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#finishstrongfriday. Bonnie here gettin after it today with a great strength and metabolic conditioning workout. From full range trap bar deadlifts to the db push press (using great core activation) to the single leg low box db dip step ups. Also there's bilateral and unilateral work to go along with strengthening the lower body in different ranges of motion. Mechanics, mechanics, mechanics. This is the bread and butter of my coaching. Love how well Bonnie performs her movements mindfully. Give this circuit a try with 4-5 rounds of each and 6-10 reps for each exercise focusing on control and tension in the core and quads and glutes. #informedmovement. #strength #training #metabolic #conditioning #focusedmovement #fitness #workout

#makeithappenmonday. This is what happens when my clients don't do their homework, lol. Perfect quote above @michael_ferguson to remind him why we do what we do!! #informedmovement #nwfp #nwfitnessproject #seattletraining #fitness #fitnessmotivation #painistemporary #resultsdrivenworkouts

#testimonialtuesday. Another Female Client that Gained Muscle, lost more than 10 inches and is smaller and leaner!

This is my client Emily’s Measurement Breakdown:

December 14th – April 4th:

•Starting weight: 149 lbs / Current Weight 139.5 lbs

•Starting BF%: 27.7% / Current BF%: 17.9%.

•Total Inches Lost: >10 ¼ inches

•Starting LBM: 107.6 lbs / Current LBM: 114 lbs (gained 6.4 lbs of muscle)

•Starting lbs of Bodyfat: 41.4 lbs / Current lbs of Bodyfat: 25 lbs. (lost 16.4 lbs of fat)

Here’s what Emily had to say:

"I worked out fairly regularly on my own and I was in decent shape. In the three months with Sean and I've made huge progress on cardio, strength and lowering my body fat. Sean covers everything you need to be successful. Whatever your goals are, and he makes sure you are happy with everything along the way. Previously I had pretty much constant shoulder pain which is now mostly gone thanks to strengthening my back and shoulders. Sean makes sure he knows what you're looking for and puts together a plan to get you there. He truly cares about your progress and celebrates all achievements as if they are his own. He's stuck with me now and I can't wait to see my progress and strength continue to grow.”

I’m telling you there are people that just simply know what it takes right from the get go and are willing and able to commit and follow through with a customized fitness program like, Emily has. She’s excelled in every category that I’ve asked of her to step up in which included: her workouts with me and at home as well as the guidelines I’ve provided her for a healthier nutritional lifestyle and well…’s all in the numbers; they don’t lie. All of this is achievable for anyone willing to embrace the process that I personalize for you.

Your someday is today.

#informedmovement #seattlepersonaltrainer #results #transform #strength #fatloss #goals

#techniquetuesday. If you have underdeveloped ab strength or endurance and/or an overactive, pesky lower back, (like yours truly) it's vital to teach your body how to "turn things on," (such as the abdominal wall) in order to move better with less aches. It's not always about stretching "tight muscles." So, building a strong or lasting core doesn't mean going nuts on crunches or leg raises. In my humble opinion, it's a slow yet steady progression that starts with the basics and understanding how to activate the muscles you're trying to target. This is my favorite ab combo for beginners and advanced alike because no matter your fitness level, there's is no harm in learning or re-educating your own movement patterns. I do this a minimal 3 X per week at home or at the gym. Start these supported crunches with just the heels down and do as many as you can till failure. The best part about that and the feet up version is the way down; let your abs take you down and keep them tight going into the next rep. Keep the pace slow and controlled. Then go right into the, "hallow-body" hold for as long as you can. Rest 30-60 sec and repeat X 3. Questions or comments? Feel free to message below. Enjoy!

Another #techniquetuesday. The push-up. How often do you see the arched lower back like in the top video? Well if you're obsessed with form like I am you'd see it all too often unfortunately. So why is this "bad?" Well it's not about good or bad technically, it's more about what is more effective and helpful in terms of gaining real strength and providing optimal leverage and mechanics for your body to adopt for cleaner movement in every day life as well as in the gym. If you aren't able to accomplish a consistent and active braced core like in the bottom video, then I'd suggest you do a 30 day plank challenge. Day 1: Perform a plank on your elbows squeezing and bracing your abs, glutes and quads while in the position and hold for as long as you can. Record your time and then for every following day, add 2-3 seconds. At the end of the 30 days, go back and try the push-up translating the same technique of bracing all those muscles like you did for the plank challenge during your push-up and watch and feel how much easier it is!

