Liquid Alchemy

Liquid Alchemy

High vibration delicious goodness juices and tantalizing elixirs: mobile juice bar, catering to farmers markets, festivals, personal clientele orders.

Providing the spirits of health and wholeness while promoting a healthy juicing experience that revives your consciences with fine healthy delicious high vibrational ingredients crafted with skilled liquid alchemy and a whole lot of love.

Our dream / art has been using my extensive background in food & beverage industry, creating nitch in health conscious market with high quality juices, and delicious elixirs for mobile juice bar catering to farmers markets, festivals, personal clientele.

We wanted to steer away from other juice bars, by creating an intimate organic vibe between customers and juicetenders. No fussy marketing posters, gimmick items, photoshop'd pictures... etc. Everything we have is layed out in plain sight; the smell, the colors, the feel, the juice.Your lives, like everyone's, have rhythms. Feature seasonal farm fresh and organic certified produce locally as well as exotics from around the world, and fresh hacked Thai young coconuts. All elixirs are always alchemical custom created and made to order .

The pursuit of radiant health should not add new stress. If you live and diet like a Japanese Buddhist Monk, stepping peacefully into a needs little preparation. As they say “you cannot wake someone who is awake”. Just know that in health, as in life, you cannot give as little as possible and expect generous returns. Change happens with practice and dedication.

"The rhythms of your body and of your consciousness follow the patterns of your planet"


What does "blue" taste like?


Making your own infused smoothie is easier than you think 🔥


9 fruits & veggies you may be cutting wrong


Summer time delicious treat 😋

Float on 🍨

Food Network

Ice, ice baby. (via HGTV)

Jay Kordich

R.I.P. Jay Kordich aka "Juiceman"

have learned so much from him over the many years, that the news of Jay Kordich passing is such a tragedic lost. He beat cancer with healthy juicing techniques, and tons of carrot juice is remarkable accomplishment. Thanks for sharing your knowledge & passion with the world.


Our Beloved Juiceman....Jay Kordich has died.

I am drowning in tears. I have been highly reluctant to share this news with you, hoping that this was just a nightmare ...but he is gone. I know this sounds crazy, but I never ever thought he would leave this world...his love for life and passion for life and teaching juicing was bigger than LIFE itself!

Here's how it Happened:

Saturday night at 8:30pm he awoke to some breathing problems and then he just laid his head down and died....

He was not suffering. The day he died, he was in such a state of bliss, smiling so beautifully as he hugged our son, Jayson who came for a week to visit us.

I remember saying to him earlier that day, "Hello my darling, how are you? He said to me...."Still Loving You."

This is the kind of man he was! Passionate about teaching as well as being powerfully effective as a teacher and leader, yet at home he was incredibly tender, soft, gentle, kind, spiritual and ever so loving.

How will I ever recover from losing him? He has been my 'everything' for 36 years. He lived an incredibly 'juicy' life...full of joy and passion for what he felt he came to Earth to do. He squeezed every drop of life out of life.....Now my world is void of this magical, beautiful man.

I have decided to publicly create a beautiful Celebration of Life/Memorial for Jay in Los Angeles on his (would be) 94th birthday: August 26th, 2017. EVERYONE welcome to come.

If you can't come, or can't contribute to his memorial, please know that Jay and I would like to give away our most valuable book, "Jay Kordich's A/Z Remedy Book." It contains the most important juice therapy recipes he garnered over the 65 years he taught juicing. These recipes came from the late great Dr. Kirschner, Dr. Walker and Dr. Gerson. Just write to me and I'll make sure to send you our digital version.

In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing to this:


This might be hard to believe, but… Most of the blenders today have only minor improvements on what was available 50 years ago.

They’re still the same large and noisy machines that are hard to wash. We at Millo have taken an entirely different approach and designed the World’s Smartest Smoothie Maker. It’s silent, good looking and easy to clean.

Visit the link below and experience the first blender of the 21st century.

This Woman Found 'Octopus-Looking' Mold Inside Her Coconut Water And Now She Plans To Sue

Did you know "Vita Coco sold approximately 25% of the business to Reignwood Group, the parent company of Red Bull China" only trust true natural Coconut water... otherwise you might find a surprised floater ..🤢 And she's not the first Vita Coco drinker to find large chunks of mold inside.

Perspective | People think juice is good for them. They’re wrong.


Honestly who is believing this propaganda.

"Write the Department of Agriculture and let them know that you support reduction/elimination of juice in the WIC program."

The point: fruit juice is mostly water and sugar. Drinking large quantities of water that contains high amounts of sugar is not good for you. Just common sense. Step away from the juice bar.

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1202 N 43rd St
Seattle, WA

Opening Hours

Friday 9am - 2am
Saturday 9am - 2am
Sunday 9am - 2am
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