Homegrown Bagels

Homegrown Bagels

Baking fresh daily in Sonoma since 1978 Stuart sez "ask a local"

It's a bit awkward to review ones own place, so I wont.

What I can do, is tell you some things about Homegrown and about me that are (to the best of my recollection) true.....

We have been baking bagels pretty much every day in Sonoma since 1978. Providing fresh bagels to the locals and a growing number of visitors and travelers. My head Baker Mr. Antonio (Tony) Peña has been with me for over 25 years and has never missed a single day of work, ever!

He and his crew are the best there are, and are truly committed to producing the best possible bagel every day.

Angela Wilson my manager and right-hand, has been with me for almost as long. She knows more customers by name than anyone and is just as dedicated to providing personal service and attention to our friends,fans & newcomers.

We were the first Bagel Bakery in Sonoma County, California, U.S.A / N.A, Earth and, I think the second Espresso Machine in town. A lot of things have changed since then but our bagels and commitment to always try our best has not. We take pride in our product and our service. Come in say hello & have a bagel and a shmear and a cupa.

Stuart Teitelbaum
Shaman of the Board
Homegrown Bagels, Consistently off the Square, in Sonoma

Look who showed up today.
SVHS Women' Softball Team
Go Dragons!!

Sonoma Film Fest 2018
Here we go!

Dear Friends....
I'm pretty sure most everyone knows this but, I feel it may be necessary to say anyway.
When you call us here at Homegrown Bagels, sometimes we don't answer. It's not because we see the caller ID and don't want to talk to you. ( joking ) or because we aren't here. It's because we have a line at the counter and feel it's only right to help the people who are actually here, first. So come on in and we'd love to make you your favorite "sammie" or bag you up some fresh Bagels. Or you can keep calling and we will answer as soon as the line subsides.
Thanks for your understanding and continued support!
Stuart & the Whole Gang

Sausage Eggs 'n Cheese Bagel

[02/19/18]   Okay just to make it clear..... yes we are open today! As a matter of fact, basically we are only closed four days a year.
And, presidents day aint one of them.
So, come on in this chilly morning and have a Bagel &................... Stuart & the Hole Gang

Okay, okay.... the rumours are true!
Homegrown Bagels is accepting Credit/Debit cards!
I know, I know, its been 40 years ( omg it's been 40 years! ) that we have staunchly avoided taking plastic. I always preferred telling locals that if they didn't happen to have cash that day, that they could pay us another day,,,,no worries. And I loved being able to do that! And still do.
But... It's a brave new world and with the rise and prevelance of Social Media, we have been seeing more and more "out of towners" here at Homegrown ( which is, don't get me wrong, a good thing ) but when they were told " sorry we don't have the capability of accepting plastic, they were often shocked, dismayed, and sometimes downright upset. So, that, and coupled with the fact ( that I have had to come to accept ) that more and more folks truely don't carry cash, we are, after four decades ( omg 40 years! ) accepting Credit/Debit cards (sorry no Crypto Currency.... yet,) as payment for your Bagel &.
So come on in and insert your chip into our slot and enjoy your fresh bagel sammie (cashless)
And check out our "new" offerings.
See ya soon and remember
"Eat or we both starve"
Stuart & the Hole Gang


Vineyard Jewelers, always a cut above

Homegrown Bagels and Vineyard Jewelers in the news!

sonomanews.com The Petersons are retiring, but at least Homegrown Bagels bakes on…

Thanks Brendan for the "Shout out to the hole-gang"!

#homegrownbagels #bagellife

Greetings Dear Friends,
As we hurtle (to move at a great speed, typically in a wildly uncontrolled and seemingly dangerous manner) towards the oncoming year of 2018, we at Homegrown Bagels in our never-ending quest for deliciousness are adding not only house roasted Brisket, but our slow roasted Pork Belly (yes you read that right) to our ever changing (but basically the same) menu. I mean, can you imagine a PorkBelly BLT (to become known as our PBLT) on one of our bagels or our new softer Bungle? Hot, moist, and amazingly delicious. Beyond bacon (if thats possible) Or Pork Belly and eggs with melted cheese on a fresh Homegrown bagel. If your mouth is watering..... I've done my job here well, and we'll see you in the bakery very soon. If not...... we still have all the yummy offerings that you have loved for almost 40 years, and we'll see you in the bakery soon anyway.
Either way, we always look forward to seeing you at the bakery.
Stuart & the Hole Gang

Bagels in Paris

Adam Sandler Chanukah Song

Couldn't resist... Happy Chanukah to all!

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Dear Friends.
Just wanted to share a new "creation"for my brunch today.
Roast Pork Belly (Done in House of course ) with egg, cheddar cheese and lox! on our toasted Bun-gel. Pretty darn tasty. Working on our other Pork Belly Sammies too, like the Pork Belly BLT ( the PBLT? )And Pork Belly w/ Bbq sauce and cheese. And of course Pork Belly and Eggs on any Bagel. Got any other ideas ? let me know. Works in progress for sure. As always love your "FeedBack"

Dear Friends, Well, due to popular demand and the inevitable time of year, Pumpkin Spice Bagels are back! Worth a try if you've never had one and if you have, then you know. I recommend them toasted with butter, cream cheese and cinnamon sugar. Kinda has that pumpkin pie thing going.
But the sky's the limit as far as what folks will put on them.
Ask and ye shall receive, until we run out that is.

