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ECNM Travel with Benefits stretches and exercises your mental muscle for improving your finances, health and fitness, and relationships.

ECNM Travel with Benefits (TwB) designs and makes arrangements for fun and travel focused on Ethical and Consensual Non-Monogamous (ECNM) (and non-monogamous friendly) passionate consumers and industry trade professionals of; craft chocolate, specialty coffee, craft beer, craft spirits, craft wine and interesting Indie businesses.

Some of the kinds of fun and/or travel we design and arrange are:
• Indulgent Day Trips
• Indulgent Get-A-Ways
• Indulgent Car Vacations
• Indulgent Cruises
• Indulgent Island Vacations
• Indulgent Vacation to the chocolate and coffee belt

After a trip, the typical traveler is left with only; memories, photographs, souvenirs, and stories to tell as the excitement of the trip fades away. Not when you Travel with Benefits.

Designing Travel with Benefits (TwB) combines my work as a lifestyle engineer, vacation designer, travel writer, and owner of a travel business.

What is TwB:

The benefit of Travel with Benefits is how that trip fits into intentionally designing and building the life you are passionate about creating and living each and every day.

Travel with Benefits focuses you on living an authentic and transparent life of simplicity and balance in 3 areas:

1. Financially
Follow your passion on a journey of business or career development living your dreams to bring out and share the greatness that is within you allowing it to impact as many lives positively as possible.

2. Health and Fitness
Improve or maintain your health/fitness so you can live a long active life enjoying nearly every day.

A good health and fitness routine puts you in touch with your true inner self bringing out the best in you giving you the best life possible.

This is about what you eat, the recreation and exercise you get, and what your mind spends time thinking about.

3. Relationally
Having, developing, and maintaining business, personal, and romantic relationships. This entails personal development, increasing communication skills, and having great sex with your proper relationships by embracing the gift that is each of ours in being a sexual being; being proud of it, enjoying it, and having no shame over body image issues or issues of who you are sexually.

When traveling time spent developing relationship skills, creating relationships, and enjoying pleasurable sexual and positive body image experiences designed for you do more to challenge and improve your well-being than most other things.

How it does that:

Travel with Benefits inspires you to get on track, get back on track, keep on track, or get on a better track to an intentional passionate life you don’t have to escape from.

Travel with Benefits keeps a life growing, progressing, grounded, and balanced. Working with you, we design Travel with Benefits to improve, build, and develop your life propelling you closer to accomplishing and achieving goals and desires, or setting those goals and clarifying your desires.

Who we work with:

People who are;

• Success minded college educated professional people who are headed, or want to head, somewhere in life that matters to them. They are people who have (or want to have) the minds of sharp cutting edge business people, entrepreneurs, professionals, and career minded people. These are possibility thinkers who see opportunities more than obstacles, can decide what opportunities benefit them, and act on those opportunities that do.

• Positive people into personal growth and self-improvement that work at having great attitudes. These are people who take responsibility and believe they can rather than they can’t. They approach life building it intentionally one block at a time creating an energy that attracts good things to their lives that keeps them moving ahead in life.

• Non-judgmental open minded sex positive people who are; non-monogamous, curious about non-monogamy, or friendly and accepting of non-monogamous people.

• Inspired consumers, industry trades people, home hobbyist, and lovers of great craft; chocolate, coffee, wine, beer, and distilled alcohol products.

Craft Industry Workers:

If you work in an industry involving great craft chocolate, coffee, wine, beer, or distilled alcohol products; make it your business to take a free vacation on us. Opportunities are available to vacation for free, or at substantial discounts, by linking us with people who we arrange Travel with Benefits for.

Benefit more with groups:

We specialize in designing and arranging Travel with Benefits for small to large groups of people.

Can you guess the Island? Local fisherman used to paint their homes in bright colors to make them more visible from the sea.

I need vitamin sea.

Saturday morning vibes done right. Don't you wish you were here?

It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

Salt water cures all wounds.

What's better than a private beachfront villa? Tag someone you want to be here with!

Two weeks ago tomorrow I pulled the lever for the purchase of my new Cruzbike on their Kickstarter campaign. The plan is to pick it up at the end of September in Portland and ride over 1100 miles to get home in Ventura California. My work outs on the Elliptical at the gym have taken on new energy with the goal of this ride. The pic is of me on a different model of Cruzbike than the T-50 I am getting.

If you are looking for privacy on your next Celebrity cruise... Look for these awesome hammocks!

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.

Following the path to nowhere in the Bamboo Forest of Maui.

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What types of friends do you need more of?
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Cracking Cacao using a Champion Juicer




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