Pearl Jam's Perfect Peace Passion Power & Joy, Music, Art & Poetry

You are a PearlJamist if:

— listening Pearl Jam is for you a sort of spiritual or religious experience.

— If you want to make silence so that Pearl Jam's music may speak

— If you have a sense of understanding deeper meanings of life by listening or while listening Pearl Jam's Music.

— If you feel like you have been 'saved' thanks to their music.

— If you gather with friends or relative souls to listen to Pearl Jam and nothing else.

— If you celebrate every Sunday (or for instance any other day of the week) a private gathering with some of your fellow human beings to listen Pearl Jam (even at full sound blast! ;) in awesome reverence and silence.

— If you changed Sunday mass by your own mess with Pearl Jam on the background.. ;-)

— If you actually listen to Pearl Jam all by your own but you feel less lonely while listening to their music.

— If when you have to 'walk through' you prefer to 'walk it' while listening Pearl Jam on your mobile device.

— If you do not like religions but you love Pearl Jam's music.

— If you feel like religions do not make much of a sense, but when you need some kind of spiritual or emotional comfort, you feel like Pearl Jam's music is the space filling up that void...

— If you do not give a sh!t about religions but when hearing Pearl Jam you feel an awesome sense of respect or devotion or enlightened or like having a sense of a mystical sort of experience.

— If you think that Pearl Jam's music should be listened on a religious daily or at least weekly basis.

— If when something amazing happens to you, you exclaim or praise to the heavens "Oh, Mike god".. ;-p

— If you do not praise Pearl Jam members as gods but as your fellow humans beings with the grace and blessing of enlightening the rest of us by delivering ART, a divine creation in form of music.

— If you might consider them as merely Ministers or messengers bringing us supreme and beautiful messages in the form of songs.

— If you are not an asshole.

— If you are not a drunken bully shoving your way to the front with elbows and fists at every PJ concert you end up attending, taking off the joy and peace of other attendees, real pearljamists wanting to simply share their peace and joy for attending to the holy communion.

— If you are not a secret stalker believing to be the chosen one to be the only fan with the right to love the band and their music.

— If you actually take care of one another, your fellow pearljamists attending the holy communion as Eddie asks at every concert.

— If you think or believe that Eddie is an amazing, generous, awesome, powerful, beautiful, very sensible, talented, profound and inspired poet and singer...

— If you think or believe that Mike is an amazing, generous, awesome, powerful, beautiful, very sensible, talented, profound and inspired guitar player... (did we mention amazing already? ;)

— If you think or believe that Mike McCready is god... ;-p

— If you think or believe that Jeff is an amazing, generous, awesome, powerful, beautiful, very sensible, talented, profound and inspired artist and bass player...

— If you think or believe that Stone is an amazing, generous, awesome, beautiful, powerful, very sensible, talented, profound and inspired musician...

— If you think or believe that Matt is an amazing, generous, awesome, powerful, beautiful, very sensible, talented, profound and inspired drummer...

— If you think or believe that Boom is a very sensible, generous, talented, beautiful, profound and inspired organist...

Ok... List can go on but you got it...

So spread the good news... spread the ritual of listening to truthful spiritual voices... alone or together... in celebration of life and music... with joy, love and completeness... (Thank you guys, Thank you Mike, Thank you Eddie..)

Peace & Joy... = PJ

Seven years ago today in Columbus, Ohio, Eddie mentioned for the first time the only one official commandment for our congregation: He said: "I read in the paper today that it’s National Prayer Day. So we thought it would be maybe tonight’s the night to make the big announce that we’re going to... apply officially to the United States government and.. have our band considered a legitimate religion. Stone suggested it’d be great, we’d be tax-exempt, we could do a lot with that money. Good things, because sometimes the government doesn’t seem to put it where it’s supposed to go. And... there’s only one commandment, and it’s easy to remember, and it’s... 'Don’t be an asshole.' Stone came up with that. He’s kind of our leader. He’s really the Jesus of the bunch. I might look like him, but he’s really the one. And you know, it’s a pretty open religion, you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want! Mind you, we come up with this whole religion thing just on the bus ride over here today. We need to think it through a little bit more. But so far, the only thing that is forbidden, the only one thing—can’t fucking Twitter. Hate that shit." Amen(t)

