Kaname Izakaya & Shochu Bar

Kaname Izakaya & Shochu Bar

20 Reasons That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country On Earth | TheMindCircle

themindcircle.com Check out this compilation of brilliant Japanese lifestyle photos


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Murray Stenson is recovering from heart surgery.

gofundme.com Come raise a glass to Seattle’s most celebrated bartender and Go Fund Blur! The bar and restaurant industry is not one for the faint of heart, and Murray has certainly given all of his to it. This is your chance to give back and come celebrate every recipe, joke, or story gleaned from him. Fr...


It’s official: Ichiro is a Seattle Mariner again

seattletimes.com One of the iconic players in franchise history before being traded to the Yankees in July of 2012, Ichiro has signed a one-year contract with the Seattle ballclub.


Hai, Japantown!

Kaname's alley and back area. Nihonmachi.


David Wolfe

105-Year-Old Doctor Offers Advice On How To Live Longer

Happy Autumn!



visitjapan.jp Tweet 訪日観光の三つの価値イメージ映像 関連ビデオ 訪日観光の三つの価値イメージ映像 細部へのこだわり おもてなし アクティビティ 鉄道



visitjapan.jp Tweet 訪日観光の三つの価値イメージ映像 関連ビデオ 訪日観光の三つの価値イメージ映像 細部へのこだわり おもてなし アクティビティ 鉄道



visitjapan.jp Tweet 訪日観光の三つの価値イメージ映像 関連ビデオ 訪日観光の三つの価値イメージ映像 細部へのこだわり おもてなし アクティビティ 鉄道



visitjapan.jp Tweet 訪日観光の三つの価値イメージ映像 関連ビデオ 訪日観光の三つの価値イメージ映像 細部へのこだわり おもてなし アクティビティ 鉄道

World Economic Forum

Need a boost? This is the power of a walk among the trees. Read more: http://wef.ch/2nWtXUR


11 Beautiful Japanese Words That Don't Exist In English


theodysseyonline.com Untranslatable words from Japan, the polite and nature-loving country.


25 Japanese foods we can't live without


cnn.com Japan is a culinary wonderland. The result is the following 25 edible treasures -- from tempura and miso to ramen and takoyaki (delicious octopus balls).

Japan Culture Spotlight

Happy Hina Matsuri!!

March 3 is Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls' Festival), when people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls.

Hina-Ningyo are dolls are dressed in the gorgeous costumes of Japan's 11th century court nobility. It's an ancient belief in Japan that dolls can absorb evil and misfortune, and in the Hina Matsuri (March 3rd) dolls are displayed to pray for young girls' health. Hina-Ningyo dolls come in many varieties, all with individual, distinctive faces.

At the top of the stepped display sit emperor and empress dolls, backed by a gold or richly decorated screen. The number of steps varies, but a fine seven-step display has 15 dolls, including three court ladies and five musicians.



Valentine’s Day & White Day in Japan


us.jnto.go.jp Only in Japan


15 Flavors of Japanese Kit Kats: The Snacktaku Review


kotaku.com This weekend I went on a magical flavor journey across the Pacific, to a land where what Americans deem worthy of snackhood is laughably tame. This weekend I tasted 15 different varieties of Japanese Kit Kats, and I am forever changed by the experience.


22 Things Only People Who Shop At Daiso Will Understand

www.buzzfeed.com Cute animals. CUTE ANIMALS EVERYWHERE!

You can't help but be lured by the magical aura of this beautiful neon sign.

reis_thomas / Via instagram.com

You'll always be overwhelmed by cute animals on literally everything.

"I really don't need this mug... BUT LOOK AT THAT WITTLE PIGGY! IZ ZO…


America's Greatest Bartenders of 2015

Murray has done it again. We are so happy to have him in the ID! Congratulations Murray!

www.thrillist.com Can YOUR favorite bartender make a legitimately great amaretto sour?


