you recognize this sweet face? A good samaritan found this little girl in Chantilly near Brookfield Elementary School. They have decided to keep her until they are able to find the owner. She is a sweet girl who has had her right side shaved in last few months.

Please contact our office if you know the owner of this poor baby so we can help her get back home.

Please share to help make this post visible.

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Did you know that kennel assistants and veterinary assistants have variable job duties depending on where they work? Our kennel assistants help keep our operations running smoothly by ensuring we have clean bedding, walking patients, and providing food, water, and comfort to our patients among other tasks in the hospital! We train our kennel assistants in house and offer development pathways into the veterinary assistant positions. The kennel assistant position is a crucial role in the hospital and is a great position for individuals looking to come into the veterinary industry with little to no experience.

We appreciate all the hard work they put in every day and we know our patients sure do love the extra attention!

#AssistantWeek #EmployeeAppreciation #Vetsrus #PetLife

Join us this week as we celebrate our annual Assistant Appreciation Week! This week we will be recognizing our Kennel & Veterinary Assistants and all of the hard work they do. Tune in each day for a new fact about the career of a Kennel and Veterinary Assistant.

In recognition of #VeteransDay , did you know the military trains some soldiers to be Veterinary Assistants? The Army uses the job listing, Animal Care Specialist (68T). Thank you to all the soldiers out there that have served and keep us all safe! We are a proud employer of #Veterans.

#AssistantWeek #VetsRUs #EmployeeAppreciation

Happy Halloween! Please remember to keep all those tasty human treats away from our furry friends. Pippin is ready to spread Halloween cheer around the hospital.

Share your costumes with us and how you celebrate with your pets!

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Are you ready for Halloween with your furry friends? Check out these five tips to get you started!

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What do all those extra letters mean with some Licensed Veterinary Technicians?

Just as Veterinarians can pursue specialty and become boarded, so can Licensed Veterinary Technicians. These individuals have completed a formal process of specialized work experience and training, additional testing, and certification. Licensed Veterinary Technicians can specialize into many fields, some of these include:

Clinical Pathology
Clinical Practice
Dental Technology
Emergency and Critical Care
Internal Medicine

You can check out the full list at www.navta.net if you would like to learn more!

We were so proud to hear that a former Licensed Veterinary Technician that worked for us has received her specialty in behavior! Jessey Scheip, LVT, VTS (Behavior), KPA-CTP helped develop our low-stress handling and behavior-focused medicine that we utilize today.

Both Beth Perkowski, LVT and Sam Cate, Tech Student, help head up our behavior modification appointments today. Beth has been with us for 15 years and has helped some of our toughest patients learn to be less afraid and confident for their appointments. Sam officially received her Fear Free Certification this year, and while she has only been with us for 3 years, she has made quite the accomplishments!

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How do we support Licensed Veterinary Technicians year round?

There are multiple universities and community colleges that offer Veterinary Technology programs. In Northern Virginia, students can choose two local programs, one at Northern Virginia Community College at the Loudoun Campus or at Blue Ridge Community College. There are also several online programs such as Penn Foster and Ashworth College. Students should always be careful to ensure their program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) . We offer our students flexible schedules so they have ample time to successfully participate in the program of their choice.

We have several students attending Northern Virginia Community College Loudoun Campus and the Penn Foster programs. Virginia state law allows these students to perform the functions of a fully Licensed Veterinary Technician under the direction of a Veterinarian or another Licensed Veterinary Technician as long as they are actively enrolled into an accredited veterinary technician program.

We utilize this part of the law to help educate and train our staff so they may become successful Licensed Veterinary Technicians. As a teaching hospital, we also offer preceptorships (similar to an internship) to students attending Northern Virginia Community College Loudoun Campus so they may complete their program and enter the workforce more prepared for their chosen hospital to work at. This program is open to all students, regardless of their interest to work for our company following graduation.

We stand behind promoting education and furthering the advancement and education of Veterinary Professionals as one of our core company values.

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What is the difference between a Veterinary Assistant and a Licensed Veterinary Technician?

There are lots of talented and experienced veterinary assistants in this industry that often do many of the same tasks as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. There are varied laws regarding what a licensed technician is allowed to do in comparison to veterinary assistants. In the state of Virginia, a Licensed Veterinary Technician can place catheters, intubate patients for anesthesia, provide intramuscular injections, and vaccines such as rabies.

National Veterinary Technician Week celebrates those individuals who, in addition to learning hands on training, have sought out a higher education, obtained a 2 to 4 year college degree, and have passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam(VTNE). The VTNE covers patient care for all types of animals including livestock, equestrian, and exotic pets in addition to cats and dogs.

You can find our Licensed Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Technician students wearing navy blue and wine colored scrubs. We are proud to now have 15 Licensed Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Technician Students working for our hospital to provide a the highest level of veterinary care for our patients. (Now if we can just get them all together for a group photo!)

