Mt. Baker Park Presbyterian Church

Join us for worship Sundays @ 10:30am


In the name of Jesus Christ, and through his spirit, we welcome you to Mount Baker Park Presbyterian Church in Seattle. We are an open and affirming congregation of the Presbyterian Church USA.

You are welcome here if you are married, or if you are single,
for we will partner with you.

You are welcome here if you are a parent, or the child of one,
for we will be a family to you.

You are welcome here if you know what you believe, and you are welcome if you have no idea what to believe,
for we will share our faith.

You are welcome here if you love people whose bodies look like yours or if you love people whose bodies are different,
for here, we are all the body of Christ.

You are welcome here if your people are from this place, or from far away,
for our God is both here and everywhere.

You are welcome here if you are a saint, or a sinner,
for God knows we are all of us both.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life’s journey,
you are welcome here.

If you join us for worship, please supply your contact information on one for the green cards found in the pews and place it in the collection plate as it is passed through each row. You may be sitting near a neighbor or someone you have never met before. Please greet them and introduce yourself if you so desire after the worship service. We will contact you with a follow-up email or phone call to further introduce ourselves.

[04/19/17]   The Wednesday night potluck and Bible study will resume again on May 10. Look forward to seeing you then, we meet at 6 PM in the fellowship hall for a casual drop-in evening!

[03/23/17]   Join us as we journey toward Easter!
March 5-April 2, 10:30 AM: Sunday Worship Services During Lent
March 5-April 2, 12:00-1:00 PM: Newcomers’ Orientation Series
April 2, 4:00 PM: Concert: Stabat Mater by Antonio Caldara
April 9, 10:30 AM: Palm Sunday
April 13, 7:30 PM: Maundy Thursday
April 14, 7:30 PM: Good Friday
April 16, 10:30 AM: Easter Sunday

[03/10/17]   Our prayers are with our brothers and sisters at Temple De Hirsch Sinai today, following anti-Semitic graffiti found there last night.

[12/17/16]   Children's Christmas pageant during worship this Sunday, December 18, at 10:30 a.m. Dress rehearsal at 4 p.m. Saturday, December 17. If you can't make the rehearsals, feel free to come Sunday morning and be a "walk-on" in the pageant!

[12/11/16]   Join us for Vivaldi's Gloria at 10:30 a.m. Sunday Dec.11!

[12/09/16]   This week's message from Pastor Lee is not only timely, but a deeply moving reflection from our Book of Order about what living out our lives in Christ is about.

In our Presbyterian Church (USA) constitution, this item is listed as one of the six "Great Ends of the Church":

"The preservation of the truth" (Book of Order, F-1.0304).

Since seminary days, many of my colleagues and I (and, I am sure, many Ruling Elders who have read the constitution) always laughed a bit at the grandiosity of that statement. It evoked memories of the old Superman television show, in which Superman was described as fighting for "truth, justice, and the American way."

These days, however, the statement seems prophetic. We are living through a time when truth is a mocked and degraded commodity. As a result of technology, we now have a plethora of websites broadcasting fake news. Many people either do not know, or do not care to find out, what news is true - documentable and taken from reliable sources - and what news is fake. Just a few days ago, this situation resulted in a man firing a gun in a pizza parlor that is supposed to have been part of a sex-trafficking network.

And we have a president-elect who, on numerous occasions, has told lies, or made completely unverifiable claims, and refused to be corrected. This makes "the preservation of the truth" a most-essential task. And, of course, the truth being spoken of in the Presbyterian constitution is that truth about who God is, who we are, and what this relationship has been created to be.

There are many truth-tellers in the Bible who were persecuted, jailed, and killed. Joseph's brothers threw him in a pit and left him to die when he told them about God's will for him and them. Daniel was thrown into a lions' den. Jeremiah was tossed into a cistern. In John 11, we read:

"So the chief priests planned to put Lazarus to death as well, since it was on account of him that many of the Jews were deserting and believing in Jesus" (John 11:10-11).

Then, famously, there is the chilling question from the political leader Pontius Pilate to the now-arrested and beaten Jesus:

"What is truth?" (John 18:38).

What is truth? With that question, Pilate sought to undercut everything Jesus might say or do. And this is the power of everyone who is at odds with the truth when it is in the way of their ambitions: I will destroy your credibility as a truth-teller if you get in my way.

It seems to me, now, that the constitution I vowed to uphold is a most serious, and most important document. The truth is under attack in our midst. Let us, then, redouble our commitment to uphold the truth. And let us worship, serve, and live with the conviction that the Lordship of Jesus Christ has everything to do with justice, mercy, and peace, and nothing to do with nationalism, racism, sexism, any form of injustice.

In Christ,


[11/09/16]   Sanctuary open again on Wednesday from 9 am to 8 pm for prayer and reflection, potluck at 6 pm. All are welcome!

[11/06/16]   In this time of election season apprehension and anxiety , Mt. Baker Park Presbyterian Church, 3201 Hunter Blvd. S., 98144, welcomes all to come and meditate, pray, reflect, or just light a candle on Election Day and the day after. There's no evangelizing and no agenda, just stop by anytime between 9 AM and 8 PM on Tuesday or Wednesday and spend as long as you like. Kids of all ages are more than welcome.

[06/14/16]   Seattle Poet Anis Gisele to Be the Second Messenger Project Speaker at Mt Baker Park this Sunday, June 19, 10:30a.m.

You’re invited to worship at Mt Baker Park Presbyterian Church this Sunday, June 19, at 10:30a.m., when we present our second speaker in The Messenger Project series. This series of seven guest-speaker events is the congregation’s response to the divisive, un-Christian rhetoric of exclusion, othering, and diminishment that has been a central part of the presidential election cycle. On every third Sunday through November, our guest speaker will be a member of our community who has been affected by this rhetoric because of their gender, race, religious identity, or sexual orientation.

Our speaker this Sunday will be Seattle poet and activist Anis Gisele. Anis brings a powerful call to justice for members of racial and sexual groups that have been ill-treated, and has worked with groups such as Youth Undoing Institutional Racism to make a better world.



3201 Hunter Blvd S
Seattle, WA
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