Fighting Chance Seattle

Fighting Chance Seattle

Reclaim your fire! Empowering classes in karate, kickboxing, and self-defense for adults, teens, and kids.

Our values comes first. We strive to create a safe-space for all of our students to train. We believe in working with each student to achieve their goals. We offer three main classes:

Kickboxing Ryoku, our flagship program, features authentic kickboxing and functional fitness taught within the framework and principles of old school karate.

Teen Martial Arts is our afterschool kickboxing, karate, and self-defense class designed specifically for teens.

Self-Defense for Women is a one-day workshop, a three hour primer on self-protection strategies. This class is "opt in" each student participates to the level of their comfort.

We love working with beginners!

Chase Sherman on Twitter

As far as I know, Chase Sherman is not a karateka, but this is an excellent variation of the application of the elbow strike we practice in Pinan Yondan. Hand control prohibits the blocking hand from covering the face, leaving a clear path for the elbow strike. Ouch.

“Next Stop : 3,000 Followers! RETWEET my KO, and I'll randomly select fans to follow. #VanillaGorilla”

Happy 50th Birthday Sensei!!!

3 Minute Self-Defense Class

Not everyone has the means or access to attend a self-defense workshop. After hearing about the recent attacks in Seattle yesterday, Rachal and I created this 3 Minute Self-Defense Class video to offer a few quick tools and strategies for physical self-defense against a sudden attack from a stranger.

Please remember: Self-Defense is not a guarantee, it's a set of best practices: tools and strategies to increase the odds of escaping safely. Physical conflict should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. This information is offered freely in the hopes that it may help our community.

Police looking for suspect in Seattle attack; he might be responsible for more

"Detectives are examining a possible link between two attacks on women in Seattle, and are asking for help identifying a potential suspect."

Basic Safety & Awareness Tips:

Trust your intuition. If something does not feel right to you, listen to that instinct and act accordingly.

If you are attacked: get LOUD and fight back immediately and viciously, use hard hunks of bone (palms, elbows, forearms), eye gouges, head butts, etc. Attack soft places: eyes, nose, throat, ears, and groin.

If you are grabbed, twist your body violently and keep trying to pull away from the attacker. If either hand or head is free, hit them (see above).

Fight to escape. You don't have to win or finish the fight!!! You have to make them realize it's too high-risk to continue the attack. By being loud, by being aggressive, you can force them to back off.

Ally Tips:

If you see something, say something! You don't have to physically intervene, often attracting attention is enough. Honk your horn, yell, attract attention. Get your phone and call for help. SEATTLE – Detectives are examining a possible link between two attacks on women in Seattle, and are asking for help identifying a potential suspect. The attacks happened on March 7 and April 17, and both victims gave similar descriptions of the suspect. In the first, which was captured by surveillan...

Photos from our adventures in Teen Kickboxing!

Photos from our adventures in Teen Kickboxing!

The Dark Side of Excellence - Deeply Happy

An interesting exploration of the duality of achievement. Or, in simple words: why does it feels like I try really hard and I never feel like I can do enough?

My personal practice for the last year involves confronting my "hungry ghosts," learning that I am enough (as is), and asking myself "why?" before I take on a new project.

My practice has also come to include honoring my perfectionism and having gratitude for my commitment to doing things well and challenging myself. Because sometimes good enough ISN'T good enough.

And sometimes it is.

The challenge is to meet myself daily and accept myself as is. It began with a compassion practice and has extended to just plain acceptance, looking at myself and saying: I see you. I accept you. What are we up to today? Once there was a greatly admired martial arts master. He was at the highest level of his field, skilled not just in his physical prowess, but in his deep understanding of the subtle energies that govern the practice. He was a great friend to many, often the first to help in a time of crisis. …

Entrepreneur Workshop Weekend

Entrepreneurs, healers, and creatives: join us April 8th & 9th for a weekend of marketing workshops, community-building, and self-care.

This event is organized by my business coach, Noé Khalfa and features mini-workshops by a number of other business owners (myself included).

Before founding Fighting Chance Seattle I was a graphic designer. I still do all of the art direction and design for the dojo.

On Sunday, I'll share the 5 Essential Tips small business owners can use to dramatically improve their amateur graphic design game.

I'll also provide tips for hiring professional photographers, designers, and illustrators and getting the most out of those relationships.

This is a valuable opportunity to connect with a supportive tribe of heart-centered entrepreneurs. I hope to see you there!


Here is the full, (free) self-defense class I taught this morning in Seattle. Learn how trusting your intuition, reacting immediately, and prioritizing coordination over strength can increase your safety. Stay 'til the end for action steps to fight back against rape culture.

We're hoping to add more one-day self-defense classes in July, email to be added to our waiting list. We're accepting on-site corporate workshop inquiries (open for April and May) and we have spots available in our ongoing, monthly adult, teen, and youth martial arts programs. Thanks!

Much gratitude to Rachal, Tayler, Rae, and Sarah for assisting, to RealSelf and Block 41 Event Venue for hosting, and to Kelly Herron for bringing her story to national attention, raising awareness on the issue of violence against women.

We're at Block 41 Event Venue with Fighting Chance Seattle. Watch the live self-defense class from 8 to 9am PST. #nottoday


Check out the RealSelf Facebook Live stream at 8 am PST today. I'm teaching a one-hour self-defense class - providing valuable tools and strategies for awareness, prevention, and safety.

While registration is at capacity, we hope to extend these life-saving skills to as many people as possible. If you can't attend, tune into the self-defense class during our Facebook Live broadcast tomorrow at 8am PST.

We're hiring! If you know someone who shares our values and has black belt-level admin and customer service skills, please pass on this listing!

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