#TechWeek #VetsRUs #PetLife #Education

What does a Licensed Veterinary Technician do? They work with a Veterinarian to assist in performing clinical treatments. Technicians are responsible for observing behavior and condition in patients, providing emergency first aid, collecting samples, calculating medication doses, assisting to help educate our clients, and so much more.

A Licensed Veterinary Technician has obtained either a 2-year or a 4-year degree from an AVMA-accredited veterinary technology program. In addition to their degree, they must attend continuing education seminars every year to maintain their state license once passing the Veterinary Technician National Examination following graduation! Read more at

Be sure to thank a technician this week for all of their hard work and dedication to our pets.

#PetLife #VetsRUs #TechWeek

It is National Veterinary Technician week! What is a veterinary technician? How do they contribute to the wellness of your pets? Stay tuned all this week to learn more about these superstars that work hard to protect and help your pets behind the scenes!

Thank you to all the hard working Veterinary Technicians!

#TechWeek #EmployeeAppreciation #VetsRUs #PetLife

Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital's cover photo

UPDATE: Thank you for all the help, he has been reunited with his family!

Do you recognize this sweet boy? He was picked up by a good samaritan near the intersection of Old Lee Road and Braddock today. The good samaritan has offered to hold onto him until his owners are found. Please contact our office with any information and to arrange contact with the good samaritan. Please share to help us get him home!

#LostPet #PetLife

What a great weekend with Canines-N-Kids Foundation and Smashing Walnuts during their 2x4 Race on Saturday! Although we had no accidents, Dr. Sarah Gornall was ready to help treat any of the four-legged racers if they became injured with her hand assistants Kat, Tucker, and Annabelle. We are still pumped and motivated for the week. If you could not make it this year, be sure to mark your calendars for 2020 and we will see you there!

If you would like to see more images from this event, head on over to the Canines-N-Kids Foundation page. Thanks for the great pictures Marion Esposito!

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We hope everyone is having a safe Labor Day! Just as a reminder, we are open for any emergency needs you may have today. Aldie Veterinary Hospital will reopen tomorrow at 7:30am.

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This last post goes to Dixie who passed away June 27th.
Thank you to everyone who took a part of #RainbowBridgeRememberanceDay. We appreciate all of our patients and clients, those who we still see and those who have passed.
#DSVC #AVH #RainbowBridge #Remembrance #VetMed

This next post goes to Artemis!
Artemis was one of Our LVTs, Beth, favorite patients! We were so sad to have to say goodbye when we did.
#DSVC #AVH #RainbowBridge #Remembrance #VetMed

This Remembrance post is very close to the staffs heart as well. Owned by a fellow employee of AVH, our hearts truly go out to Mr. Winks family. Mr. Wink was the little gentleman who completed the trio of tiny puppets they didn't know they needed. We will truly miss this little man.
#RainbowBridgeRememberanceDay #VetMed #DSVC #AVH #VetsRUs #FurBabies #PetCalendar #RainbowBridge

This is Izzys celebration of her life before cancer took her. She wasn’t going to make her actual birthday so her family celebrated it early. She loved to dress up and you can see the smile on her face.
#RainbowBridgeRememberanceDay #VetMed #DSVC #AVH #VetsRUs #FurBabies #PetCalendar

Our Story

Dulles South Animal Emergency and Referral Hospital is a full-service veterinary emergency and critical care center. Our experienced veterinarians are equipped to handle any situation 24/7 365 days a year, no appointment is needed for emergency and critical care.

Dr. Drew Luce, practice owner, aspired early on in his career that he would design a building, one location, dedicated to pet's health care. It took him 20 years, but in 2015, he opened the doors to Dulles South Veterinary Center (DSVC). DSVC is located on the southeast side of Loudoun County; and serves both the large and small communities within the Dulles South region and abroad including South Riding, Stone Ridge, Brambleton, Chantilly, Ashburn, Herndon, Sterling, and Haymarket to name a few.

During the design of DSVC, he tried to consider every aspect of comfort for you and your pet. You will find soundproof quiet rooms that offer a more home-like environment for certain procedures. Many areas of the hospital are designated for a particular service or treatment, such as grooming, boarding, dentals, isolation, and intensive care. The treatment area, the heart of the hospital, is an open concept design. This gives the team the ability to keep watchful eyes and give lots of attention to your pet as they recover from a procedure or surgery.

The hospital has a talented team of doctors and support staff that strives to provide pets and their people a five star experience. Best in class equipment, help us to offer almost every service your pet will need. Some of the service offerings include excellent health maintenance and disease prevention; diagnose, treat, and manage diseases; perform routine and advanced surgical procedures, including; oral, soft tissue, orthopedic, and minimally invasive laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. To compliment all of these services, we also offer acupuncture, rehabilitation using hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill), laser therapy, hot/cold therapy, and massage and stretching techniques.

By providing the veterinary medical, surgical, emergency and critical care services in one location, your pet will receive the continuity of care he or she deserves. You do not need a referral to schedule an appointment or visit for emergency services. However, if you already have a primary veterinarian, we are happy to partner with them to provide the services they do not offer, including emergency services.

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