News you can eat: Son of Paseo opens in Ballard, plus Murray Stenson news, reviews and more

Seattle Times announcing Murray's move to Kaname. Come on down and watch him work his magic!

seattletimes.com It's true: The sons of the original Paseo owner have opened a Ballard sandwich shop. Plus where to find Murray Stenson now and more.


Murray Stenson is Now Bartending at Kaname Izakaya

seattle.eater.com File this one under… unexpected.

Kaname Izakaya & Shochu Bar

Murray Stenson is now bartending here.

Award-winning bartender, Murray Stenson is now on staff and revitalizing the bar menu.


[06/04/15]   Award-winning bartender, Murray Stenson is now on staff and revitalizing the bar menu.



Matcha madness! How to cook with this trendy green tea

today.com Matcha green tea is having its moment, which is long overdue. If you've slurped a...


Most beautiful places in Japan - CNN.com


edition.cnn.com From the tallest waterfall to the largest sand dune, from the floral tunnel to the sacred shrines, the islands of Japan is a trove of photogenic wonders.


It's official: First cherry blossoms mark the start of spring | The Japan Times


japantimes.co.jp Forecasters watching trees at the capital's central Yasukuni Shrine said Tuesday the city's first blossoms had appeared there, marking the beginning of two weeks in which Tokyo's parks, temple grounds, schools and streets will explode in pinks and whites.


Green Tea | Tech & Life | Trends in Japan | Web Japan


web-japan.org Around the world, Japanese green tea has been acclaimed as one of the healthiest drinks available, but few people know much about its ancient origins, varieties and popularity throughout present-day Japan.


Hinamatsuri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


en.wikipedia.org Hinamatsuri (雛祭り, Hina-matsuri?), also called Doll's Day or Girls' Day, is a special day in Japan.[1]Hinamatsuri is celebrated each year on March 3.[2] Platforms covered with a red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls (雛人形, hina-ningyō?) representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants,…


Fun! Delicious! Let’s go to the museum of Ramen! | JAPAN Monthly Web Magazine


japan-magazine.jnto.go.jp Ramen is very popular all over the world. For those who "want to fully enjoy authentic ramen in Japan!", we will introduce a special ramen spot.


Asakusa | Food & Travel | Trends in Japan | Web Japan


web-japan.org Asakusa, the neighborhood surrounding the ancient Senso-ji Temple which has a history of 1400 years,is leaving a trace of the good old Japan. This neighborhood is full of attractions such as traditional festivals, delicate traditional crafts, and also a wide variety of Japanese cuisine.


Michi-no-Eki | Pop Culture | Trends in Japan | Web Japan


web-japan.org Michi-no-Eki rest areas lying along normal roads, are popular spots used by more than 500milion people a year. These spots focus on tourist information and sales of locally produced food, also, many of them are turning into tourist hubs, with hot springs and workshop practice sessions.


“Increasing Services!” - Japanese Vending Machines | Pop Culture | Trends in Japan | Web Japan


web-japan.org If you walk around a town in Japan, you will notice that there are vending machines packed with sense of enjoyment.


Meat masterpieces! The delectable Wagyu


jnto.go.jp Dishes featuring Wagyu beef are a must-try when coming to Japan. If you like richly flavored foods, sukiyaki is the choice for you. And if you are in the mood for a light and healthy meal, we recommend shabu-shabu. Both of these are pot dishes. If you want to enjoy an even higher level of convenienc…


Hachiko, Japan’s most loyal dog, finally reunited with owner in heartwarming new statue in Tokyo

en.rocketnews24.com Even in a country that adores its pets, none have captured the hearts of Japanese animal-lovers like Hachiko. The Akita dog touched the hearts of people across the nation by devotedly waiting every day for more than nine years in front of Tokyo’s Shibuya Station for his master to return from work, n…


30 unexpected things you can only see in Japan | tsunagu Japan

tsunagujapan.com Have you ever been to Japan? Here are some things that you might not be expecting to see on your first trip to the country.

[01/31/15]   Kaname will be closed tomorrow for the Super Bowl. GO HAWKS!!!

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