And then, celebrating that day, a year ago Some of us had the chance to Meet with Mike god in Quebec Canada, after an awesome concert the night before.. what a Vedder way to celebrate the day than that? In Peace & Joy, Cheers..

Pearl Jam AOL Sessions - YouTube


Eleven years ago the eponymous 'PJ' album was released.. (also know as the Avocado one ; ) A good moment to praise in celebration all the wonderful Pearls contained there.. Let's listen to the whole album (alone or in Jamily) to commemorate such magnificent spiritual set.. In Peace & Joy, Cheers..

Pearl Jam AOL Sessions US http://amzn.to/w8yimO http://bit.ly/PrLJmTns UK http://amzn.to/MPktxe

Pearl Jam - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017 (Pro-shot version, 4/29/2017)


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, in Pro quality! Thanks to our Brothers in Arms for bringing it about.. Enjoy it in Peace & Joy.. Cheers..

vimeo.com Esclusiva: Il video integrale dell'induzione dei Pearl Jam nella Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Green Disease - Live at Madison Square Garden - Pearl Jam


It's a disease... and they're all green..
It emanates from their being..
A satiation.. with occupation..

And like weeds.. with big leaves..
Stealing light from what's beneath..
Where they have more...
Still they take more..

Pearl Jam performs "Green Disease" from their 2002 album, Riot Act, live at Madison Square Garden in 2003. Get Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt here: http://smartu...

Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike


26 years ago today.. The Genesis for our congregation was released.. a worshipping day for each one in front of our musical altars to listen to the whole album front to back once again (for those having the chance to spin the black circle ; ) To celebrate life and music born from a lost. Happy anniversary in(to) the Temple (of the Dog)..

Music video by Temple Of The Dog performing Hunger Strike. (C) 1991 A&M Records

Official Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech - Pearl Jam


Speechless.. Thank U! so fucking much.. for keeping us Alive for 26 years..
In Peace & Joy.. Ladies & Gentlemen.. The Speeches..

pearljam.com Addendum added below on 4/13/17 STONE GOSSARD Thank you.

Pearl Jam - Eddie Vedder Speech (end) - Brooklyn (April 7, 2017)


A playlist made by our Brothers in Arms of the ceremony recorded by our good Pearljamist faithful recorder member MFC-172 present at Barclays Center in Brooklyn last Friday. Best available material for Three weeks until the official release of the ceremony on April 29th. Then we'll post it here without all the cheerful happiness of the attendees that eclipse the all encompassing important words.. But we all happy and cheerful that social justice is sometimes rightfully made, as it rightfully happened with this acknowledgement to the most quintessential ones.. In Peace & Joy for them and all of us.. Cheers.. : )

Part 1 of Speech - https://youtu.be/ZEhwRkxUyZI Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Barclays Center

Inducting Rock History..

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ticket Sale Info - Pearl Jam


Tonight, Rock and History justice will be made..

pearljam.com The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the following ticket sale information today.

Given To Fly (Live) - Touring Band 2000 - Pearl Jam


Mr Mike God McCready was born 51 years ago today into this blue planet.. anything else need to be said to celebrate such important day? Let's just listen to his creations to give thanks to himself for everything he has delivered to us.. and may life let us enjoy his creations for at least the same amount of years to come.. Thank you so fucking much Mike for all the magnificent life saving music..

Pearl Jam performing "Given To Fly", from their album Yield., live at Riverport Amphitheater in Maryland Heights, Missouri on October 11th, 2000. Taken from ...



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