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Ballatore Fitness

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Certified Personal Trainer, ACE
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

[05/13/17]   BOOT CAMP 2017!! Starts June 5, 6 PM at Gasworks Park. Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm every week through the month of June. 8 sessions for $120 ($15 per class). Or, drop-in for $20. Email me to sign up: This class is challenging and fun! The beautiful setting in Seattle's summer sun provides a great environment for building strength, stamina and endurance. All fitness levels welcome. Progression of exercises over the course of the class yields results in all areas of fitness, especially basic strength and cardio. Come and be part of our supportive and fun group! Sessions II and III will be scheduled for July and August. Look forward to seeing you!

Functional push ups

Client, David Henley performing a perfect set of functional dumbbell push-ups!! Great work David!

A new theory promises to unlock your body’s full potential—and is actually scientifically sound

Excellent viewpoint, so true "Environmental conditioning" is the vital, primal element missing from your diet and exercise routine.

[01/21/17]   Paradigm illustration: Allow your measurable goal (lose 10 pounds) to bring you closer to your life goal (be healthy). Because the measurable goal gets you into the gym 3 times per week, it's usefulness is less about it being actualized. If you are able to maintain the habit of going to the gym 3 times per week then your measurable goal of losing weight, whether or not that goal is met, is superseded by the fact that your life goal of becoming healthy is being met. This is important! Because being healthy, though difficult to measure, is the ultimate goal. We tend to underestimate how long it can take to lose 10 pounds that remain lost. Could be a year or more even. Take into account the first stage of weight loss which is to stop gaining. On frustrated days when the stubborn pounds remain, if you can look back on the past 6 months of attending the gym 3 times per week be proud of meeting your life goal. The measurable goals can be met, but not with any immediacy. They are rewarded after much hard work and a commitment to daily habits.

[08/13/16]   Watching the Olympics always reminds me of my Dad, who was a swim coach in 1984, Los Angeles, for the US team. He loved every part of competition. The hard work, motivating exhausted athletes and, my favorite part, reminding them that if they win gold but don't break the world record, that winning gold is a moment in time that will never come again. It's an honor and it's humbling and no matter how elite and amazing and ambitious you are, this moment is shared with all of your competitors, your teammates and the entire world is watching. It's a moment of unification, we are all part of it and that's why it's important. Because you made it happen, but it becomes bigger than you. Achievement is never about one person or one accomplishment, it's about how everyone shares in it, admires it and is inspired by it. Realizing this is everything. I love that my dad is in the UCLA Hall of Fame not just because he's a winner but also because he understood what winning meant. That it brings people together in a meaningful pursuit of excellence. This year I'm especially impressed with the women swimmers who have so much heart and goodness. They are winners but they are also humble and happy and completely appreciate their gifts and graciously share them with the world and with all of their supportive families and coaches and teammates. It takes a village!!

Standing at the top of this hill we all just climbed after many grueling stair climbs and a run over from Gasworks. What an awesome group for Boot Camp this summer! Everyone worked hard and made amazing progress. I feel grateful and honored to work with you all!

[07/11/16]   Thank you Nintendo!
Walking around Greenlake yesterday we encountered my son and his friend engaged but searching, staring at their phones as if plotting their next move. I asked if they were on some kind of nerd treasure hunt and they said, well, kinda. They were playing the Nintendo Pokemon game where you walk around and find, well I don't really know what they are finding, Pokemons? I guess? Anyway, I just want to officially THANK the Japanese company, Nintendo for finally designing a game that encourages movement. I realize that there will be people wandering the streets absentmindedly halfway running into objects, humans, dogs, whatever, but these people would normally be sitting on their couches for not hours, but DAYS at a time playing games and not moving. This new thing is brilliant! Of course, once we realized what was going on we saw groups of kids and adults and even a few families moving around the lake searching for, once again, I'm not sure what they were searching for but they looked engaged and even like they were having fun while WALKING! Not to confuse this with measured work outs, it's definitely just recreation. But playing this game as opposed to the passive hours of sitting which has been the video game reality until now is absolutely great. Please, make more!

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Functional push ups
Power Push ups, Mike M.



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