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The last grocery strike opened the door for supermarket upstarts. What happens if there's...

grocery chain #unionstrike over #labornegotiations in CA? #foodchains: $10.10/hr, less holiday pay, $.10 raise/3 yrs & ? on healthcare coverage. The Southern California grocery strike in 2003 and 2004 shook up the region’s supermarkets, paving the way for new chains, ethnic markets and even dollar stores to thrive.

Pennsylvania Community Defeats Nestlé's Attempt to Privatize Its Water

community wins! "Nestlé stopped plan to extract 73 million gallons of water per year from the local aquifer for its bottled water business" Citing local opposition, Nestle has abandoned its plans to extract millions of gallons of water from a Pennsylvania aquifer.

a nice reminder. applies to any obstacle. there is always a way to overcome.

Making Sense of Airbnb’s Binding Arbitration Terms So, if you want to use the tool that disrupted the hotel industry, be aware of some significant changes to your rights and protections.

Google patents pedestrian flypaper for self-driving cars

#pedestrianflypaper humans will be like flies on windshield and hoods of #selfdrivingcars #safetyfirst may mitigate injury, only testing will tell Google knows that its self-driving cars are going to get into accidents — maybe even accidents involving pedestrians — and so the company has patented a unique solution to minimize injuries if this...

U.S. Treasury says Harriet Tubman will go on $20 bill

Extraordinary woman. Great to see this news tonight. WASHINGTON (AP) — A Treasury official says Secretary Jacob Lew has decided to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, making her the first woman on U.S. paper currency in

Droning On: Privacy in the Crosshairs

drones v. privacy: if you physically fight the drone, you may be charged with a crime #drones #privacymatters Social media tips, trends, and best practices for law firms big and small.

The Commute of the Future? Ford Is Working on It

Forward-thinking Ford diversifying to stay competitive. Looking at multimodal transportation options for the commuter and how to improve the commute experience. The design firm Ideo, which helped design the computer mouse, has been enlisted by Ford to shadow commuters and see how they get where they’re going: by car, bus, foot or Uber.

Federal regulators are OK with self-driving cars that don't have steering wheels or pedals. -...

One step closer to safer roadways. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) OK's manufacture of Google's self-driving cars Google says: “It is a generally understood problem with people monitoring (an autonomous vehicle) for long durations … They do poorly, failures result from it.”

77 U.S. Cities Rise To The Smart City Challenge - ARC

"nation is tired of being stuck in netural" proposals to alleviate gridlock in US! The Smart City Challenge could be a catalyst to a more intelligent America.



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