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For nearly 30 years, Kevin Coluccio has been helping seriously injured people and their families.

Coluccio Law supports Water 1st for so many reasons. Everyone is entitled to the basic human rights of water and saniation.

I am proud of all that Water 1st does for our poorest friends in this world.

Proud of our clients for having the courage to hold Virginia Mason accountable for unacceptable behavior.

We're proud to sponsor the Water1st International Carry 5 Walk in #Seattle!

Join us, and help create lasting solutions to the #cleanwater crisis -

[04/20/17]   Proud of our State for taking the lead in confronting distracted driving. Each year too many lives are lost or forever changed due to those distracted while traveling on our highways.

I have represented many of these folks over the past several decades.

Do your part - don't drive distracted!

Happy siblings day. I feel blessed and loved by such a great family.

[04/07/17]   I am proud of my clients Matt and Sarah Hipps. They had great courage to push their case forward and hold Virginia Mason accountable for their failures.

Yesterday, I was at Seattle Children's Hospital for most of the morning with a client. As I sat in the waiting room, I saw many kids with serious health issues. Several in wheelchairs, in various braces, casts and using all sorts of equipment.

I read about the effects of the repeal of ObamaCare. Although, I am no expert and I have done no studies, it appears that repealing and replacing ObamaCare isn't very good for us regular folk, but, really good for Corporations and the rich. Is that right? Is that what we as a passionate people want? Does that fit with our claiming to be the greatest country on earth?

These are questions I ask myself, not to make a political statement, but, to search my soul.

I take this picture of a sculpure, which many passed under. A sculpure to share joy and hope.

I also heard this from a little girl in a wheelchair - "dad, how are you doing, you know, I can only think of 3 bad days I have had in my life".

How do each of us do better?

#Seattle #SeattleChildrensHospital #ACA

Our dad kept this in his office. Share if you know what it means.

Ok - one more very special mom in all of our lives.

And a few more pictures of those special women in our lives.

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