The Vast Unknown Backpacking Co.

The Vast Unknown Backpacking Co.

The Vast Unknown is a travel brand that represents backpackers all over the world. We welcome everyone from seasoned travelers to potential backpackers!

The Vast Unknown Backpacking Co. is a travel brand focused on spreading creativity through clothing, backpacking gear, and essentials for backpackers traveling the world. We make custom designed hoodies, sweaters, tanks, and t-shirts that express our view of the world and we work with backpackers to bring the public original backpacking gear with a unique twist. We enjoy working with backpackers who have a creative side, allowing them to create their own designs while giving them 10% of each sale.

The goal of our company is for half of our gear to be 100% fair trade material. Supporting workers in developing countries while spreading love, peace, and kindness is who we wish to become. Each quarter, The Vast Unknown donates 15% of its earnings to our quarterly charity.

Winter has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere.
Photo Cred: @southbyland

The morning sunlight.
Photo Cred: @shonith

Paradise in a nutshell.
Photo Cred: @hibiscusandnomada

Majestic Beauties.
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Hazy days in Paris.
Photo Cred: @j_baylorcook

Cultural openness is a must. Explore.

Deep Thoughts.
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Moody PNW.
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Adventure is out there.
Photo Cred: @asphalt.and.beyond

South African perspectives.
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