The Practicing Church

We seek to be a community of followers of Jesus who are known for their generosity, kindness and service to others.

What is The Practicing Church?

We are followers of Jesus known for their kindness, generosity and service to others.

We believe that living into the way of Jesus takes practice – and that our faith is much more than something we add to our already busy, stressed out lives, but rather, it is a way of life.

So many of us want to live in the way of Jesus—pursuing a life that is deeply soulful, connected to our real needs and good news to our world. Yet too often our methods of spiritual formation are individualistic, information driven or disconnected from the details of every day life. If Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated and taught a revolutionary way of love that is actually possible, alive with healing and hope, then we need a path for experiencing that revolution in our everyday lives.

As The Practicing Church, we aim to do this through shared practices and community experiments. We want to practice the way of Jesus in the places we live, weaving a fabric of care and friendship, and participating in God’s redemptive work in the world.

We are a Vineyard Church.

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The Sacred Ordinary

An invitation to the sacramental life, living the sacred ordinary. Which is why I love the neighborhood so much. This is where the big stories of money, fame, success, and power that are worshipped in our culture are replaced with the small stories, of presence, faithfulness, generosity and compassion. Where the unsung heroes are celebrated and championed. So here’s to all the women and mothers this week, on Mother’s Day and all year round. You teach us so much of what it means to be faithfully present. I love our community. In fact, the more that I attune to the beauty here. In the neighborhood. In the people of this place. In the meaningful connections we share. The more I feel hope rise up steady...

Turning Point Seattle

Give Big and invest in at-risk youth in our community! Such a wonderful opportunity to partner with all the good work happening at Turning Point. Give Big is May 10th but you can set up your donation now!


You just never know the gift your neighbor might be and the wealth of experiences and talents they might bring and the connections you might share. I love this story unfolding in my neighborhood! ​I talk a lot about what a gift it is to know people in the neighborhood. People I might not otherwise know. Such richness in the variety of young and old, folks new to the area and those that have...


Good news is only good news if it is truly good news. But what does this look like in Seattle in 2017? How do we reinterpret the gospel for our day and our time so that it is actually good news to our neighbors? Good news is only good news if it truly is good news. You and me, we may not be rocket scientists or published theologians, but I think we get this simple truth. Good news must be good news. Like...

Ready for Resurrection & Mimosas! See you tomorrow morning!


This Holy Week. Bread. Communion. The stories of death. The stories of life. The stories of celebration. It is all here. Around the many different colored faces in the room, the varied languages, the rich cultures. We share bread and so we share life. And we share community. Bread. It is life. It is sustenance. In so many cultures, it carries our stories. Here around the table, we gather as we have for hundreds of years and we share life. We share community. And we share...

Easter Brunch

RSVP!!! It's time to get serious about the feasting! Join us for a Special Gathering on Easter! Directly following our service, we will have an Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Brunch. Feel free to invite your friends, your neighbors and your clan. And then bring some delicious food so we can feast together! We will provide the Spiral Ham. You bring the res...





621 N 179th Street
Shoreline, WA

Opening Hours

Wednesday 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Sunday 10am - 12pm
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