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School for Perceptual Landscape Painting.

School for Perceptual Landscape Painting and Home of the Northwest Landscape Painting Initiative
Founded 10/9/2014

[05/21/17]   Read SA founder Michael Lane's latest post. The comments section is heating up.
Special thanks to Jennifer (Renfield), we can always count on you.

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From the comments section on a recent post; SA founder Michael Lane writes: "Myself and Geoff Flack and Matt Buckner (from Gage) initially planned and intended to work together on this business (uniting the SA with the SSA, Seattle Sculpture Atelier). I have many emails to support this. The plan was to begin as an LLC and then, through the help of Shunpike, to become a non-profit. This was getting around and students expressed excitement. With Geoff teaching drawing, Matt teaching sculpture (mainly) and myself teaching painting. Matt donated the easels and a lot more equipment which were essential to my opening and Geoff wrote me saying he was on his way back from Italy and would love to join the project. Matt also said that he would love to involve friends who are investors. There were other Gage teachers who expressed a willingness to teach workshops and classes. All of this formed my basic expectation and understanding when undertaking this project and sustained me during the long days and nights of high risk and hard work required to open a business. A blatant and malicious lie, which falsely claimed that a restraining order had to be put in place against me, by Gage, and which was spread around by Juliette Aristides, with the full cooperation of Carol Hendricks and with the approval and encouragement of Gary Faigin and Pamela Belyea, changed all of that overnight. Anyone who had any relationship with Gage suddenly and irrevocably distanced themselves, partners, colleagues, volunteers and students. The stress of this was considerable even though the precise cause was a mystery. Geoff is as popular a Gage instructor as I had been and now, tellingly, has been given an atelier of his own, in Georgetown, fully funded and operated by Gage. Art-centers in Issaquah, Bothell, Langley and Bellevue which expressed an eagerness to partner with my business, and unite our followings, went silent overnight. This lie was also told, by Juliette Aristides, in Philadelphia, at my alma mater, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and an arrangement with them to handle a patented device I make, in their store, abruptly ended and decades-old relationships were just as abruptly severed. I couldn't figure out what was happening until last week, when I received a copy of a statement, written in Juliette Aristides own hand, wherein she swears to someone, in an attempt to frighten them, that this restraining order has existed against me at Gage for years. This is a lie and is being deliberately told, while known to be a lie. Armed with this I was able to confirm that this is the story which has been spread around. This explains how a unique business partnership was thwarted and students were deprived of a generous, new and innovative program and series of classes. This was done in a calculating and unscupled way, through the deliberate spreading of malicious lies, in order to maintain a grip on the financial benefits which Gage enjoys from classes. On a personal level, it was done to punish me for daring to act independently. My candor should encourage more people similarly wronged by Gage, and the people listed here, to come forward. As I speak openly about these matters many people have written and spoken to me with similar tales of contemptuous treatment, and disregard for their well being, after they have served this non profit. The destruction of my business was meant to serve as a warning to other educators connected to Gage. Let it be a call for others in this community to step forward and tell the truth about how they have been treated, in order to warn their fellows.
We need to ask; should a non-profit, which receives grants and solicits donations, be acting in this way?"

We couldn't agree more.
We should be asking if this is acceptable behavior for an institution which benefits from the public perception and financial rewards of a non profit.

Write us with your thoughts. Also, write the Trustees at Gage.
Here is a list:

Erin Moyer, President
Laird Norton Wealth Management, Director of Marketing & Communications

David Dwyer, Vice President
Seattle Radiologists, retired

Ted Kutscher, Treasurer
Kutscher Hereford Bertram Burkart PLLC, Principal

Greg Eastman, Secretary
Director of Operations/Asset Manager, Ilahie Holdings

Julie Tall, Immediate Past President
Capitol Cider, Owner

Richard V. West, Emeritus Trustee
Frye Art Museum, Director Emeritus

Gary Bezowsky, CPA, Evered & Associates
Phoebe Brockman, attorney
Erik Haroldson, President, Senior Account Executive, TNS
Pamela Johnson, Vice-president and Secretary, The Johnson-Haefling Foundation
Ann Bradford, Founder, Lyric, Inc.
Scott Schliebner, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, PRA International
Kim Hamilton, Senior Advisor, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Anne Steele

