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Quality legal representation for employers and employees. Preventative human resource services, administrative hearings, and litigation.

Luhn Law PLLC was established in 2010 as a boutique law firm to offer personalized legal services to businesses and individuals with employment law needs.

Its founder, Gail Luhn, JD, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, earned her Bachelor's Degree in Political Economics from The Evergreen State College, attended the University of San Francisco studying Human Resources and Organizational Development, and graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address Is 150 Years Old Today. Read It.

Abraham Lincoln remains my favorite speech writer, even 150 years later. The end of the Civil War was in sight. Re-election had come in a landslide. Rainy weather and muddy grounds could not dampen the optimism that surrounded Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, delivered 150 years ago today. To mark the occasion of his inauguration, celebrate the end of slavery…

Supreme Court To Weigh Power Of Redistricting Commissions

Watching this Supreme Court case with great interest. The fact that Congressional redistricting has acquired its own word when it goes poorly ("gerrymandering"), and the fact that this issue is phrased so narrowly (is a redistricting commission constituted by the state legislature equal to or less than the "state legislature"), makes this a fascinating legal question with far reaching implications for all citizens. Although the court has viewed gerrymandering of legislative districts as a practice that deprives citizens of fair representation, it's also thrown up its hands when it comes to policing the practice.

What Washington State Can Teach Us About Gridlock In 'The Other Washington'

For those who question Washington State's "top two" primary system, here's a data-based argument that it promotes moderate, compromise-friendly candidates and smooth-functioning government. Central Washington’s sleepy Yakima Valley, perhaps best known as the nation’s top producer of hops and apples, is a safely Republican region. But it may have also quietly produced the most intrigui...

Alabama Chief Justice Defies Federal Order, Refuses to Allow Gay Marriages

An interesting dilemma shaping up to be a robust lawsuit unless/until the US Supreme Court rules on the issue (expected later this year): In a stunning display of defiance against the judiciary, the U.S. Constitution, and the fundamental rule of law, on Sunday night Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore forbade probate judges from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. Moore’s interdiction explicitly flouts a federal court order requirin…


For those of you who have not listened to the "Serial" podcast (you can also listen on your computer), this is a fascinating exploration of a 15 year old murder case. Seventeen at the time of the crime, Adnan Sayed was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend. This series examines the case over the course of a year. No easy answers, but definitely an educational look at our criminal justice system. A new podcast from the creators of This American Life. One story. Told week by week. Hosted by Sarah Koenig.

St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCulloch Abused the Grand Jury Process

Another commentary on the legitimate use of the grand jury process. I find this pretty compelling. Neither critics of McCulloch nor his defenders have it right

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Pregnancy Discrimination Case

Today the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case where it will decide whether pregnancy should be accommodated the same as other medical disabilities, providing much-needed clarity for employers and employees alike. Justices heard arguments in the biggest challenge to pregnancy discrimination law in a generation.

Justice Scalia Explains What Was Wrong With The Ferguson Grand Jury

I do not practice criminal law, but I do try to stay abreast of the civil rights aspects. This article raises some excellent questions about whether the Darren Wilson grand jury was properly instructed, and that would be unjust. Compare Justice Scalia's description of the role of the grand jury to what the prosecutors told the Ferguson grand jury.

Why Republicans Were Their Own Worst Enemy on Immigration

Politics aside, this article raises some interesting questions about effective negotiations and use of power. One of the great ironies of the Obama administration is that—on several occasions—it was pushed to the left by Republicans. The Affordable Care Act didn’t have to have the Medicaid expansion—a huge liberal reform of a major government program. It didn’t have to have the generous subsidies, the “cadi…




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