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Specializing in all things One Of A Kind, Custom, Recycled, Up-Cycled, Re-purposed, Vintage, Retro, Funky and Cool.

You know when you're trolling the thrift store and magic happens? You pick up that perfect item and check for some type of label and there is none? The pattern is oh so right, the style is exactly what you were looking for... And luckily it fits just well enough that you are counting your blessings that you and the person who made this back in '67 are apparently the exact same size? That is the experience I am looking to provide in my Etsy shop.

I want to provide my customers with exactly what I want in a shopping experience... something completely unique! My passion is handmade, homemade items. And, my passion was passed down from my mother to myself. No stuffy classrooms, manufactured lessons, or the like. One Christmas my Mother knew it was time and bought me my first sewing machine. I made the most ridiculous billed hat with accidental Teddy bear ear looking tabs and uneven ties. I wore it for two days straight and NEVER looked back. I sew in the same manner my Mother does, and her Mother did before her, because good sewing is like good cooking. It is passed down from one family member to the next. Everything in my store looks like it was created out of love while listening to great music and drinking a big ol' cup o' Joe. (Because it was, while I was!) I make all of my items with extreme care so that they will last a long, long time- but they are still made by me, alone (from pattern drafting to the final top stitching) so they have the charm and tell the story a handmade item should.

I like to think that every piece I make that goes out the door is a little piece of my story. I hope you enjoy what your time browsing my shop or end up owning! :)

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." -Albert Einstein

This shop is my fish...

World Traveler Carry-All Tote // Tote Bag // Leather Tote // World Map Bag // Work Tote

First day at the new work space. Made this rad world map lined tote. Now I want to go on a trip. Thanks world map fabric for inspiring me to waste my day googling cool places to visit instead of working :/ World Traveler Carry-All Tote // Tote Bag // Leather Tote // World Map Bag // Work Tote This unique bag was handmade with lots of love for

Cross Body Purse // Hippie purse // Crossbody Bag // Boho Purse // Hobo Bag // Reversible Bag //...

Just sold one of these sweet custom bags, can't wait to get started creating a OOAK purse. Cross Body Purse // Hippie purse // Crossbody Bag // Boho Purse // Hobo Bag // Reversible Bag // Slouchy Purse // Hippie Sack Purse

Fold over pouches make stylish clutches, cosmetic carriers, or minimalist cross body bags... Add a wrist strap for easy clutch carrying or a cross body strap for hands free toting. Love the reclaimed leather and suede accents!

Do it.

Embroidered Linen Hobo Bag // Yellow Vintage Floral Shoulder Bag // Bohemian Purse // Boho Bag...

Latest bag up for sale. It's a beautiful bohemian bag for summer made with floral embroidered linen, canary yellow satin remnants and reclaimed leather scraps. This beautiful bag is hand made brand new but has an old soul. Peace, love and flowers ✌️💕💐 Embroidered Linen Hobo Bag // Yellow Vintage Floral Shoulder Bag // Bohemian Purse // Boho Bag // Modern Gypsy Purse This beautiful handmade

I've been spending the past few weeks sketching and daydreaming... Missing my sewing machine and counting down the minutes until I can be creating.

Latest custom order for my cat loving customer, what a rad messenger purse :)

Just had to pass along this photo that a friend shared earlier- it's so very true. And the second photo is a rad fabric I found for a customer who likes cats- it sung to me because it reminds me of the old 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 pinball song on Sesame Street. It also looks an awful lot like the "what I think" illustration in the first photo :)

[05/06/14]   Got some new hardware so today is going to be a strap finishing kind of day and then I think Ill move on to fringe- because I love fringe and I do what I love ::)

[05/05/14]   Time to get to work, my creativity is on over drive today. I think it's about time to make some rocking vegan leather totes so all of my fashionable, animal loving, price conscious babes can join in on the leather tote trend this summer :) Photos of finished bags to come! #veganleather #ecofashionista #leathertotesforanimallovers

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