Turbojuggalo Seattle

President- Dj Poppa Dop Sippy Juice Dap Whip, Vice President- CB Rippy Crinkle Crunk Ming Mang, Sergeant-at-Arms- J Sites Sippy Bone Dizzy Junk Monk

The world's 84th most popular fictional band. Raise your hatchets high to the Scandinavian Dark Carnival my ninjas!

Yo fam! We gotz a problem. Let's load up the winnefaygo with all the homiez and let thiz joint know us clownz ain't clownin. Wonka wonka!

Yo my ninjas! Wuz just strait up chillin to some turbonegro/ICP mashups, just dreamin about summer, and I straight up busted a nut all over my se###y azz hatchet man flask! Strait up! Wonka wonka!

[03/22/17]   Big nooz ninjas! Turbojuggalo headquarters set up ☝shizop in Everett, Washington! So much Youngblood recrootz fo sizzle my nizzle! Ups the denim hachettes y'all! Wonka wonka!

Prince of the gathering
Ninja-hump heyho let's go
Prince of the gathering
Fornicator of the faygo
Prince of the gathering
Sperminator of the clown
Prince of the gathering

[01/12/15]   Ahhhh yeah! Our Facebook rating went from 1 star to 2 1/2 stars in an hour! We're reaching for the stars homiez! Wonka Wonka!

[01/12/15]   Wonka Wonka my denim homies!

[01/10/15]   Everybody sell your hatchet (to the night)

A mysterious new logo has appeared! But from where?! The movement is growing! Woka Woka!

[09/07/13]   Wonka wonka to all the new wave hookers that liked our page recently!



Seattle, WA
Other Seattle places of worship (show all)
Plymouth Church Seattle United Church of Christ Plymouth Church Seattle United Church of Christ
1217 6th Ave
Seattle, 98101

Open and affirming, ALL are welcome Sundays, 9 am in Hildebrand Hall (casual, contemporary service) and 11 am (more traditional service) in the Sanctuary.

Grace Seattle Grace Seattle
1300 E Aloha St (Sundays)
Seattle, 98102

Making Disciples. Serving the City.

University Congregational UCC University Congregational UCC
4515 16th Ave NE
Seattle, 98105

The page for UCUCC is meant to be a presence so that folks can find out more about us and stay connected. We do want to be clear however, that this is not a page monitored regularly by pastors. Please send prayer requests to office@ucucc.org

Center for Spiritual Living- Seattle Center for Spiritual Living- Seattle
5801 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, 98105

The Center for Spiritual Living is the place where people from all walks of life and spiritual paths come together to learn more about themselves, about Spirit, and about how to use spiritual principles to build a better life and world.

Ocean Light Zen Center Ocean Light Zen Center
9131 California Ave SW
Seattle, 98136

We are a small, sincere community of Zen practitioners in West Seattle. Please join us any Sunday morning for meditation in good company.

Pacific Northwest Conference, United Church of Christ Pacific Northwest Conference, United Church of Christ
325 N 125th St
Seattle, 98133

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here! The United Church of Christ encourages the spiritual quest of each person and its churches are places to explore that journey with no tests of creed or dogma.

Lake City Presbyterian Church Lake City Presbyterian Church
3841 NE 123rd St
Seattle, 98125

"A small church doing a disproportionate amount of good"

The INN (Seattle) The INN (Seattle)
NE 47th St & 16th Ave NE
Seattle, 98105

The place to be on Tuesdays @9pm! On Instagram, follow: @theinnseattle

Resurgence Resurgence

Growing Leaders to Grow Churches.

UPC Young Adults UPC Young Adults
4540 15th Ave NE
Seattle, 98105

All are welcome so please come by! Discussion Board: https://www.facebook.com/groups/upcyacommunitygroup/ We meet every Tuesday, 7-9 pm at UPC (Knox Rm.)

Seattle LDS Institute of Religion Seattle LDS Institute of Religion
3925 15th Ave NE
Seattle, 98105

Need housing? Email Sis. Williams: williamsd@ldschurch.org Also, seattle-lds-housing@googlegroups.com Blog: http://ldsinstituteseattle.blogspot.com

Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church
9656 Waters Ave S
Seattle, 98118

Serving Christ by building an inclusive community that helps one another understand, experience, and reflect Christ's love.