Kinetic Sports Rehab

Kinetic Sports Rehab

We Are A Hybrid Clinic - A Cross Between Traditional Physical Therapy, Sports Chiropractic, and Sports Medicine

Kinetic Sports Rehab is something different. We understand Seattleites work hard and play hard - there's no time to waste on ineffective treatment. That's why at Kinetic Sports Rehab, we focus on the solution and not merely chasing symptoms. We're a place where you can receive the same care as professional athletes; care that is delivered by an exceptional team who holds your goal(s) as their top priority.

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1. @drpaulmolina mid-Hood To Coast Race. Dr. Paul’s no runner, but he pushed himself faster and farther than he thought possible. He reflects, "As much as I hate running, it's a better feeling running for others. Running for those who can't, to inspire those who can or for those who are going through tough times."
2. Sophie had a surprise guest appearance and serenade from Elvis on her last day at the Fremont clinic. We’ll miss you, Sophie!! All the best!
3. Our Functional Mobility Training workshops land at Green Lake. First topic? Running; duh!
4. Change Your Story Ambassador, Amy Margolis, at the Raise for The Cure event at @crossfitfelix. From her husband, David, "With their help Amy raised about $2600 to bring her fundraising balance to about $8000 for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.” Way to go Amy!! (If you haven’t heard Amy’s incredible story yet, check out our YouTube channel!)
5. Christine rings the PR bell after the #IronHorseHalfMarathon. She shaved 5 minutes!!
6. We all know the feeling… @juliewissmann has that hurt-so-good, love/hate relationship with her foam roller.

Do you love to run? Want to move and feel better while you’re doing it? Well, this workshop is for you...

Running is a demanding sport, especially with the large hills and uneven surfaces in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you're pounding the pavement or pushing the limits on trails, you can't perform at your best if mobility restrictions, joint pain, or stability issues hold you back.

Unfortunately, runners commonly experience knee pain, sore feet, hip tension, or back tightness during or afterwards. The good news is it can all be avoided by taking the necessary measures to prepare for a long and joyful run.

Designed specifically for runners, this workshop is geared towards making you stronger by increasing stability and neurological control from hip to toe. This approach will illuminate compensation patterns and eliminate restrictions that may hold you back or lead to overuse injury.

These movements will prove to be powerful complements to any training regimen and keep you moving efficiently no matter the unforeseen obstacle you may encounter. The result? A more stable and powerful stride to keep you moving faster and further.

Join Jason Butler, FRCms and Rehab Manager of our Fremont clinic to bulletproof your joints and maximize your movement potential.

Here's The Details:

When: Wednesday, August 30th from 7:30p - 8:30p

Where: Kinetic Sports Rehab's Greenlake location - 7116 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Availability: 20 spots
***Please bring a yoga mat if you have one!

How Much: Charge for attendance is $35 with $10 going to Pencils Of Promise, which helps build schools in impoverished communities around the world. You'll be giving back to others as we give back to our amazing Seattle community!

Space is limited, reserve your spot today at

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1. Dr. Krysann and Sarah supporting a patient at the @americancancersociety Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Kickoff breakfast; special guest appearance by @seahawks mascot, Blitz!
2. Sean hanging out with the #PNW crew at the @perform_better 3-Day #FunctionalTraining Summit in San Diego.
3. @ntbfit starts out small as part of her active recovery.
4. @allaroundjoe stopped in for a tune-up with Dr. Greg before heading to the #BestOfTheWest @oregoncrossfit competition in Bend, OR. Good luck, Joe!!
5. Jason held an active low back pain workshop with @vivecorp trainers at Starbuck’s Java Gym.
6. Dr. Stephanie works hard, but plays harder.

Want some tips on how to improve your #orangetheory workouts, avoid injury AND recover faster? We got you.

Sean (@seanmastersmindset) teamed up with Orangetheory U District coach, Heather Sorensen (@fit_tobeme1981) to go over some tips to make your workout a success! First up: Glute Recovery. // Link to full playlist of tips in profile 👆🏼

#bekinetic #keepburning #orangetheoryfitness

Photos from Kinetic Sports Rehab's post

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Jason leads some #googlers at the #FunctionalMobility Training for #Cyclists workshop at @google’s #Seattle campus.
@jcgharvey snaps a pic from the top of #MailboxPeak after checking out the new trail built in part by @washingtontrails volunteers. The new trail helps with erosion issues on the popular #hike and #trail safety.
Dr. Greg and Steve at @cuecrossfit doing their best Laverne and Shirley impression while tandem-ing an #airdyne…impressive.
Dr. Paul, Geneva and @seachangefitness doing a customary boomerang after a @purrebarrewa class.
Molly, @coachtiffkelley and @ironandspice at @fuelhouse post gym crusher workout by @jillfit. @ Seattle, Washington

Change Your Story: Amy Margolis

What's your "Why"?

