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Informed Movement's page is created to inform, inspire, and keep you up to date on the latest fitness specials and developments!

Glutes can be a tricky and or challenging thing to work in terms of "turning them on" or just simply targeting them, yet the value of spending time to get them stronger, well... Lower body performance, reducing low back pain and helping to develop core strength are but a few assets (pun intended) worth mentioning.

My client Mike is demonstrating a few moves that will set those babies on fire. First...

1. The lunge with lateral resistance (video 1). By pulling the knee away from me, against the resistance, his glute medius (side butt) has to turn on but he also has to focus hard on that area just to recognize it and help him stay stable throughout the movement. You can do this on your own by tying the band around a solid pole.

2. The band resisted leg extension with abduction (video 2). This one, when done right, is exceptional because it's so easy to bend the knee at any point of the exercise. But by flexing the quads and keeping the knee straight while he moves up and over the db; forces the glutes to control the movement leading to that "ass on fire" feeling.
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#finishstrong Friday. Get it Phil!

Saturday #sweatsesh. Had the pleasure of filling in for @accelerateseattle and leading one of their amazing group classes full of dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Man did they bust it up today! Great work everyone!

#finishstrongfriday. When this guy @chrsblckbrn comes in to train he uses only two gears out of 5: 5th and 6th. If he's not giving it 💯 then it's 120%. In just 4 weeks of training he's lost several inches and shed body fat. So proud to be working with you brother, keep up the fight! #fatloss #results #healthy #transformation #fitfam #workout #train #trainsmart #training #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessinspiration #fit

Working with dumbbells can be awkward and for most people who might either be new or not used to weight training, they will avoid using them all together because a lot can go wrong. *top video* is a typical method I see all the time. The challenge is you have to start from the bottom once you lay back and it's pretty rough on the shoulders when you dump them to the ground. *bottom video* here's a variation where ease of getting in and out of the lift is much smoother and safer for the shoulders. Use the force of your legs and core to push the weights to the starting point so that you start from the top not the bottom. Practice the bottom videos technique with lighter weight and build up. Questions or comments? Leave below!

My new Small Group Training Class starts June 19th and runs till September 8th! This is a 3 month Progressive Series to help build lasting strength or to help you get past training plateaus.

All levels of fitness welcome. Great for people who want to focus and learn form and technique and want to see and feel results through weight lifting.

We all need to understand how to do things better or figure out why something isn't working - that's why I designed a class that hones in on several variables through exercises that gives you way more than simply going through the motions.

To sign up or register: contact me via email -, phone - 206.612.0875, or private message me through my page. I look forward to working with you!

Introducing my new Small Group Strength Training Class!

I have just 8 spots available for this progressive 3 month strength focused program.

What will this class entail?

Each month covers at least one up to several training variables that I will teach you how to use for every exercise. We will focus on one variable at a time. The overall goal for the 3 month program will be focusing on building strength from the inside out and each month will progress you from the previous. You will have the chance to work each muscle group twice per week over the three day a week class. There is an option for testing for those who want to see their starting and finishing numbers in terms of 1 or 3 Rep Max for: The Dead-lift, back squat, front squat, bench press, pull-ups, broad jump, push-ups, and plank If you want to test in the beginning you will need to notify me before class starts after you have registered (we will re-test at the end of the three months).

Who this class is for:

All levels of fitness welcome; all you need to join is the goal of getting stronger. Advanced lifters can and will benefit just as much as a beginner and no one will feel short changed or left out. No matter what your strength training history is or if you are just starting out and need help with reaching strength goals, this class will help you understand how to lift weight properly or better than what you’ve been doing with form and technique driven practices. This is as close to a strength clinic with a one-on-one training feel as you’ll get at a very reasonable rate.

What you can expect:

To get stronger!! Listen, I want you excelling in all areas of exercise whether it is to perform exercises safer and more efficiently, do more reps on exercises you struggle with or be able to go up in weight for certain lifts if that’s your goal. You will understand better what this whole; “mind to muscle” connection is all about. I aim to have people seeing results as well as feeling more confident when they go to the gym on their own.

Cost / Frequency:

This class breaks down to just $20 per class, 3X per week each month ($240 month). If you want to get the most out of this class and see and feel results, then training for all three months will be the best investment. If you miss a class or a week, you can still pick up where you left off but the more consistent you are the better for your progress.

Contact / Registration:

Please email me: or call or text: 206.612.0875 to sign up. You can message me through Facebook as well if you have any questions. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

#finishstrongfriday : My turn. What can I say, #blueismycolor #informedmovement #foundationalstrength #fitness #strength #coretastic #workoutmotivation

New Client PROMO! FREE Transformation Session + 20% OFF all Prepaid Sessions

#finishstrongfriday. Bonnie here gettin after it today with a great strength and metabolic conditioning workout. From full range trap bar deadlifts to the db push press (using great core activation) to the single leg low box db dip step ups. Also there's bilateral and unilateral work to go along with strengthening the lower body in different ranges of motion. Mechanics, mechanics, mechanics. This is the bread and butter of my coaching. Love how well Bonnie performs her movements mindfully. Give this circuit a try with 4-5 rounds of each and 6-10 reps for each exercise focusing on control and tension in the core and quads and glutes. #informedmovement. #strength #training #metabolic #conditioning #focusedmovement #fitness #workout

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