Green House Korean Restaurant

Green House Korean Restaurant

Welcome to the best Korean restaurant in the University District in Seattle!

We offer quick, quality Korean cuisine to the university area at a price you can afford. So if you’re a student in need of a study break or just a Korean food enthusiast looking for a dinner out, Green House is ready to welcome you with a made-to-order meal and complimentary tea in our casual, centrally-located restaurant.

[08/24/14]   For the benefit of our customer's dining experience, we will be temporarily closed from Monday, September 1st to Sunday, September 7th for remodeling.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Please look forward to the re-opening of Green House Korean Restaurant!

Green House - The Best Korean Restaurant in the University District!

Do you enjoy shrimp? We sure do!

Be it in our shrimp fried rice (새우 볶음밥), our seafood tofu soup (해물 순두부) or hot stone bibimbap (해물 돌솥비빔밥), or one of our other delicious dishes, our Korean restaurant in Seattle is your source of everyone’s favorite little crustaceans.

Come in today to try our shrimp dishes!

View our menu: Explore our UW Korean restaurant’s menu & sample all the favorites from Green House Korean restaurant near UW!

Kim-bap, or 김밥, comes in the form of an assortment of vegetables and meats rolled up in a layer of steamed white rice and seaweed. In Korea, you can often buy kim-bap as a street food, where it is sold in long, uncut cylinders and eaten by hand by people on the go. They’re frequently with kimchi, bulgogi, tuna, and many other different ingredients!

Roll on over and try our delicious, handmade kimbap at Green House Korean Restaurant today!

[05/22/14]   It's almost summer! We understand some people may be putting that extra effort to shed some pounds or to just eat healthier!
Let our Seattle tofu house help you on your weight loss and healthy well-being journey by suggesting some healthy alternatives in Korean cuisine. For those unfamiliar with a Korean menu, it could be difficult discerning the healthy and low in fat. Luckily, most Korean food is naturally low in fats and made with a variety of vegetables.
Come to Green House Korean Restaurant today!

If you’ve never tried jap-chae before, then you might be surprised by the strange, nearly transparent noodles it’s made from. This is dangmyeon, the famous Korean “glass noodle,” and we highly recommend that you try it on your next visit to our UW tofu house.

Remember, Korean cuisine offers many health benefits through its vitamin-packed, low-fat ingredients like vegetables, lean meat, and beneficial spices!

Our UW Korean restaurant chooses the most quality ingredients to create dishes so delicious, you won’t believe they are highly nutritious. Korean cuisine offers many health benefits through its vitamin-packed, low-fat ingredients like vegetables, lean meat, and beneficial spices.

Come eat at Green House Korean Restaurant today!

If spicy foods are not your specialty, don't worry! Chili peppers and paste can easily be omitted, so branch out and try a new non-spicy entree at Green House in University District! Also, don’t hesitate to ask our staff how spicy a dish comes.

Just a few recommendations of our non-spicy dishes are Bibimbap, Chicken Soup, Rice Cake Dumpling Soup, Kimbap, Omurice, and more! Check out our full menu at

One of the best parts about eating out at a Korean restaurant like Green House Korean Restaurant is that you have the opportunity to have your meal served in a real stone hot pot. This is a common way to prepare many traditional Korean dishes, like bibimbap!

*Tip: Don't mix your bibimbap right away. Let it sit for about a minute or two so a crispy layer of rice develops at the bottom. When you reach the bottom of your bibimbap, enjoy the crispy and chewy layer of rice with a nice smokey flavor.

[04/10/14]   For today, we recommend any of our delicious pork dishes.

Pork is a big part of the food in Korea. At Green House Korean Restaurant, you can experience everybody’s favorite “other white meat” in the form of our pork tofu soup, our spicy pork bibimbap, and more. Come and satisfy your Korean food craving today at Green House!

냉면, Neng-myun, also known as Cold Noodles, is another popular dish at Green House Korean Restaurant !

Since Spring is here and the weather is warming up, try Neng-myun at Green House today!


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