Anatomy Drawing at Seattle Central

Where the rubber meets the road...artists explore their own anatomy!

A teaching artist explores the connections between anatomy, figurative representation, and contemporary approaches to creating images of the self. I share lessons, links, videos, pictures of my art, art that inspires me and my student's works too.

Printmaking is something I do for sheer pleasure...for the tactile experience and to give to friends and supporters because it's fun. Here's my latest 2-plate relief, from the Migration series. figure out whom to surprise.😁

Hate being out sick, but it did force me to quiet down and read. I'm a total Carl Jung groupie. "Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” Yup. Just letting my hands figure it out like Jung says. New drawing at my easel...

Genetiticist now think we can all be traced back to one ancient hominid female out of Africa, humanity's primordial grandmother. I went to DC to study Lucy and our other anscestors. With brush in hand I dip through the waters of life to honor our beautiful family.

This is what happens when I feel like I'm drowning in anxiety...I draw. In progress on the easel...Waterlogues.

Stuck in slow commuter traffic...again! Out comes my read of the week, Primo Levi's inspirational Survival at Auschwitz, and it immediately puts all my complaints in perspective. Everyday of life is a miracle, and I am privileged to share our common human stories through art. Think I'll put on some twenty one pilots and listen to "Drive" to further chill out.

A shout out to art friends everywhere, Black Zone is holding it's inaugural party! On Saturday, May 20 2017, from Noon until 6pm celebrate the opening of Black Zone, your Central Area venue for arts and culture. Join the free party with an afternoon of art, live music, fun, conversation, and snacks. I'm rooting for Carol Rashawnna Williams- a huge talent you gotta meet! Oh, and Barry Johnson too, among other brilliant artists. Black Zone is located at 2301 South Jackson Street, Suite 203, Seattle WA 98144.

Artists feed their tastebuds not just their eyes. If you ❤️ food but have to budget strictly (like me) then learn to make delicious meals at home. I NEVER eat out, yet enjoy delicious food everyday. Half the week I'm vegan and cook recipes from Vegan on the Cheap, which I bought used for a couple bucks. Most entrees cost under $2 a plate. Below is a link to a free cookbook so you can eat on $4 a day! Mostly vegetarian recipes, but it's for omnivores, so there are a couple of meat dishes included. I just ignore these. Wish I'd had these books when I was a starving student!

Feminist Friday is here. Enjoy Candice Breitz "Her"- hilarious and anxious all at once, the artist collages snippets of dialogue by a famous Hollywood actress to create a surreal conversation about relationships. Vimeo link in the comments.

I use photography to explore dislocation of the self. Mirror imagery is symbolic of reflection, and duality that contends with my two cultures, languages, and races. I also address the need to camouflage my vulnerability as a female outsider in a male dominated world by using my husband's handprint.

I'm a sucker for hybrids at the intersection of fine art and industrial design. For example, these black out shades that use the art language of the paper cut- which has been so popular in the Seattle art scene for a few years, my Art 112s have to try their hand at it. These are from HoleRoll, a Ukranian blind company and I just ❤️ them.

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