PRO Sports Club Seattle

PRO Sports Club Seattle

501 Eastlake Ave E, 2nd Floor,
Seattle, WA

Located in the heart of South Lake Union, the newest urban living destination, PRO Sports Club offers a full range of exercise venues and programs for members who live or work in Seattle and simply need the convenience of having a facility in close range.

The World's Greatest Stretch by Cody

Need to stretch out but don’t have much time? We have the solution. Some may call it a great way to target all of your major muscle groups (Quads, Hamstrings, etc)... but we call it "the World's Greatest Stretch."

Tips to making the most of your stretch:
1. Make sure you are in a good position to start: Front foot flat on the ground, front knee at 90 degrees, and back foot with the toes and the ball of the foot on the ground.
2. Keep your back flat to avoid excess lumbar flexion and to stretch the muscles we are trying to target!
3. If you are struggling to keep your hands flat on the ground, use a yoga block to help keep you stabilized.
If you liked the stretch,

Cody has much more he can offer as a personal trainer. (Just ask the front desk and they will direct you where to go!)

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Do you recognize this group? Introducing...(drum roll please) our front desk staff, Membership Supervisor and General Manager. Make sure to say hello, or give them a high-five next time you see them in the club (they're also here to answer any of your questions regarding the Seattle PRO Club).

Heavy Bag Boxing

The best way to relieve stress? Boxing. Heavy Bag Boxing to be exact.

Join us on Thursday and Friday evening for this class taught by our in-house expert, Rachel Clark! Our next session starts 5/4 through 6/22.

Seattle Pilates Studio Walk-Thru

Breaking news! We now have a Pilates studio in Seattle. Join Seattle Pilates trainer, Pam, as she walks us through some of the machines.

Tuesday Partner Workout: Burpee Challenge πŸ˜…

Step 1: Jump in the air
Step 2: Jump or step into plank position
Step 3: Perform push up
Step 4: Jump again
Step 5: Repeat. Whoever makes it through the most burpess wins!

Good luck. πŸ’ͺ

TRX - Our Favorite Moves

Ever wanted to try TRX Training? Connor, personal trainer and TRX coach is about to take you through one of his favorite moves. Try it out today!

The TRX Squat to Reverse Fly is an exercise that engages the major muscle groups (think: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings and more). Combat poor posture with this movement (perfect for after a long day at the desk!) as it builds lower body and upper body strength.

Hints to make this successful for you:

1: This a compound movement (2 exercises in 1) be sure to treat it as such by not separating the two movements.
2. Press your hips back while avoiding rounding of the shoulder with the squat.
3. At the bottom of the squat position arms should be fully extended palms facing one another, from this point keep the arms fully extended as to come to a standing position with arms out in a T palms facing out.
4. Always make sure there is tension on the TRX straps throughout the movement.

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether it's with your loved one, or your friend, join us for our Tuesday Partner Workout. Today's workout: Medicine Ball Pass.

Step 1: Grab a medicine ball (weight of your choice).
Step 2: Sit next to your friend(s).
Step 3: Engage your core, hold your legs off of the ground.
Step 4: Rotate and pass the medicine back and forth. See if you can get it up and down the line 5 times.

Cast Member Spotlight - Meet Rachel

Introducing PRO Cast Member, Rachel! You may find Rachel behind the Seattle front desk or lifting for her CrossFit certification (her goal is to become a coach!). If you have questions about CrossFit training, getting certified, or updates in the club - make sure to ask Rachel your next time at the Seattle PRO Club!


TRX Total Body

(Guess what) It's Hump Day! Power through the week by going to one of our many FuseFit Classes πŸ’ͺ.

Join us for TRX Total Body with Connor Rose TONIGHT at 6:00PM!

Tuesday partner workout challenge: Plank hold and jump πŸ’ͺ

Step 1: Have your partner hold plank while you stand to the left
Step 2: Jump over the planking person (in picture below) and get into plank position.
Step 3: Now your partner stands leaps over you and gets back into plank.
Step 4: Repeat back-and-forth 10 times.

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The World's Greatest Stretch by Cody
Heavy Bag Boxing
Seattle Pilates Studio Walk-Thru
TRX - Our Favorite Moves
Cast Member Spotlight - Meet Rachel
TRX Total Body
Heavy Bag Boxing Mitt wok




501 Eastlake Ave E Ste 200
Seattle, WA

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 10pm
Tuesday 5am - 10pm
Wednesday 5am - 10pm
Thursday 5am - 10pm
Friday 5am - 10pm
Saturday 7am - 10pm
Sunday 7am - 10pm
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