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Meander's Kitchen offers simple food, made from scratch, using the best quality local ingredients I can lay my grubby little paws on. If I wouldn't feed it to my daughter, I won't feed it to you.

[09/30/16]   Hiya! I've gotten some really lovely messages from several folks, both supportive and asking what's next.
After a brief season on the Hood Canal, my daughter is now ensconced in her dorm room at college and I am packing. I've spent a few weeks with no one to cook for, and I don't like it.

Next week I fly to Dutch Harbor, AK to board a fishing vessel, where I will cook 16 hours a day, seven days a week for two months. Is it weird that I'm excited for that?
I'll have two months off after, then back to it for another two months.
I have a hard time imagining opening another restaurant, but I also have a hard time imagining not. While I have had some folks approach me about investing, the past year has taught me the hard lesson that making agreements out of desperation is disastrous. Better to go bust ass for a while, until I can make clear-headed decisions.
Either way, I've got a kiddo to see through college, obligations to take care of, and I suspect that a winter in the Bering Sea will do a bang-up job of pushing me hard enough to see exactly what I'm made of.
We'll see what comes after, but don't be surprised if I get bored during my two months off and do a pop-up. ;)

Hiya! I know; it's hot, and s'posed to be that way all week. You know what would help with that?
A trip to Hood Canal.
You know why else that would be awesome? Because then you could come have brunch at the Hama Hama Oyster Saloon Sunday mornings from 9am to 12pm!
For the record, this place is amazing. An outdoor kitchen and dining area overlooking the nearly 100 year old family-run oyster farm that produces some of the most spectacular oysters in the world. It doesn't suck, and it's a great place to sip on some mimosas over brunch.
They gave me the project of creating a brunch menu, and I had a lot of fun with it. Here's a peek at the menu, complete with our old friend biscuits & gravy. No shrimp & grits just yet, but folks are pretty excited about the Harissa Clams & Grits, and if you've been missing the Punk House Hash, you're gonna wanna check this out, too.

[07/22/16]   Today I wrote a brunch menu, and tested a few recipe ideas.
I made:
-Gluten free crackers (flax & masa with fancy sea salt) two thumbs up, surprisingly. Crisp, light (almost too light, verging on a chip texture, but with enough oomph to carry a solid bit of camembert & jam)
-A spicy smoked oyster chowder, tomato based. Would've given my eye teeth for some fennel, but it worked. We'll see how the flavors settle overnight. Still trying to remember where I saw a stand of fennel growing innocently on the side of the road. I'm coming for you.
-Cornmeal waffles; used the big round waffle iron folks are used to, instead of the squares I've used for liege. Tasty, but adjusting flour and fat ratios for crisp crust/tender innards. Plan to top with goat cheese panna cotta & Steamboat Island blueberry compote.
-Cheddar grits for grilling; adjusted ratios to make them more firm when chilled, will test grilled on the charbroiler tomorrow. Suspect the cheese and corn will make happy with the fire. As a component for...
-Harissa clams with spanish chorizo. Sauteed onion and chunks of hot Spanish chorizo, added diced fresh tomato to a hot cast iron skillet, then clams, then harissa. This is everything hot, fresh, bright, rich with brine, and kissed by the sizzle I'm craving right now.

Pearl, Pt. 1

Stay tuned... Tim, Captain of the Zodiac, sent me a text telling me that he’d gotten a phone call asking for a reference for me for a ship’s cook position. He said that he’d told them that, asi…

[05/27/16]   Hi, folks! Just a bit of a clarification as to the status of Meander's, as I've been getting questions in messages and so forth.

In the mad dash to get open in this most recent incarnation, Kim and I failed to finalize and sign the operating agreement that spelled out the terms of our partnership and ownership interests prior to opening the doors.
When it became clear that our partnership may not work, our attorney advised us that we could dissolve.
We were advised that, should we do so, Kim would retain rights to the lease and to Kokoras, which she'd paid for in full, and that I would retain the rights to Meander's; the name, menu, recipes and all else I brought as my contribution to the partnership.
Kim chose to dissolve the partnership, and is now running her own venture there.
So, Meander's is done, but, as I said in my announcement of same, Kim is continuing a restaurant in that space. I hope that clears things up a bit.

I want to thank so many of you for the support, presence, warmth, and humor you've shown over the years. Ed, Allison, Willie, Michael, Celeste, Glenn, Kelly, Syd, Auntie Marcia, Sheri, Chris, Sue, Phil, Jan, Charles, Joann, David & Rebecca, the Willow St Boys, Mike & Craig, and a whole host of others; you've been very much a family to me. My kiddo's gone from just starting middle school to graduating high school with college credits and a yen to study microbiology & teaching. Afton makes the point that you enabled me to support our household after a difficult birth left her out of commission for some months.
You are an absolutely phenomenal community of people. Thank you for sharing yourselves.

[05/11/16]   Well, golly folks. I guess I spoke too soon; stick a fork in it, Meander's is done.
Kim has decided to dissolve our partnership, effective immediately.
I understand that she has chosen to forge on with her own restaurant and her own menu in the space, but it is no longer Meander's.
To all of the friends and neighbors who have supported us through the years, thank you. You have no idea how much you've meant to me, and how much I'll miss you.

[05/10/16]   Hey, folks! Unfortunately, two of our scheduled crew had medical issues today, and we're unable to cover. Please enjoy your day, and we'll see you again tomorrow!

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I made a thing. A dessert-y thing, more and more excited for food dorkery.
Hibiscus & Honey Torte...
Golden genoise, honey buttercream, crystallized hibiscus, honeycomb, & hibiscus syrup.

Today's Belgian Liege Waffle Special! With Goat Cheese Panna Cotta & Oregon Huckleberry Compote
I'll be your Huckleberry...

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