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University of Washington Autism Center

The UW Autism Center is an organization devoted to supporting individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

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Brief Report: Executive Function as a Predictor of Academic Achievement in School-Aged Children with ASD

Congratulations to Drs St. John, Dawson, and Estes on their recent publication: "Brief Report: Executive Function as a Predictor of Academic Achievement in School-Aged Children with ASD" in Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders!

Below please find a link to the full-text version of this publication!

#UWAC #UWAutism #research #executivefunctioning #academicachievement #autism #ASD #autismresearch

We hope all of our followers are having a Friday fit for royalty! Our UWAC Husky is sitting pretty and ready for the weekend :)
#UWAC #UWAutism

UWAC Researchers awarded funding to track brain development and behavior as ASD progresses!

Its official! UWAC researchers Steve Dager, Annette Estes, and Tanya St. John have been awarded funding by NIH for another 5 years to continue their longitudinal research on younger siblings of children with autism. Our UWAC team is part of the Infant Brain Imaging Network (IBIS), a nation-wide network headed by University of North Carolina who has compiled detailed information on brain development and behavior for children at high risk for ASD.

The researchers found that brain growth of infants later diagnosed with ASD can be predictive of which infants later develop ASD. With the new award, the researchers will follow these children who started the study at 3-6 months of age through ages 7 to 10 years to determine how their brains change as they grow and the potential effects of ASD on learning and social development. Based on what they learn, they aim to develop interventions tailored to school-age children with ASD. See this link for more information!

#UWAutism #UWAC #NIH #IBIS #Autism #ASD #research

Space is limited, so please don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity for parents and infants! Our Infant Clinic: Parent Coaching Group begins next week and runs for 8 weeks of small-group coaching (more info below):

Register here:

"In ​this ​small ​group ​format, ​parents ​will ​receive ​coaching ​and ​feedback ​from ​instructors ​while ​practicing ​strategies ​to ​support ​their ​child's ​development. ​Parents ​will ​attend ​with ​their ​child ​with ​autism ​or ​children ​for ​whom ​there ​may ​be ​concerns ​about ​autism. ​They ​will ​receive ​information ​about ​tweaks ​they ​can ​make ​while ​playing ​or ​interaction ​with ​their ​child ​that ​can ​lead ​to ​increases ​in ​four ​main ​goal ​areas ​for ​very ​young ​children ​with ​autism. ​

In ​this ​coaching ​group:
- ​Parents ​will ​learn ​instructional ​strategies ​that ​they ​can ​incorporate ​into ​regular ​daily ​routines ​and ​play ​with ​their ​child.
- ​Parents ​will ​meet ​with ​other ​parents ​and ​gain ​support ​and ​opportunities ​to ​build ​community ​with ​other ​parents. ​
- ​Children ​will ​increase ​skills ​in ​four ​areas: ​focusing ​on ​faces, ​taking ​turns, ​requesting ​and ​social ​imitation."

#UWAC #UWautism #autism #infant #earlyintervention #parentcoaching #ASD #seattle ​

Run 2 Pieces 3-mile Run

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, March 24th, 2018.

We hope all of our followers had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. #MaggietheMug sure did! #UWAC #uwautism

Happy September, followers! The Exceptional families Network has some exciting events for this month. Check out the calendar and find out how to register on their website!

#UWAC #UWAutism #Autism #ExceptionalFamiliesNetwork #Seattle #Washington #events #specialneeds

We're always keeping busy spreading knowledge! Members of our training team SLP Dr. Amy Rodda and BCBA Kathryn Holley posed with our #UWAC Husky at their #socialskills and #executivefunctioning for students with #ASD training last week!

If you or your organization would benefit from this training or something similar, check out what we have to offer:

#UWAutism #training #autism

#MaggietheMug was in #Snohomish School District yesterday and today for trainings on challenging behaviors and strategies for the general education classroom!

Fun fact: our Director of Training and School Services graduated high school in Snohomish!
#UWAC #UWAutism #training #generaleducation #challengingbehaviors

Our #UWAC Husky woke up for sunrise on the east side of Oahu! The sunrise is gorgeous and Husky is thinking about attempting to surf! Aloha, followers! :) #UWautism

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