Union Yoga + Massage

Union Yoga + Massage

Online classes: A vigorous blend of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.

In-home Massage: A personalized massage delivered straight to your location.



Incorporate a purposeful breath into your exercise and your life! Feed your muscles and your brain with the oxygen they need for optimal performance.




How we breathe and different ways to breathe.

I've got a video or two up my sleeve for you, and I'll get it together in the next day or two!

Wow, such a poet, right?!? That actually was a happy accident but I'm going with it. :)

Love all ways, from my

[08/26/15]   Hello Everyone! I am providing chair massage at Liberty Bar today from now until 4 pm if you'd like to stop by ... $30 for half hour. 517 15th ave E.

Plank Pose


Today you get two videos! I was recording with both dogs in the room, because I am insane, and completely forgot one of the variations. So behold: two videos... a more comprehensive explanation in Plank Pose, and a quick and dirty Forearm Plank.

Have a lovely day!

A great core exercise and helpful to build strength quickly, Plank is a great one to know.

Cat Cow! A most wonderful movement for your spine.


Inhale and exhale your way to a healthier, happier spine. Cat Cow is easy and oh so good for you!

PS the puppy DID stop whining the moment I stopped shooting this. Por supuesto.


* Woof *

Fun facts!

Sun Salutation B, second take!!


Sun Salutation B, hot off the press! This version is the most difficult version I know, with 2 Chair poses, 3 Chaurangas and 2 Warrior I poses, there is plenty of opportunity for lots of strength and sweat... also plenty of opportunity for customization to suit your needs. If it's too intense, don't be afraid to modify! And if I can help with anything, please send me a message.

Lots of loves!!


Another video of Sun Salutation B which will hopefully upload in its entirety!

Hi from Union Yoga + Massage!!

For a long time now I have wanted to make yoga videos that are relevant and accessible to the masses. No fluff, minimal processing, straight from my heart to yours.

I want messy, I want sweaty, I want to connect, and I want to be real with you. I have said this for years. But tomorrow something wonderful is happening: I'm turning 40, and the talking is stopping, and the action is starting.

Behold: my first messy, sweaty, real, connecting, loving, growing, learning video. From my heart to yours. Go do some yoga, you.

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