Fitness by Nadia

Fitness by Nadia

Creating a healthy life balance

Burn some calories, work your abs, and build some leg muscle! Do 3 sets of 10 or more. #exerciseoftheday #exercise #fitnessbynadia #fitness #livehealthy #trainingtips #workout #squats


These are great alternatives to the monotonous crunches. Abs should include full body movement! Abs don't ever work solely in daily life. So glad to find this, I can no longer do floor ab work.


Stronger Better Healthier Faster

This is an easy addition to your morning routine. It's refreshing for your sticky, morning-breath mouth. And no, I'm not saying you should give up coffee. That's just silly. 15 Reasons You Should be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning Learn more:

Fix Your Posture Imbalances and Improve Strength Gains - My Body Structure

All of us probably need to improve our posture. This article is spot on and not only tells you what your problem is, but it also gives solutions to the tight and weak areas. But don’t worry—all these problems can be corrected. Are you ready to straighten yourself out? Use this head-to-toe guide to make sure your posture is picture-perfect.

Stronger Better Healthier Faster

Honestly. :) #lift #weights #workout #woman

Stronger Better Healthier Faster don't spend time doing crunches. check out these moves to get better abs faster.

Screw Sports Drinks, Chocolate Milk Is the Best Post-Workout Drink

Do you still like chocolate milk? This pertains to both dairy and non-dairy. It has the "perfect" amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat for optimal post-workout recovery. However! It's not a meal replacement. Make sure to eat something GREEN (something that comes green naturally!) everyday. Green beer does not count. Researchers say chocolate milk may be more than just delicious. It could also be the ideal post-workout beverage.

7 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

A quick, easy read with some stellar tips such as putting on muscle. This includes you too, ladies. Use a heavier weight and don't be afraid to put on a little muscle. It is way harder than you think to actually "bulk up". Ask the guys. Lose weight fast by adding these metabolism-boosting strategies to your daily routine.

[01/30/13]   POPCORN! Delicious and nutritious! Seriously. Not all popcorn; just plain popcorn. A cup of plain is about 31 calories (compared to a cup of tater chips which gives you oh...about 139 calories). Popcorn also contains fiber and is 100% whole grain. And whole grains are really good for you because they contain those things we're all screaming about called antioxidants (found in the hull, or the part that gets stuck in your teeth). So have your popcorn, but have it with olive or coconut oil, herbs, spices, nutritional yeast. And keep the unhealthy additives to a bare minimum.

Plyometric Training... Programs & Exercises for Power

Want to improve your workouts or just have a few exercises to do? This site is for more than just athletes. Check it out for some fantastic ideas. Plyometric training is said to bridge the gap between speed and strength. But if you want to develop explosive power for your sport you must get this form of training right

[06/01/12]   Want to lose weight? Start by eating your breakfast. Everyday.

Muscle it!
It takes time out of your busy schedule to exercise, burn calories and build muscle, right? Then why would you want to waste such a precious commodity? Here are a couple quick tips to be more efficient:
-Don’t cheat your muscles – do the exercise correctly and become stronger quicker;
-Shore up your shoulders – strengthen your rotator cuffs to keep shoulder injuries to a minimum;
-Do depth jumps (jumping from a step to the floor and immediately leaping vertically) and then do squats – can instantly make your legs stronger

[05/29/12]   Need a reason to start lifting? Here are 20 to get you started.

1. Lose 40% More Fat – studies show that dieters lose mostly fat when lifting, while those that don’t lift lose both fat and muscle.
2. Burn More Calories – pure and simple; muscles burn more calories
3. Clothes will Fit Better – unused muscle is replaced by fat over time. Here’s something scary; those between 30 and 50 years of age lose a whopping 10% of muscle and this doubles by age 60!
4. Keep Your Body Seemingly Young – continue getting off the couch without much trouble.
5. Build Stronger Bones – resistance training (aka lifting) increases bone density and elevates blood levels of osteocalcin, a marker of bone growth, by 19%!
6. Increase Flexibility – Olympic weight lifters rate second only to gymnasts in overall flexibility. Not that you want to be an Olympic weight lifter, but flexibility is improved through the hips and shoulders with resistance training.
7. Healthier Heart – Lifting gets your heart pumping, helps blood pressure scores, and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.
8. Prevent/Reduce Diabetes – Strength training reduces blood sugar levels and improves sensitivity to insulin.
9. Reduce Risk of Cancer – resistance trainers portrayed significantly less oxidative cell damage than non-lifters.
10. Diet Will Improve – On top of burning calories, weight lifting helps your brain stick to a diet.
11. Handle Stress Better – Keep calm with lower levels of stress hormones and a faster recovery of blood pressure levels.
12. Reduce Jet Lag Time – Strength training helps the body adjust faster to time zone changes or work shift changes.
13. Be Happier – Improve overall mood and reduce anger
14. Sleep Better – Lifting hard helps the body rest easier, fall asleep faster and sleep longer.
15. Get in Shape Faster – Lifting improves both strength and provides cardio benefits.
16. Fight Depression – Squats are the new Prozac?? Lifting provides a similar response rate at reducing symptoms of major depression as does medication, but without the negative side effects.
17. Be More Productive – Be 15% more productive, which leads to being less stressed and happier with your job.
18. Add Years to Your Life – Get Strong to Live Long. Total-body strength is linked to lower risks of death from cardiovascular disease, cancer and other causes of major disease.
19. Stay Sharp – Lifting weights decreases blood levels of homocysteine, a protein that is linked to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
20. Be Even Smarter – Resistance training enhances cognitive function and results in better short-term and long-term memory, improves verbal reasoning and increases the attention span.

Remember these results come from consistent strength training 3 times a week for at least 6 months.

A hurdle that pretty much all exercisers face is that the effort doesn't seem to match the result. Too often the scale is the measure of achievement with the thought that it should portray how much effort you feel you've done. But then you realize there is no change according to that crappy scale, you lose faith, optimism and motivation and just give up. The scale is not your friend, folks! How many more reps can you do, how much more weight, how much more can you do in your workout? You are making more progress than you think! Have your trainer show you.

There are many times during the week that I'm dashing from client to class or class to client and need a quick snack before I chew someone's arm off or most likely bite their head off due to being so hungry. There are many, many bars out there to choose from for a convenient easy snack. I make sure to have a bar made of whole foods (seeds, nuts, fruit) that deliver greater health and more powerful nutrient benefits than refined foods such as inulin or soy isolate. I definitely have my favorites, Bumble Bar being my most favorite purely due to taste.


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