Seattle School of Aikido

The Seattle School of Aikido is one of the oldest Aikido schools in Seattle and has operated continuously at the same location since 1976.

We are a non-profit dojo and we offer classes most days of the week. Please check our website for class descriptions and hours.

Our Adult Aikido program is taught by John Peng, 2nd Dan Aikikai, under the direct supervision and guidance of Jan Nevelius, Shihan, 6th Dan Aikikai.

Our Tendoryu Aikido program is taught by Nat McCully, licensed instructor and 2nd Dan from the founder of Tendoryu, Kenji Shimizu. Nat also leads study trips to the Tendokan dojo in Japan.

Our Children Aikido program is run by Helmut Floss, 4th Dan.

We are also host to Shinto Ryu (Robby Pellett and Chris Moses), a school of Japanese swordsmanship, Icho Ryu Aikibudo (Neil Yamamoto), and Dharmakaya meditation (Helmut Floss).

Adult Aikido Classes are M-W-F 7am-8am, M-W 630pm-745pm.

Tendoryu Aikido classes are Tue 7am-8am, Fri 630pm-800pm and Sun 930am-1100am

Kids Aikido Classes are Tue 430pm-530pm, and Sat 1030am-130pm.

Shinto Ryu Classes are Thu 730pm-830pm, and Sat 7am-830am.

Budo Tanren Class is Thu 6pm-730pm.

Icho Ryu Classes are Tue and Sat by instructor invitation only.

Dharmakaya meditation is Sun 6pm-8pm, free to all, open to the public.

Contact Email:

Kimusubi Aikido Orlando

Nice seminar at Dan's dojo in Orlando

Hot off the presses! Another great seminar with Lars Stjernstedt Sensei!

Aiki no Michi Vienna (Aikido Verein)

He is so clear...

Christian Tissier - Stage de Paques 2017
brand new from last weeks Aikido Seminar

Practicing front falls in Tuesday's 5-6pm kid's class

Aikido Dojo Tomosei

Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba Demonstration

Aikido By the Bay

Solid Aikido by Yamaguchi Sensei from a 1970 documentary. (Two of the assistants are current doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba & Saotome Sensei).

Great kids class tonight. Thank you Evan and assistants attending to pairs working.

[03/30/17]   Congratulations to James and Hart for passing their 5th kyu tests, and Joyce for passing 2nd kyu! Thanks also to all of the ukes for their support as well. Nice job!

Kokoro Aikido

Karl makes it look easy! Notice how there is no weight in the front leg and the hip rotates outward.

[03/28/17]   Kids/teens families: Reminder that tomorrow Tuesday 3/28, the dojo goes to one Tuesday class: 5-6pm, for yellow belts & up, and white belts by invitation. If you're not sure if your child is eligible, please contact SSAKidsTeens(at) gmail (dot)com. Thanks!

[03/24/17]   Kids/teens families - Tuesday class time update from Evan (please read his email for full scoop):
Tuesday at 6-7pm turned out to be too late for most of the advanced longterm students. Starting this Tuesday 3/28:

-White belts under 12 yo will have only one class per week: the Saturday 10:30-11:30am class. (Younger kids who've already been invited to attend the 11:30-12:30pm can keep attending it; it'll continue to be by-invitation for younger kids.)

-Yellow belts & up will retain the same classes they have now, except that their Tuesday class will return to the original 5:00-6:00pm time slot. That'll be the only kids/teens class on Tuesdays.

This means:
-We retain the current program structure, which opens up additional classes to kids as they advance.
-We create a kinder training schedule for younger/beginning kids, who as a group often find two hours/week to be too much, but need that solid hour once a week to advance.
-I can move kids along to higher ranks at a pace that will feel more satisfying to them.

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3422 NE 55th St
Seattle, WA

Opening Hours

Monday 6:30pm - 7:45pm
Monday 7am - 8am
Tuesday 4:30pm - 9:30pm
Tuesday 7am - 8am
Wednesday 6:30pm - 7:45pm
Wednesday 7am - 8am
Thursday 5pm - 8:30pm
Friday 6:30pm - 8pm
Friday 7am - 8am
Saturday 7am - 1:30pm
Sunday 6pm - 8pm
Sunday 9:30am - 11am
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