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High quality dental services provided by the best dental team in Capitol Hill. Located@12Ave/Howell (Cal Anderson). Free private parking. Open on weekends.

What sets us apart?
• The art and science of exceptional smiles
• Free parking available
• Affordable Dental Excellence
• Open on Weekends for your convenience
• Reimbursement of public transportation
• Most insurances accepted
• Emergencies and walk-ins welcome
• Free 2nd Opinion consultation
• Free private parking
• Crystal clear of the treatment estimation* out-of-pocket expense
Experience the difference
• The difference is in the details! Ours is a fun, patient-centered office with a team that takes the time to get to know you. Be prepared to have a dental experience unlike any you have ever had. If knowledge is power, we feel confident that you will leave our office more powerful and in more control of your oral health than ever before.

• Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Our office is for you! We are a relaxed office, regularly applying mild sedation techniques that allow you to relax completely while we complete your dental care. Afterward, you awake feeling refreshed and comfortable.

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Advanced Scheduling
Our team is able to deliver comprehensive dental care that reduces your total chair time by utilizing a new-age scheduling strategy. You may see the hygienist get your teeth cleaned and soon after, Dr. for additional procedures. In this way, you are able to receive comprehensive care unlike anywhere else.
Dentist Seattle WA | Family Dentist | Root Canals | Teeth whitening | Capitol Hill Dentist | Fresh Smile Dental| Fresh Smile Seattle

Office Fun
If you want a stale environment without smiles and laughter then this is not the office for you. However, if you like an office that is lively and full of energy, you’ve found the right place! Come visit us one time and you won't go anywhere else. We look forward to meeting you. Call today!

Dentist Seattle WA | Family Dentist | Root Canals | Teeth whitening | Capitol Hill Dentist | Fresh Smile Dental| Fresh Smile Seattle

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Clenching your teeth isn't harmless. Just ask to see the X-ray of someone who grinds. Do you wake up some mornings with a headache of origins you can’t define? Do you experience vague muscle pain in your face? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of bruxism. What’s bruxism?

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Monday 7am - 5pm
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