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[05/08/17]   A Post We Don't Enjoy Writing: It has come to the attention of Seattle Atelier that a very nasty lie has been spread around about us by a rival art center in order to deliberately damage our reputation.
Founder Michael Lane worked for 5+ years at Gage Academy of Art, teaching a variety of subjects year round (usually 4-5 classes per week plus workshops) which were well attended, without a single negative incident. They were popular classes which people frequently took repeatedly.
After opening Seattle Atelier, in the summer of 2014, Michael was distributing flyers and cards for the business and stopped at Gage. This is not at all unusual. Gage is full of promotional materials for other schools, ateliers, drawing sessions and more.
But in this case, shortly after, an email was sent to say that if it was done again the police would be called and he or anybody handing out or leaving promotional materials for Seattle Atelier would be arrested. This was the first and became the only attempt to leave materials there.
Heres the thing; That is the right of Gage Academy of Art, as renters of a business property they can call the police on anyone and have them removed, just like any store, restaurant, gym, etc. can.
That this was an unprecedentedly malicious thing to do to a contractor with a perfect employment record, who had made them a lot of money, is not important either.
What IS important is that a rumor was spread around that a "restraining order" had been placed on Seattle Atelier founder Michael Lane by Gage Academy of Art. We now learn that it has been deliberately spread around, even sworn to, by key people there.
This is a lie. No papers were ever served and no court appearance/hearing was ever scheduled and there was never a restraining order.
It was a warning, a simple email and the "request" has been abided by, without fail, ever since.
We feel it says a lot more about the people who issued the warning than it says about a popular teacher who was offering weekend classes in subjects not being given anywhere else in Seattle. (It says a great deal more about the people who have deliberately spread this falsehood.)
It also helps to explain the hostility we have experienced at times and the estrangement of some supporters and friends.
We apologize for the confusion and regret how this may have been perceived.
Seattle Atelier students can attest to the fact that when we have been painting outdoors in the city and parents have approached Michael Lane with questions about lessons for their teens or children he has always directed them to Gage, even after this discriminatory incident.
We believe in this and hope that everyone finds caring, generous teachers along this path, which many of us have chosen to follow with open minds and open hearts. ❤

(5/18/2017. Note: For specific details on this matter see the most recent post on the Seattle Atelier page. Thank you.)

If a student can really see their subject, with a painter's eye and a painter's understanding, they will be able to paint it. They'll need some basic instruction in color mixing and techniques but their main task is learning to understand what they see.
Beginning student, weekend foundation course, week #3.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated in our Foundation Painting Course, 2014 through 2016!
The classroom will be closed until Summer, 2017 when our landscape painting program begins.
Until then workshops and painting demonstrations, in other locations, will be announced as they are scheduled. Thank you!

Seattle Atelier students preparing for a day of cityscape painting in the Central District, Seattle

Northwest Landscape Painting Initiative.
Teaching Artists in Residence 2016
Jewels Foster, Amber Kimbrough, Niki King, Rachel Hoffman and Angela Lewis . Guest Faculty, Deanna Weber Baldi and Julia Oliver-Clifner
Of special note is our affiliate course with the JSS in Civita in August, which is built into the program's calendar and curriculum.
Thank you!!classes/c1jxp

It has been a good spring break and we are excited that Seattle's weather is changing fast and our Landscape Painting Program starts on April 30th. Details below:
Duration: April 30th to September 24th.
There is a two week closure for a painting excursion with the JSS in Civita Castellana, Italy August 8th to 22nd. Classes pause for that course and resume immediately after.
Ethos: The practice and traditions of working outdoors from direct observation. Optional assigned studies of master works clarify these traditions in the history of painting.
Students and Instruction: Our students may be complete beginners, dedicated practitioners or anyone who sees painting outside as a healthy component of their painting practice no matter what genres they pursue. All are welcome in this humbling pursuit of painting the light outdoors.
Students should have a special interest in painting the beauty of the Northwest. It's more remote regions and it's regular neighborhoods.
Instruction is foundational, we constantly stress the basics, and also reflects a tradition which extends from the time of Corot to the present but is not restrictive in style.

Painting Classes: Meet 9am -1pm every Saturday and Sunday. We meet in the classroom for explanatory lessons and then head out to paint on location in places such as the natural setting of Seattle's neighborhoods and streets, beaches, parks, lakes and other inspiring places in the surrounding area.
Most of the class time will be painting outside, on location. In the case of rain, in covered locations or in the classroom.Courses are taught by a lead instructor and at least one teaching assistant. You can expect ample time with instructors at your easel.
There are a variety of painting presentations and demonstrations by a rotating group of landscape painters, acting as guest and co-instructors all summer.
Students will become familiar with and make certain tools which make the job of building a painting easier. These tools include charts, wheels and mechanical aids. Students should expect to invest a little time at home, weekly, in the creation of these valuable tools for use in class.
After every outdoor class students may take advantage of time for an instructor critique at the classroom.
Drawing: Students are expected, even at a very small scale, to begin keeping a sketchbook which compliments the lessons they are receiving in shape-tone analysis and composition.

Scholarship Discounts are available to students wishing to assist in the running of classes.
All students interested in a scholarship should contact to request an application.

The art of Corot has been a focus of study for students at Seattle Atelier since we opened. Images show beginning students, last Summer, working on rapid alla prima copies of Corot paintings before heading out to paint in the landscape, limited value studies in grisaille of Paintings by Corot by student Steve Momii and the works of the master. Learn why Renoir famously said "The painting of Corot is the art of the future." This August we will be painting on the same ground where Corot painted many of his most beloved works, in our affiliate course with the JSS in Civita
The artistic immersion and painting experience of a lifetime.
Please give it a look and feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thank you.

Generations of Great Painters
Marina Malamud
Sigal Tsabari
Israel Hershberg
Lennart Anderson





1426 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA

Opening Hours

Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm
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