A $1,000 bagel topped with gold flakes and wine jelly is about to go on sale in New York City

Melia Robinson

Oct. 23, 2017, 1:49 PM 3,184
westin new york times square $1000 bagelThe Westin New York at Times Square

The Westin New York Hotel will start selling a bagel smeared with a white truffle cream cheese and topped with gold flakes on November 1.
The extravagant breakfast item costs $1,000.
The bagel first landed on the hotel's menu 10 years earlier, and it's back by popular demand.

In the bagel mecca that is New York City, you will soon be able to buy a bedazzled bagel.

The Westin New York Hotel in Times Square will begin selling a $1,000 bagel topped with Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly, and gold leaf flakes, for a limited time starting November 1. It will be available via room service and at the hotel's restaurant during breakfast hours, though diners must place their order 24 hours in advance.

The $1,000 bagel appeared on the menu for a brief run in the fall of 2007, and requests for the blingy bagel have "come in yearly without fail," according to a press release from the Westin.

Ten years later, the bagel has returned, feeding the local lust for frivolous foods.

The hotel insists that customers who order the bagel are getting "more than just over-priced carbs." White truffle grows almost exclusively in the Alba region of Italy, and most "truffle hunters" use trained dogs or pigs to find them buried next to tree roots. It commands as much as $2,000 per pound. The high-end fungus tastes "slightly garlicky with a deep musky aroma," according to Executive Chef Craig Reid at The Westin New York.

The chef added that the goji berry-infused Riesling jelly offers a blended fruit aroma of cranberries, sour plums, cherries, and orchard fruits like honey-crisp apples and pears.

The made-for-Instagram bagel has already gone viral.

[10/17/17]   Dear Friends.
Tuesday in Sonoma. Things are looking better, even to the point that it looks like we will sell out early today. I guess I underestimated the return of "normal" life to the valley. I apologize for that, but I also take it as a good sign.
On a personal note, We got up to our house yesterday for the first time since last Tuesday. I'm very happy to report that our home is still standing and untouched by the disastrous fires that have overwhelmed so much of the valley. It was astonishing how very close my neighbors and us came to losing everything. I mean really, really close. My true heartfelt thanks go out to the incredibly hard working fire fighters that saved our home and countless others. THANK YOU! I count my self as very fortunate and lucky. Maybe I should buy a Lottery ticket today.
Homegrown Bagels will continue to make every effort to keep our community supplied with the fresh bagels and good food and service that we have become known for all these years. And we will continue to offer our bagels to those in need.
Once again, take care of yourself and each other.
Stuart & the Hole Gang.

Tony & I Two old Bagel Warriors

[10/16/17]   Dear Friends,
It's Monday. As we go into week two of our "ordeal". Cautious Optimism is the phrase I'm hearing a lot. Displaced Sonomans are slowly returning to our valley, businesses are re-opening and life is very slowly heading back to a semblance of "normal". The hard working people here at Homegrown have been keeping us going and have been giving our loyal fans a place to gather, eat, connect and feel safe in these crazy times.
I wish what happened... didn't. But now it's up to all of us to do our best to carry on and help those of us that have suffered and continue to be in need. We, here at Homegrown Bagels will do what we have done for the past thirty nine years. Provide Sonoma with the best fresh bagels, good food and company. Please come in and join us. If you or someone you know is in need let us know and we will do what we can to help. I don't want any of us to go hungry, ever.
Take care of yourselves and each other and stay
Stuart & the Hole Gang

Thank you Emily at Tesoro Flowers for these gorgeous flowers! Once again I am touched by our community.

[10/15/17]   Dear Friends
Good morning Sonoma.
Its's been a week now, and quite a week it has been. Homegrown Bagels is open, thanks to my amazing crew and you, our wonderful fans friends and loyal customers .
Just a quick post today to let you know all of us are safe and relatively sound. Come in and let us know how you are doing. If anyone is in need or if you are feeding fire fighters or aid workers there will be no charge again today, just let us know please.
Take care of yourselves and each other.
Stuart & The Hole Gang

Stuart and the Hole gang.

