Institute for Protein Design

Institute for Protein Design

The Institute for Protein Design (IPD) aims to design a new world of proteins to address
21st century challenges in medicine, energy, and technology.

The Institute for Protein Design (IPD) at the University of Washington is working to design a new world of proteins to address 21st century challenges in medicine, energy and technology. The IPD is led by Dr. David Baker, the internationally recognized leader in protein structure prediction and de novo protein design. Our teams are working on translating new protein designs into real world applications with commercial utility as the basis for the formation of new biotechnology companies in Washington State.

Enzymes versus nerve agents: Designing antidotes for chemical weapons

Baker Lab graduate student Ian Haydon wrote an article that was recently published online! Click below to read his piece about the history of chemical weapon use, and how we are using protein design to find a way to fight back. Scientists invented chemical weapons; some are now working to destroy them. New biomolecular design techniques let researchers design proteins that can destroy nerve agents in bodies.

The Face of Protein Design: UW Medicine

Have you seen the latest of Seattle Met's "Faces of Seattle"? If you haven't, click on the link below. However if you have, I'm sure you'll recognize our very own David Baker! “We’re designing new proteins to address 21st-century challenges,” says David Baker, Ph.D.

Study reveals way to design key protein-binding structures | UW HSNewsBeat

Former IPD member Enrique Marcos and current member Benjamin Basanta are the co-authors on the paper entitled: "Principles for designing proteins with cavities formed by curved β sheets." UW Medicine's NewsBeat has done a great write-up about the publication, which you can read by clicking the link below. Scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle have deciphered key rules that govern how proteins form pocket-like structures essential...

Potential cure for celiac advances at the UW

PvP Biologics founder, and IPD alumnus, Ingrid Swanson Pultz was on KOMO News the other night! We are very proud of her and Clancey Wolf's work with KumaMax and hope that it will eventually help those with Celiac Disease! SEATTLE -- There’s promising news from the University of Washington for those who suffer from celiac.Research to create a cure for celiac disease...

Science Magazine lists IPD breakthroughs in protein design as one of 2016's most important.

UW spins out PvP Biologics to develop treatment for celiac disease -...

The Puget Sound Business Journal wrote about PvP Biologics' spin-out; read it below and make sure to follow PvP Biologics as they work to develop KumaMax to help those with Celiac disease! PvP Biologics is developing an enzyme that can be taken orally and survive and function in the harsh acidic environment of the stomach.

​UW spin-out seeks to develop celiac disease therapy | UW HSNewsBeat

This morning, it was announced that Ingrid Swanson Pultz and her company PvP Biologics had spun-out from IPD and the UW. We'd like to congratulate Ingrid and Clancey Wolf (another IPD member) and wish them luck!

Read the full story here: Note to news editors and broadcasters: Still images, b-roll, background materials, and a video news package are available on request PvP...

Online gamers invited to tackle rare muscle disorder | UW HSNewsBeat

Tomorrow is Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD) Awareness Day and there will be a new Foldit puzzle released that we hope will help us learn more about the disorder! Click on the link below to learn more. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Media contact: Leila Gray, 206.685.0381,

Assistant Professor - UW Institute for Protein Design, Department of...

Do you like coffee, hiking, and protein design? Want to work with a group of talented people assembled from all different backgrounds and countries? Then come join us as our newest faculty member! We are on the search for an Assistant Professor - click on the link below to learn more and to apply.

Another year, another RosettaCON (2016) over! It was amazing to have so many talented people from all over the world join us in Leavenworth and through the live stream. One of the participants sent us this great group photo!

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Mountains from MolES
KumaMax Candidate Oral Therapeutic for Celiac Disease
KumaMax Candidate Oral Therapeutic for Celiac Disease



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