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I look forward to helping you reach your goals! Informed Movement, Sean Ferguson, Personal Trainer in Seattle. Training Packages. One of the primary benefits of working with a trainer is increased commitment focus and accountability.

#techniquetuesday. The stationary lunge. You can make this exercise highly more effective for the quads and glutes and hips on the front working leg by adjusting your angle (video on the right) and how you align your upper body over the thigh of the front leg. Your back leg doesn't need to be a "landing zone" (video on the left) once you're at the top. There's no point in doing this other than to rest, and well.... why the heck do that ;). I get that some people have balance issues but you can still practice the technique on the right with light or no weight. Remember, any movement you practice is about activation and tension. You don't get stronger by locking out or pulling out of a proper position unless you simply are not able to do any more reps. So, lean over the front leg, keep your spine at the same angle the whole way through and focus on your glutes and quads by squeezing those muscles to push you up.

Technique Tuesday: The step up. Whether you use a barbell, dbs, or just your body weight (which I would advise when practicing technique) here are some things to look for. The video on the left demonstrates two common "mistakes." The first is over utilizing momentum. By "swinging" my body back and forth it makes it much easier to get up on the box yet less effective to force activation in the glutes, quads and even hamstrings. The second "mistake" is the back foot push off. Again, taking away from the top legs duties of activation and strengthening. The video on the right shows control and patience by creating tension in as many possible areas in that leg prior to stepping up. I now feel it much more in the glutes and quads and the hamstrings on the way down. Tension first in any exercise prior to movement helps the mind muscle connection as well as ensures that the areas you are supposed to be working actually are. Train focused, train smart, practice technique, ALWAYS!!

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My Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Seeing Results! (Oh and a chance to win a FREE Session)

Whether you’re a “train hard, eat hard” enthusiast or you’ve been doing the same routine over and over expecting different results; losing fat and inches or increasing strength takes just a few simple adjustments that will have your efforts in the gym and in the kitchen provide you with lasting results in a lot less time.

1. You Work Out Consistently but What You’re Eating Negates the Work.

There’s a very good reason why this is number one; what you eat is SO crucial to your results! Listen, I’ve heard this response so many times after I have walked up to and complimented a fellow gym member’s work ethic, “Yeah well, I’m workin’ this hard so I can go have whatever I want at dinner tonight!” The reality is I’m not a total “food drill-sergeant,” with my clients. I simply tell them, “if the goals of losing weight and body-fat are what you’re after, then you’ll need to incorporate a balanced nutritional intake in order to fuel your workouts and day-to-day energy as well as get you the results you’re paying me for.” There’s a time and place for having a few cheat meals and relaxing around food each week. However, to try and justify eating poorly after the efforts you put in the gym, simply won’t work when it comes to leaning out. Again, the types of food you eat are EVERYTHING when it comes to your results oh and your health in general. Also, the amount you eat on workout days, differ from the amount you eat on your mostly sedentary days. The rule of thumb is: Move More = Eat More, and Move Less = Eat Less. It is NOT: Move More = Eat Less or Move Less = Eat More.

2. You Mostly Train at 50-65% of Your Max Effort

I’ll be the first to tell you and I might as well take the opportunity to quote myself here, “The hardest part to any workout, is showing up.” So I acknowledge and respect just coming to the gym to workout, in fact I applaud it greatly. If I have to be honest here, the unfortunate reality is that most people don’t maximize their full or even ¾ full potential. Another great quote and one that also works great for this topic was said by Arnold Schwarzenegger which he got from Muhammad Ali which was, “I don’t count my sit-ups. I only start counting when it starts hurting. When I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts.” Arnold adopted this mentality in his own training, making him the greatest bodybuilder throughout his era, and instead of going into each exercise saying, “I’ll do 12 reps for this set,” he decided that only when it starts to “hurt;” THAT’S when the real work and the real results take place. As we all know, he put his money where his mouth was. So, what am I saying here? That you have to go out and train like Arnold, look like Arnold, sound like Arnold??? NO! (Unless you want all of that, then more power to you)! What I do want to say however and the point that I want to make here is that; most humans have this innate capability of limiting themselves. In other words it’s common that we do the least amount of work necessary in order to preserve energy; (the survival instinct). But outside of that primal area in our brains, there's also the ever so present ego. A recent study revealed that 80% of our thoughts are either negative or limiting. That’s staggering! So how does all of this apply to your workouts or seeing results? Well, the harder you work the faster the turnaround and the higher the intensity (in shorter and timely bursts) the less time you have to spend in the gym. The result from upping your intensity level; again it’s less time spent in the gym which means more time on other things and the bonus is that long after you’ve left the gym your body will respond metabolically and thermogenically in the favor of burning fat for energy! Listen, if you are someone who goes’ to the gym, making the effort to set aside time to work-out and you’re looking to see changes or results, then experiment with observing your mind and thoughts. Try asking yourself one of these questions, “what would it be like if I tried 5 or 10 more reps,” or “is one more interval or round going to kill me?” If you have an open mind to push the ceiling a little higher than you’ve previously set, you just might, no wait, you WILL be surprised at discovering a sudden surge of inner strength or energy that you didn’t think you had.