[10/14/17]   Dear Friends
It is Saturday
Our esteemd master baker Seńor Tony has done it again! After baking all night ( and despite all odds ) The bagels are here and perfect. Our senior Goddess Angela is here and ready. Tony Jr. is on board , and Thea, our newest member is coming too. We are as ready as possible.
We will continue our (pardon the pun) Fire Sale today. Bagels are free for the asking and we will make as much of our menu as is possible.
Fire fighters and all aid workers will be fed.... just ask.
Our little town is going thru hell and as someone ( it may have been Winston Churchill ?) once said " If you find yourself going through hell..... Keep Going! So we will keep going. We will continue to do what we can and what we do best. Serve the people of Sonoma fresh Bagels and the best food possible.
Thank you Sonoma and be safe.
Take care of yourselves and each other

PS If we don't answer the phone it's either that we are too busy with the people that are here or we are gone!, or we just don't want to talk to you ( kidding )
Stuart and the Hole Gang

[10/14/17]   I know that today was Friday the 13th but it sure felt lucky to me.
The amount of kind words and affection that I've felt today both on social media and in person has kinda overwhelmed me.
The day started with our Master Baker Mr Tony Peña ( who has been with me for over 35 years ) ( And by the way, still hasn't missed a single day of work.... ever! ) baking the best bagels in the world ( in my predujised opinion ) along with Ms Angela Wilson who has also been with me forever and is our self proclaimed " Bagel Goddess " and Carina, Karla, Tony Jr. and our newest member Sandra who are all ready, willing and proudly able to serve Homegrown's loyal following. We don't have customers... We have fans!
The day started smokey and oddly quiet, but as word spread that the bakery was open again, things changed.
People showed up. Everyone was checking in and asking about each other's " situations ".
Soon the bakery was full of folks sharing and eating. Talking and laughing. May have shared a tear or two as well.
We even had a few angels show up forcing us to accept overly generous gifts. ( you know who you are )
I was so deeply moved by their generosity that I probably screwed up a few orders.
Our community is going through a rough patch right now and I am so impressed with the way we are handling it.
I am proud to be a local, proud say that Sonoma is my home. Proud to call you my friends.
The weekend is coming and I'm looking forward to seeing you all ( hopefully not all at once )
Thanks to the fire fighters and all the people that are working so hard to help us pass through these difficult days and the ones that still lay ahead.

To be continued.........
Stuart and the Hole Gang.

[10/13/17]   Dear Friends
Homegrown Bagels IS open today. ( Friday )
And the bagels are free for the asking.
If you or people you know are in need we have fresh bagels.
We will also bring bagels to the shelters and for the fire fighters and all the hard working volunteers in our wonderful community.
And we have sandwiches and drinks for sale as well.
Come in if you can, we'd love to see you.
Thank you and be safe. Take care of yourselves and each other.
Stuart and the Hole Gang.

[10/12/17]   Dear friends.After a agonizing week we plan on being open tomorrow which is, Friday
The menu may be a bit limited but we will be doing our best. Our plan is to also provide bagels for the shelters and fire fighters that have been doing such an amazing job keeping us safe and secure.
Don't hesitate to ask for assistance, if we can help, we will
Thank you all for your kind support and understanding.
See you at the bagel shop. Stay safe.

[10/10/17]   Dear friends, The bakery is closed today, for the safety sake of all our people. Thank you for understanding and continuous kind support. See you all tomorrow. Take care of yourselves and each other. Stay safe.

[10/10/17]   Dear friends
Sadly, the bakery is closed today.
For safety sake of all our people.
Take care of yourself and each other.
See you all tomorrow.
Thank you all for your kind support.

Baby Hazel's first Homegrown Bagel! Thanks Megan for sharing this moment with us. 🧡

#bagelbaby #homegrown #sonoma #thebagelshop #sonomapride #babieslovebagels

Another year. Another Vintage Festival. They're pouring wine. We're pouring bagels! 😊

It's a very Jerry day at Homegrown Bagels
Happy Birthday we miss ya.



The Bagel Shop will be closed on the 4th
enjoy the day and we'll see you on Wednesday
May the fourth be strong in all of us.....we need it!


[06/26/17]   Hello world. I need a very part time bookeeper for the Bakery.
S/he needs to be "understanding" organized and affordable.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

[06/18/17]   If you are a father, like I know I am, or have a father........Happy Fathers Day to us all
It's going to be a hot one today....Stay cool or at least be cool.

Bagel Boy, THE Bagel Man and Bagel Girl home for a visit! #homegrownbagels #family #sonoma #valleyofthemoon #nomapride #thebagelshop

[05/14/17]   To all of you who are or have mothers....
Fresh bagels and happiness to you.

[05/14/17]   To all of you who are or have mothers....
Happy Mothers Day to you!
Fresh bagels and happiness to you all.

[04/24/17]   In support of all our Immigrant
Brothers and Sisters
We will be closed on May 1st.
We hope you understand and that this does not cause you any inconvenience
Thank you !
Stuart & the Whole Crew!

Good Easter morning.
We are open 'till noon today!
Come on down, have a bagel &.
Happy Easter to all.

Sunday brunch isn't complete without bagels and lox! Come on in for breakfast or call in and pick up an order to go. #bagelsandlox #sundaybrunch #thebagelshop #sonomavalley

St. Patrick eats bagels too!

Happy Valentine's Day from The Bagel Shop. Bring your sweetheart in for lunch! #sonoma #bagelshop

Love is in the air!

Tony Jr. grillin' n grinnin'!

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