YOU are why we do what we do. "Change Your Story" is not just a tag line.

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your amazing, inspirational story with us. Your Team will be cheering you on as you head to the IRONMAN World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, this October!!

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1 & 2. @jaspuria shares some scenes from the August 5th Battle of Greenlake volleyball tournament. Dr. Steph, Dr. David and Derek were on hand doing pre-tourney tune-ups and taping!

3. @juliewissmann sports a new tank that shares her thoughts on being sidelined after a recent injury. (We’ll get you better soon, Julie!)

4. @sapfau shares a potential album cover after a workout with Dr. Greg and the legends at @fuelhousegym.
5. @drpaulmolina was served some sweet, sweet “revenge" from a former patient at @barre3ballard.
6. @seanmastersmindset and @drpaulinehaugen crossing it up at @soulcycle Bellevue. @ Seattle, Washington

What Is Voodoo Floss and How & When Do You Use It? // TLDR: Click this link to head to our Voodoo Floss Tutorial playlist on YouTube -

"Voodoo floss is an awesome tool. It’s a tool we use and recommend in and outside of our clinic. Basically, we are making positive subjective changes to our joints and soft tissues through compression + tension + movement. These changes will often increase joint mobility, decrease pain, and speed up recovery. Thus, optimizing performance and improving movement quality.

When to Use Voodoo Floss:⠀
- The Voodoo Floss can be used really at any time, warm up, cool down, and in between workouts.

- I usually floss before a workout utilizing exercise specific movements, depending on the workout, I get more out of it than a lacrosse ball or foam roller. Second, I’ll use after a lift, it really seems to keep soreness down and help initiate and speed up recovery.

- Finally, I use the day(s) after a tough workout. When I’m really sore and laying down on a foam roller sounds miserable, I’ll use the floss.⠀
- I also floss every night before I go to sleep….. get it? Floss. Love you, Dad."⠀

Dr. Mike Smith's voodoo floss videos have collectively been viewed over 140,000 times! Click the link in our bio to check out the video playlist on YouTube. #voodoofloss #bekinetic #mobility

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1. @jcgharvey, getting technical in the Mt. Baker Wilderness.
2. @chilllea, getting some backcountry treatment by @krysannr in the Enchantments.
3. @hightopdoc, @drmobley, @lotzagram, @seanmastersmindset celebrate at @otf.udistrict’s one year anniversary!!
4. @drlisaav, setting her intention.
5. Dr. Washboard, a.k.a @drpaulmolina, SUPing it up in Nicaragua.
6. @david_amy_mira, slowing down and taking it all in.
7. @christinemchugh1, @caitlinandjaida, @nathaniel_dietz and @seanmastersmindset cheesing it up outside a potential new clinic location.
#bekinetic #changeyourstory #dowhatyoulove

Team Renon Podcast: It's time to go to Rehab!

#tbt to the time Dr. Mike Smith made a guest appearance on the Team Renon Podcast last year. "...this podcast is all about Rehab, not for drugs and alcohol but rehab for your body and even your mind. In this podcast [...] we talk about why Kinetic Sports Rehab is not your average "physical therapy" office. We also talk about common fitness injuries, the importance of glute-activation exercises and the importance of quality over quantity.

Book Recommendation:
- "Boundaries for Leaders" by Dr. Henry Cloud
- "You Are the Placebo" by Dr Joe Dispenza - OFFICIAL NEWS & FAN PAGE"

Podcast Episode 25. The bad news - we have been MIA for nearly 9-months! The good news - We are BACK!!! So this podcast is all about Rehab, not for drugs and alcohol but rehab for your body and even your mind. In this podcast we had special guest Dr. Mike Smith of Kinetic Sports Rehab -  http:/...

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Change Your Story: Amy Margolis
Still Movement Recap Testimonial Clip



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