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A primary care family medical practice adhering to the foundational principles of naturopathic medicine: engage and utilize the healing power of nature, do no harm, treat the whole person, find and treat the cause, doctor as teacher, and prevention.

11 Drugs You Should Seriously Consider Deprescribing

Is it time for a thorough medication and supplement review? If you are taking any of the things on this list, you might want to discuss your options with your doctor. If you don't have a doctor or your doctor isn't answering your questions, schedule with me and I'll help you out! You might consider 'giving the axe' to these 11 drug classes in specific circumstances, to increase safety and reduce a patient's pill burden.

[08/31/17]   I just finished up at my own annual preventive care visit! Of course, even doctors have to go to the doctor sometimes. I try to stay on top of my preventive screening exams to help keep myself healthy so that I can be in a position of service to others for years to come. Having at least annual contact with my provider also assures that I have a trusted care professional to turn to when a medical need does arise. How long has it been since your most recent preventive exam? If more than a year, you should schedule a visit!

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Nearly 3.5 years into my practice, I just sent my first ever newsletter! Current patients are automatically signed up, as is anyone who has provided their information via my website. If you want occasional (read: likely pretty rare) updates from me about Lifespan Naturopathic Medicine, go to my website and join my newsletter! Receive the attention and respect you deserve with natural medical care by Dr. Angela Ross. No one is judged; no one is excluded. Feel better naturally.

Forest Bathing: A Retreat To Nature Can Boost Immunity And Mood

Feeling stressed? Go play in nature! Whether you sit, hike, or dance your way around the forest, it will do your body, mind, and soul some good. With so much good weather lately and so many hyper-local opportunities to explore the outdoors, what are you waiting for? :) (Feel free to comment with your favorite Seattle area hike or park to stimulate others to get out there!) If hiking is about a destination, forest bathing is about an immersion of the senses into the natural world. It's a wellness trend, and studies suggest several health benefits.

West Seattle Naturopath Clinic - Lifespan Naturopathic Medicine

If you take pharmaceutical medication, do you know why you are taking what you're taking? Do you know whether it is working for you? Do you have a plan or a timeline established with your health care provider establishing when you can stop taking your medication?

If your answer is "no" to any of these questions, get yourself on my schedule! We will review your medication list together and I will try to help you understand what the medication is prescribed for, how it is believed to work in your body, which medications you are likely to be on forever and why, and which medications you may be able to stop taking (with close medical management). We can also discuss side effect profiles of medications and how you might be able to manage these side effects.

If you feel that your health care provider isn't giving you enough information about your prescriptions, come see me. Pharmaceutical medications can be absolutely life-saving when they are needed. But many prescription medications should be used only temporarily, and many can be avoided altogether with some diet and lifestyle changes. Let's figure out which ones you're on!

Schedule on line at or by calling 206.400.7550, x1. **Remember that you should never stop taking a prescribed medication without the supervision of a licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant.** Receive the attention and respect you deserve with natural medical care by Dr. Angela Ross. No one is judged; no one is excluded. Feel better naturally.


I can't help but observe that things are hard these days and it seems very few of us are being spared the upheaval. Whether you have been touched by a personal crisis - such as loss of a loved one, transition in a job or relationship, financial stress, illness, or another local trauma - or whether you are just feeling the weight of so much turmoil in our world and/or the loss of so many talented people of late, know that you are not alone. Find your community and hold them close. Turn off the news. Sit quietly in meditation. Cry. Laugh. Walk in the woods. Breathe. Be. Know that you are worthy. And ask for help when you need it. We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.

I have signage!!!!! On my new store front!!!! Thanks to everybody who helped me come up with the wording and the layout. It's such an exciting day!! :)

[04/01/17]   I had the most amazing day with my patients today. I didn't manage to close out a single chart or return a single phone call. Every one of my visits lasted longer than I expected or planned, and I have a lot left undone. But I shared a lot of laughter and connected deeply with several folks over talks about life, relationships, spirituality, interconnectedness, etc. I am leaving my office feeling happy and with a full heart. #happyfriday #grateful #ilovemyjob

Dynamic Natural Medicine

Thanks to my colleague, Dr. Jennifer Ditt Read, at Dynamic Natural Medicine for this timely alert.

Potential Measles Exposure in Seattle. Please read the following alert for details. If you were exposed, symptoms should appear in the next 2 weeks.

Interval training could be a fountain of youth

My personal exercise program of choice involves a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training (a la the wonderful folks at HIIT Lab here in West Seattle). New research points to some awesome benefits of HIIT at the mitochondrial level of the cell. The mitochondria are the energy power houses in just about every cell type in our bodies, and dysfunction in these cells is believed to be an underlying cause of conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. This particular organelle also appears to be associated with the aging process in cells and how HIIT may impact that was the focus of this particular study. The results are compelling! In addition to supporting healthier aging, exercise also causes the body to release endorphins - resulting in better moods; optimizes insulin sensitivity - decreasing the risk of diabetes; increases lean muscle mass - boosting metabolic rate and promoting healthy weight; and strengthens muscles and balance - helping protect from injury and falls. It's never too late to start exercising! And if you want to check out HIIT Lab, let me know! I just might meet you there for a work out! ;) Exercise, especially interval training, encourages your cells to make more proteins for their energy-producing machinery and this stops the aging process, a study finds.



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