3. You’re Not Training Smart

We all know and have heard that loose definition of insanity which is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Yet, this very concept is still so continually prevalent throughout the gyms in our country. Whether it’s the younger 20 somethings hitting the same predictable body-part workouts on the same exact days each week or it’s the new gym goers who have been working hard but training with the same type of exercises and intensity long enough for the body to figure out what’s going on. If you are not or have not developed and executed a specific and custom plan that works against your body’s natural tendencies to store fat for energy the result is….you'll look and feel the same and it will stay that way for as long as you decide to keep paying and driving to the gym 3-5 times a week. Take cardio for instance. That area can actually be of HUGE benefit to fat loss when done correctly. Finally H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) has really started to emerge and has become a trusted and utilized go to for cardio junkies. It’s usually a small percentage of folks that I see doing it. For the others they may simply not know it exists or it’s because they know it will require utilizing rule #2 (above), so they sit back in their comfort zone and justify that if they're at least at the gym then that's “good enough.” Again, if you’re reading this article, then you’re interested and have invested (with your time) in how to lose body fat or increase energy and strength and so these are the obstacles you have to overcome. Weight training can also be sabotaged in the same way as redundant steady-state cardio. If you are one of these people who have been lifting weights the same way for months or years, you can practically expect your muscles to yawn at you when you hit your third set of bench press at a slightly higher weight or reps and done with the same tempo or in the same order you normally do all of your chest exercises. The body is smart and it adapts quickly. So mix things up! Supersets, Giant sets, Interval training, shortened rest periods, varying your reps and sets, these are all ways in which you can turn up the fire burning engine inside!

4. You Don’t Have a Workout Partner.

I don’t care how long I’ve been around weights, weight machines, sports fields and courts (30 years and counting…) or when I started being active in my life (3 years old), if it wasn’t for other people; coaches, friends, family, colleagues even clients, I simply would not be where I am today. Each person in my life has given me something that has helped or inspired me in ways I could not have done by myself. When I get the opportunity, I seek out and utilize a great training partner. Not only will having someone willing to sweat it out alongside you in the gym provide: accountability, healthy competition, a chance to celebrate success, a fresh perspective and someone to spot you but you’re far more likely to work harder than you would if you were standing around in between sets checking how many people “liked” your check-in status at the gym. Talk to a friend who may have similar fitness goals or gain a new friendship with someone you’ve seen regularly at the gym at the same time whose workouts are similar to yours. I know when I train with someone else I simply work harder. It also helps that I have people who can push me too .

5. You’re Focused on Only “Larger Goals”

Trying to lose 50, 75 or 100 + lbs?! Great! Want to improve your strength and size before beach season even though it’s only a two months away? Awesome! Yet, what happens when those two to three months go by and you’ve only lost 10 lbs or less? Or your physique shows little change by the time you’re ready to stand shirtless poolside? Are you more likely to give up? Maybe. So how do you reach your fitness goals that you set for yourself and ACTUALLY achieve them? By “eating the elephant one bite at a time!” No pun intended. Tracking small, attainable goals that you can measure, and they don’t have to be tangible either, will set you up for a steadier and progressive movement toward the results you are after. Not every plan is perfect from the get go, there are several ways in which your results can be set on the back burner. The point is though, that by consistently tracking and being aware of what small goals you set each day and week are, the more likely you are to lose the fat, or gain the muscle in the short and long term. So try setting goals like, "this week I am going to drink more water every day," or my goal is to make it to the gym each day I planned on my calendar." Even if you aren’t exactly where you thought you would be in the time you set for yourself, I can guarantee you will be much farther than where you started all because you focused on one or a few achievable things at a time! Steady wins the race!

Thank you for taking the time to read my input from the experience I’ve had personally and have seen throughout my time in the fitness industry. I have 8 FREE Transformation Sessions that I am giving away just for checking out this article! Just click the link below and send me a message to set up a time to meet with me to learn a ton about what you are doing now that is holding you back from where you want to be! Excited to help and be a part of your success!

In Health,
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