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Change Your Food - Change Your Life!™ With MUSICA Entertainment Present: The Good Food Truck™

Health, Jobs Skills and Education can all be rolled into one very cool truck: stainless steel with full-color graphics, stuffed with delicious Organic Good Foods! The intent is to make someone who has been drinking Coke® and shoving down LAYS® say, “I’ll have some of THAT new stuff! I don’t know what it is, but anything this cool has got to be the thing to do, and I just have got to have some of it!”

Nutritionists, dieticians, researchers, healthcare providers, policy makers, and Departments of Public Health have spent so much money to get healthy foods into our Delridge neighborhood. Our concern is the lack of access to affordable, healthy food in underserved communities, food deserts and the health disparities that follow. Diabetes, obesity, heart-artery, cancers, etc., need a solution soon. The Super 24 Grocery Store, after receiving much attention, offers little to attract consumers to the percentage of healthy food that they do carry now. The Good Food Truck will benefit a community that would choose “snacks” over food, helping them make the healthful choices, by giving value to health.

The Good Food Truck will bring Organic Good Foods, Fruits & Vegetables right into the neighborhoods where they’re needed! If we’re concerned about the ‘nutrition’ of our neighbors, why ask them to come to us? Let’s just go to them! Let’s just make it easy for them to make The Good Food Choice for their own good health. This is an ice cream truck for health, half prepared foods, half fresh produce and foods you’d want fresh. Summertime Barbeques featuring cookin’ MUSIC, Star Chefs! Listen for GOOD LiViN’ comin’ down your street!

Only life-giving affordable Organic Good Food. No life-diminishing non-organic chemical-laden stuff. We're bringing it to a food desert around Delridge first. Then Columbia City. Then to food deserts across the USA.

[10/19/12]   Let's welcome our new Good Food Friend, Maria Terrason!

Our Good Food Friends -

We’ve worked closely with Seattle/King County Department of Public Health, The Healthy Food Retail Strategy Team, Healthy Foods HERE Program and The King County Food & Fitness Initiative. Our warm relationship has gotten TGFT right up on their Mapping Our Voices For Equality (M.O.V.E.) National Web Site! You’ll be impressed with all the LOGOS on the closing M.O.V.E. panel on both of our digital videos

Here’s the direct link to both of our digital videos on their

We’re in the FUN(D) raising stage!

The Good Food Truck illustrations have been created by an Award-Winning Street Rod Designer, Pete Moss. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van has been lowered with an aero kit. The Good Food Truck illustrations should begin to give our Sponsors/Participating Companies an idea of just how visible they’d be when they take a ride on The Good Food Truck, traveling through neighborhoods making that healthful difference!

Sponsor/Participating Company Placement Costs will be comparable/competitive to bus card/billboard rates.

Details to be worked out down the line: Back doors open to display bread and chips rack; detached cashier stand probably located to right rear of truck; wheeled display carts set under the bottom row of shelves along the side of truck; speakers; etc.

The Good Food Truck will be fabricated by Don McLeod, an Award-Winning Street Rod/Custom Car Builder rivaling anything as seen on TV! So, The Good Food Truck Team is just not dreamin’ about HOW to build a M-B Sprinter Street Rod RIDE!

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WANTED: A FUN Social Media Leader Intern. Help us to develop the BUZZ for the COOLEST solution to the lack of access to affordable, healthy food in underserved Communities, food deserts: It’s The Good Food Truck! Early on, a young lady, by the name of Sara, commented, “This mobile grocery store will be ‘an ice cream truck for health’!” The Social Media Leader within The Good Food Truck TEAM is key to helping to get The Good Food Truck up and rollin’. Initially, the Social Media Leader would be Volunteer, leading to a PAID Position when The Good Food Truck becomes operational. You would be telling the Story of The Good Food Truck across all Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Web Site, etc., building Apps, managing and directing conversations and comments, building ‘Likes’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’. You would be working with accomplished Marketers and would be given wide latitude, longitude and freedom to ‘do your social duty’ as you would be THE EXPERT. If this would match your need of adventure, creativity and Community Service, then Call: Dennis L. Weaver, 425.774.8971 E-mail:

... Fitness Initiative (KCFFI) Our "Introducing The Good Food Truck" Video Premiered At The White Center Art Walk Film Festival. ...

Our Good Food Friends –

I attended the ‘Natural Products EXPO West’ in search of THE BEST, THE TASTIEST, THE NEWEST Organic Good Foods for The Good Food Truck!

To Your Health!
Dennis L. Weaver
Change Your Food - Change Your Life!

Postcard from Anaheim: Don’t YOU wish you were HERE?

Matt McLean of UNCLE MATT’S Organic Orange, Grapefruit and Orchard-Style Apple Juices, Homestyle Lemonade and Fresh Citrus FAME was THERE. In fact, I think that pic in the Story is of HIS Luncheon Plate! START drooling:

[01/16/12]   Amazing Good Food Progress in Olympia, WA. More to come!

Just released!!!! “The Story of The Good Food Truck, Part 2” Take a ride:

Should Public Land Be Used To Plant GM Crops? | The Organic View Radio Show Tom Theobald questions whether public property should be used for planting genetically modified crops.

Blog | Natural Food Network

A little MORE FAME & GLORY for My Good Food Friends! Check it out: Even in private!

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“Don’t Buy The Lie!”




1100 Dexter Ave N
Seattle, WA
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